Top 7 Online Business Ideas for 2020 (And Beyond)


Top 7 Online Business Ideas for 2020 (And Beyond)

Harris Melvin
| November 23, 2019 Last Updated 2019-11-24T00:07:19Z
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Many people think about starting a business on the Internet. The possibility of obtaining a high income, working for pleasure - this is not all the advantages of remote employment.

The ability to find a profitable niche, to choose exactly what is in demand is very important for the success of the company. A good source of learning to become an online entrepreneur is Wifientrepreneur which really made it happen for many people like you. In the article we’ll talk about which ideas of a given business are the most popular.

Best Online Business Ideas You Can Start In 2020:

1. Online store

The most popular online business idea to date. Starting is pretty easy. It will take capital for the first purchase of goods and the launch of advertising. In the first couple, it is not necessary to do everything yourself. There are helper companies ready to take responsibility for sending the goods to the customer, replacing the defective goods and returning them.

2. Online school

Fairly popular and in high demand today. School of programming, copywriting, design, learning foreign languages, a course on beauty and health, parenting, psychology, and self-development, etc. There are a lot of directions. What is closest to you? It remains only to choose!

3. Agency intermediary

You can work as an intermediary, offering and selling goods or services of other organizations. Wedding agency, accounting services, company for organizing children's parties and much more. You are looking for new customers, agitate them to buy goods or services, accept payment.
For example, you can open a coupon agency that distributes discount programs. Create a website that will sell discount coupons from different organizations:
  • Shops;
  • Hotels
  • Cafe;
  • Sanatoriums;
  • Beauty salons, etc.
Customers pay coupons directly on your platform. You transfer money for purchased coupons to partners, taking away a percentage of the commission. All these makes it one of the best online business ideas everyone can start today.

4. Website, Blog, App or YouTube channel

Sites, blogs, channels are created everywhere. The competition in this area is quite large. It is important to be original, to be able to offer people something that will be new to them, bring benefits, solve problems. Content should be fun. It can be anything like a popular app called tiktok. Learn how to make money on tik tok using this link. Its all about finding the right thing for you.
If there will be a lot of active subscribers, later you can earn on the sale of advertising spots and contextual advertising - ads based on customer requests. You can also sell links: website visitors will buy links to the necessary information. It is simple and convenient for them; it does not take time to search and that's why 50% of successful business models says it's also another profitable online business ideas you can start right away.

5. Cooking courses and confectioners

Women and men want to learn the secrets of cooking delicious and healthy dishes. Online courses are very convenient for both organizers and participants. Those who teach the course do not need to spend money on the purchase of products for each student. While customers can immediately work out new skills in their kitchen while watching a webinar.

6. Service for the sale of subscribers and likes

For the quick promotion of a site, group in Social Networks, Instagram or instant messengers, you need to create a feeling of popularity, demand. At first, good content and high-quality goods or services will not be enough.

For this, there are services for selling likes, tweets, chatbots, and live subscribers, for example, such as smopanel, smoservice. Create a similar service and earn. Competition in this area is relatively low.

7. Online reading of fairy tales to children

A new but already demanded type of business. If you love children, and you also have clear diction, correct pronunciation and acting talent, this type of business is for you. Read books to children on Skype. It is necessary to create a website where you will accept applications, discuss the topic and viewing time with the baby's parents. You need to be able to interest so that the child was interested from beginning to end. Vivid pictures, mini puppet theater to the rescue. Almost any type of business today can exist online. It is convenient, low-cost, and gives more freedom to entrepreneurs and customers.
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