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Are you looking for apps like terrarium tv that lets you enjoy the best TV series directly on your Android and iOS devices? This post shows you the best terrarium tv alternatives that you can effortlessly install to your Android or iOS smartphone in order to get all terrarium movies fast and easily.

As we all know, Terrarium TV App was one of those best apps that let both Android and iOS users enjoy streamlining and downloading of the greatest shows and movies of all time directly on their devices. But unfortunately, this awesome service was shutdown and that got some folks asking if there is any way to stream their favorite shows and movies securely?, are there apps which are like terrarium tv app to stream high-quality  movies free?

If you are one of the terrarium movies lovers looking for the best and secure apps like terrarium TV here you will find the best and secure Terrarium TV Alternatives 2018.

Best Apps Like Terrarium TV - Terrarium TV Alternatives

Without wasting more time, check out our top picks of similar apps to terrarium app below:


Kodi happened to be on the first list of this post due to personal experience. Kodi is undoubtedly one of the apps like terrarium TV app that offers high-quality streaming of greatest shows and movies of all time. Moreover, its design is similar to the Showbox app rather than identical to terrarium TV for iPhone. After the thorough testing, we handpicked Kodi as one of the great alternatives for terrarium TV, due to its large variety of third-party add-ons, which offers unlimited streaming content that will surely give you a full dose of entertainment.

Kodi - xbmc

Having said that, if you are looking for best and secure alternatives for terrarium tv iOS and Android, then Kodi is one of the apps that can quench your thirst to the fullest.


Showbox is one of the most online videos streaming app for mobile with similar features as seen in terrarium TV Apk. It lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the go. Best of all, it is available both on Android and iOS, but you can't download it directly from the Google PlayStore due to one or two pirates issues.

Showbox for Android PC and iPhone

From my observation, this is one of the mobile apps like terrarium TV you need to download.


Popcorn time is yet another awesome app like terrarium TV app and can be trusted for user’s privacy. It also has a massive list of TV shows and movies to stream. Furthermore, the streaming content that is available on this app is mostly of HD quality. Download today and enjoy an excess of movies right in your mobile device.

Hdpopcorn time for all devices

Hdpopcorn time is available as a native application for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Windows operating systems.


Just like other online streaming apps,  CINEMA BOX doesn’t need much intro as it is also one of the most secure and best alternatives for terrarium app. The app interface is friendly and pretty much like Terrarium TV and you can use it as terrarium tv alternative on iPhone and Android.

Cinema Box App


This is another great video streaming application alternative to terrarium movies app. It organizes video content from different services Netflix, iTunes, HBO, YouTube, Twitch, Amazon and more. This app also offers a stream of live TV and video channels in one place. Visit Google play store to download for Android and their official website for other operating systems.

Stremio video streaming application

6. PlayBOX HD

PlayBOX HD is an open source video streaming app from where you can watch unlimited TV shows and movies on Android iOS without spending a dime. In this app, you will find a great collection of movies and tv shows to streaming for free.

PlayBox HD

Yes great! This another clean app like terrarium tv that you can use to stream movies and tv shows on Android and iOS devices. To download PlayBox HD for Android simply log on to google play for unlimited fun.


Last but not the least in our list, here is another outstanding terrarium tv alternative that you can use for streaming latest movies and tv shows without spending anything. The app provides a classy and eye-catching interface that makes it more interesting for users and it's available for Android and iOS devices as well.

TVZion for Android

Final Thought On Apps Like Terrarium TV For iPhone and Android Devices

Watching movies either online or offline is one of the best things to kill your leisure time and to watch favorite TV shows and movies, you need these 7 best terrarium tv alternatives for unlimited video streaming whether it is on iPhone, Windows, or Android phones.

Note: to run terrarium TV app alternatives on computers, you need to have Bluestack Emulator installed. For safety sake, it's highly recommended to use a VPN to make yourself anonymous while streaming films and TV shows on these terrarium TV alternatives. Don't know which VPN to use? Vanish VPN is the best choice for you.
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MTN data plan all codes

If you are an MTN subscriber looking for up-to-date MTN data plan, MTN data bundles with the unlimited 4G high-speed internet, here is the current list of every MTN data plan, subscription codes, how to buy, and their prices. From the list of unmatched data packages on MTN, this post would make it super easy for you to choose the ones that best suit your needs.

I know you are here because you are one of those guys that search for cheap MTN data bundles that could potentially cut down your data subscription bills, thankfully, MTN has increased most of its existing data plans with low prices. So now it's more data for less pay.

The best of all, MTN data plans work speedingly on all devices in 2019 and right here in this post, you will easily get access to the MTN data plan code for daily Plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, and even 60 days /quarterly plans with a little amount.

MTN Data Plan For All Phones And Devices

Note that the MTN mobile data plan has four (4) main sections, these include:
  • Daily MTN Data Plans
  • Weekly MTN Data Plans
  • Monthly MTN Data Plans
  • 60 days / quarterly MTN Data Plans.
And here we will give you in-depth details of every data plans from each section so that you no longer ask how to buy mtn data. Now let's get started.

Section 1#:

Daily MTN Data Plans

This section consists of two different MTN data bundles (daily). All data packages in this section valid for 24hrs.

MTN N100 Daily Plan

MTN's daily plan priced at N100 now offers 50MB + 25MB Bonus per day.

How to buy/activate: To buy this particular mtn data, simply dial *131*1# or by simply sending “104” to 131.

MTN N200 Daily Plan

MTN's daily plan priced at N200 now offers 150MB + 75MB Bonus per day.

How to buy this MTN data: you can easily activate/buy it by sending “113” to 131. But make sure you have up to 200 naira on your glo SIM.

Section 2#:

Weekly MTN Data Plans

This section also contains two different types of MTN data plan codes. But the plain differences here is that all plans in this section valid for a week (weekly).

MTN N300 Weekly Plan

MTN's weekly plan priced at N300 now offers 150MB per week.

How to activate this plan: To buy this MTN data is very simple, text “102” to 131. Valid for 1 week from the day of data activation.

MTN N500 Weekly Data Plan

MTN's weekly data plan priced at N500 now offers 500MB weekly.

Activation code: To activate MTN 500MB for 500 naira just simply text “103” to 131. It also has 1-week validity.

Section 3#:

MTN Monthly Data Plans

From my observation, this section has the overall internet data packages. In this section, you will find the most cheapest and affordable MTN data plans such as the MTN data plan code for 1000 naira, MTN unlimited data plan, mtn data plan for iPhone, MTN 1GB data plan, and lots more. All plans here are valid for a month. Just check out the details about monthly plans on MTN below:

MTN N1000 Monthly Data Plan

MTN's monthly data plan priced at N1,000 now offers 1 GB data for a period of 1 month.

To activate the mtn data plan code for 1000 naira is as simple as ABC, all you need to do is to just send “106” to 131 to buy MTN data. It valid for 30 days.

MTN N1,200 Monthly Data plan

MTN's monthly data plan priced at N1,200 now offers 1.5 GB data for 1 month (30 days).

How to activate: To subscribe to this data plan, send “130” to 131. Validity is 30 days.

MTN N2,000 Monthly Data Plan

MTN's monthly data plan priced at N2,000 now offers 2.5 GB data for 30 days.

Activation code: To activate text “110” to 131. Validity is also 30 days.

MTN N3,500 Monthly Data plan

MTN's data plan priced at N3,500 now offers 5 GB data volume for a period of 30 days.

Activation code: To activate MTN 5 GB for 3,500 naira simply text “107” to 131. It also has 30 days validity.

MTN N5,000 Monthly Data Plan

MTN's monthly data plan priced at N5,000 now offers 10 GB data for 30 days.

Activation code: To activate text “116” to 131. Validity is also 30 days.

MTN N10,000 Monthly Data Plan

MTN's monthly data plan priced at N10,000 now offers 20 GB data for 30 days.

Activation code: To activate text “117” to 131.

Validity: 30 days.

Section 4#:

MTN 60 Days  / Quarterly Plans

In this section, you will find all-time biggest MTN data bundles for all devices. If you are a heavy internet user who always downloads large files from the internet, here is the best choice for you.

MTN Unlimited Data Plan

Validity: 60 days
Data volume: 50 GB
Price: N20,000
How to activate: Text “118” to 131.

MTN 90 Days Unlimited Data Plan

Validity: 90 days
Data volume: 85 GB
Price: N50,000
How to activate: Text “133” to 131.

Some of these data bundles come with extra bonuses upon activation. If you are on MTN deal zone the bonus data will be available for use from 1:00 am – 7.00am.

Note that you can now buy all MTN data plans with your debit card or with airtime as usual.

I believe you have a wonderful time reading the topic “MTN data plan”, still don't know which data to buy?  You can use the MTN data calculator to estimate your potential data usage and determine what type of data to choose.
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Watch Hindi Movies Online is the trend in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States, and some other parts of the world right now by Hindi movies lovers (viewers). If you are one of those people that search for best websites to watch Hindi (Bollywood) movies online, kindly do yourself a favor by checking out our experimentally selected best sites to watch Hindi movies online free on any device.

They're hundreds of websites where you can watch new Hindi movies online, in spite of that, we share the best working websites right now for online Hindi movies so you can watch/download your favorites fast and easily. 

Do you know that watching movies online has always been the great way to keep your device storage free? 

Thankfully, there’s been a growing number of websites with free full movies popping up all over the web. Best of all, they’re absolutely free!

In this post, we’ve curated a list of best websites to watch Hindi mmovies online. Without further ado let’s dive into our top picks for Hindi movies online (websites).

5 Best Sites To Watch Bollywood (Hindi) Movies Online For Free 

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video top our list of best websites for watching Hindi movies online free without downloading. If you are looking for awesome places to watch the latest Hindi movies online. This site is actually one of my favorites in terms of watching unlimited actions, heroic stories, inspirational movies, romantic movies, thrill movies, suspense movies and more. The site also has a very handy search feature making it easy to browse through the thousands of online Hindi movies available.

Voot movies download

Voot is another popular Hindi movie streaming website where you can watch Latest Hindi Movies and TV shows online for free without downloading. On this site, users can stream online Hindi movies in high definition from their large catalog of Hollywood, Bollywood films, and others. I am assuring you that, by checking out this website, you will never have a dull moment.


Sonyliv movies

Sonyliv is absolutely free to watch Hindi movies online. The best thing about this website, it allows users to stream movies on full-length in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam and other Indian regional languages. SONYLIV is the best and most legit site you can watch Hindi movies online easily and fast. Best of all, the site has friendly UI which makes loading of videos on the site faster and the movies are all in full HD quality (online Hindi movies). The site doesn't need much introduction, just check it out yourself and thank me later.


BoxTV free Hindi movies

BoxTV is yet another great website that offers a large collection of free high-quality online Bollywood movies from different genres of Hindi movies like romance, horror, thriller, comedy, animation, adventure, war, devotional, biography, drama, action and has become one of the best sources for watching Hindi movies online free.


Free movies download site

Last but not the least in our list of top movie websites that offer online Hindi movie watching for free without downloading is FMovies site. FMovies is one of the popular websites that brings you a free series and movies streaming service where you can watch the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies, TV shows, series, and anime online free. The site doesn't require registration and you can browse by genre, country, or date of movie release for easy access to a vast collection of Hindi Movies Online.

Yeah! The above-listed websites are all you need to watch Bollywood movies online free without downloading. Note some are premium while others are absolutely free. All you need is to click on the link provided at the top of each image and you are just a step closer to watch Hindi movies online.

Do let us know via the comment section if you found your best site to watch Bollywood movies for free in our list here.
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The article “Tuberculosis Patient Centered Treatment Approach” is put together by the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy control programme (USAID and TB CARE I). It will enlighten you to know everything about the standard operating procedure for engagement of tuberculosis (TB) treatment supporter for directly observed treatment (DOT).

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What are the standard operating procedures for the engagement of TB treatment supporter for DOT service?

Tuberculosis treatment

Image source:

These include:

1. Educate patients and relatives on the importance of adhering to regular drug intake.

2. Provide information to the patient on the available treatment options:
  • Daily direct observation of treatment at a health facility. 
  • Daily DOT by a treatment supporter at home. This involves 2 weekly visits to the health facility for drug collection.
3. If the patient chooses to involve a treatment supporter, take steps as outlined below.
4. Provide information to the patient on how to select a treatment supporter using the following criteria:
  • Preferably a close relation of the patient (family or nonfamily)
  • Living within the same household or walking distance of fewer than 500 meters from patient home
  • Physically able to visit the facility 
  • The willingness of the individual to provide support to the patient.
5. Place patient on daily DOT treatment while waiting while waiting for treatment supporter.

6. Ask patient to invite treatment supporter to the health facility within a period of 2 days.

7. Provide health education to both patient and treatment supporter on the following:
  • Basic information on TB and TB infection control (especially cough etiquette)
  • Treatment duration (6 months) and the number of tablets to take daily
  • Intervals for sputum follow up examination (2,5&6 months)
  • Possible side effects of anti TB drugs and need to report back to a health facility in case of any complaints.
8. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of the treatment supporter.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the tuberculosis treatment supporter?

The major roles and responsibilities of treatment supporter include:
  1. Ensuring daily DOT
  2. Ticking treatment supporters card
  3. Support the patient to come to the health facility for drugs collection every 2 weeks
  4. The patients and treatment supporter should return used (empty) blisters and treatment supporters card to the health facility before another supply
  5. Support patient to come to a health facility for follow up sputum examination and management of any side effect or complications
  6. Inform health care worker in event of opting out or becoming unavailable to provide treatment support.
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9. Reconfirm willingness of the treatment supporter.

10. The treatment supporter and patient should sign an agreement on the remark section of TB treatment card. 

11. Add a name, address and phone number of the treatment supporter to the contact of the patient on the TB treatment card.

12. Ensure that the patient and the treatment supporter agree on the timing of drugs intake and drug storage.

13. Provide treatment supporter with drugs and the treatment supporter's card.

14. The healthcare worker should review the treatment supporter's card and update TB treatment card during the 2 weekly visits.

15. The treatment supporter and patient should discuss any challenges with healthcare workers.

16. Where available community volunteers should be used for supervision and defaulters tracking.

Final Thought on Tuberculosis Patient Centered Treatment Approach For TB DOT Supporters

The patient has the option to reconsider either the use of health care worker or treatment supporter for DOT at any point in time.
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How to start a successful email marketing fast

With hundreds and thousands of email marketing tips on the internet, here are the 4 insanely easy steps you can succeed at your email marketing strategies. In the event that you are thinking about joining a multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity, you have settled on a decent decision as the system showcasing plan of action is effective right at this point.

System advertising is an extraordinary approach to produce salary and many have transformed their business into a full-time vocation. Here are a couple of tips to remember on the best way to prevail at organize promoting through email marketing.

1. Assemble a lead catch page. Supporting new merchants is the soul of system showcasing. 

The larger part of system showcasing organizations will furnish you with a decent site to advance USA email list.

There is a superior procedure and that is to assemble your own particular rundown which begins by building a lead catch page.

You don't need to do anything entangled. Just concentrate on offering an important free report or eBook to your potential endorsers. At that point, you need a basic shape where they simply need to enter their name and email address in return for the free data you are putting forth. 

2. Set up your automated assistant. Your automated assistant is the place your prospects email address and name are put away empowering you to catch up with them later on.

You have to include a progression of pre-composed email messages. You would then be able to program these messages to go out over some stretch of time at pre-decided interims. 

Giving accommodating data about your system promoting opportunity ought to be your objective. Your objective is likewise to make yourself accessible to your prospects so they can become more acquainted with you better. 

A major preferred standpoint to building a rundown along these lines is later on you can backpedal to it and advance any system showcasing business opportunity. 

3. Begin a blog. This is likewise an awesome approach to draw in new prospects. You can likewise utilize your blog to refresh your MLM merchants on things going ahead in the business. 

Place a selection or join frame over the overlap on the correct hand sidebar. At that point when new prospects visit your blog, they can likewise join and join your email list.

4. Join Skype. Skype is a free texting and online telephone utility. It is exceptionally decent to have the capacity to converse with individuals free on Skype in the event that you will fabricate a business everywhere throughout the world. 

Consider the energy of that! In the event that you live in Australia and they live in the USA you will have the capacity to visit them for nothing about your system promoting opportunity. It's incredible for enlisting new merchants and in addition conversing with individuals in your downline. 

In a rundown, we have talked about a couple of fundamental strides on the best way to prevail at arranging to advertise. The Internet makes it simple for you to begin and construct your own effective MLM home business on the web.

Final Thoughts About How To Succeed At Email Marketing (Email Marketing Tips)

If you want to succeed in email marketing, you need to follow the above simple steps in order to increase your brand presence.