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How can I earn? Here are 17 promising industries, promising millions, and ten industries in which it is useless to launch startups.

Some ideas look quite promising but do not implement into a successful business. Men of enterprise around the world year after year beat their heads against the wall, trying to solve at least one of the business puzzles. Who thinks faster than others, will earn millions.

1. Search Engines

If you are not Google, not Bing, then, as the authors of the article assure you, creating a new competitive search business is almost hopeless. Any attempts to press down the heavyweights of the search industry end in ruin or a modest place on the outskirts of the Internet. Cuil, Wolfram Alpha, and Powerset make good examples.

2. Offline advisory services

The idea looks beautiful. Some people share their tastes and preferences, while others choose only the best products or services based on the recommendations received. Hunch, Get Glue, they are trying to make money on proposals, but it is difficult to call these breakthrough businesses.

3. Local news sites

Of course, you can gather some community around your news portal, and even attract advertising budgets of local companies, but such a startup is unlikely to grow into a big business.

4. Micropayments

Many are trying to sell online content for symbolic amounts, but so far micropayments of expectations do not justify.

5. Attempts to “kill” e-mail

You can try to improve the postal service, but you can hardly kill an e-mail. Even Google Wave did not have enough brawn to bury a familiar email.

6. New car company

World experience suggests that creating a new brand is quite realistic, but to sell a sufficient number of cars is much more difficult. The same Tesla for seven years of its existence sold only 2 thousand electric vehicles.

7. Musical startup

The Internet mercilessly walked through the record industry. Except for iTunes sells music online successfully. Even Amazon earns quite a modest amount of money off music.

8. Attempts to cross the Internet and TV

It is not so easy to combine two entertainment formats into one. Otherwise, the guys from Apple would have long been selling such a product. Boxee, Roku, and even Google are trying to solve this puzzle, but the gap between the Internet and TV is so big that there is no chance to make friends with these formats. By the way, Steve Jobs is sure that the reason for the failures lies in the unwillingness of people to clutter up the place near the TV with another box in the form of a receiver.

9. RSS feeds

RSS is slowly but surely dying. And of the dead say nothing but what is right. In the case of RSS, it is better to keep silent.

10. Products for children and start-ups to relieve parental troubles

Often, entrepreneurs try to create a similar business when they acquire their first children. While caring for a child, they discover thousands of ways to make life easier for young parents, and they are already drawing business plans in their head when it suddenly turns out that the market is quite small and targeted.

That is about the bad, now about the good. Inc publishes a list of the best industries to launch a startup:

1. Recruitment agencies
2. Training of technical specialists
3. Beauty Industry
4. Healthy Snacks
5. Language Schools
6. Car dealers
7. PR agencies
8. Tourism to historical places
9. Clothing and accessories stores
10. Investment and financial consulting
11. Online dating
12. Interactive navigation maps for smartphones and tablets
13. Physiotherapy
14. Environmental consulting
15. Equipment rental for outdoor activities
16. Real estate valuation
17. Eco-friendly toys.

All that is left to do is to choose what is closer to your heart.

About the author

Melisa Marzett is a former journalist and a columnist who is currently working as a writer for cover letter edit services - freelancing for about ten years now. She likes gaining experience in all kinds of matters. She is a curious person who enjoys simple things and is always up for anything.
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In the age of digital dominance, any event happening that is worthy of people’s attention, inevitably ends up documented online or on social media websites. After all, whether it is a photo, video or any other multimedia formats, people post interesting activities online all the time. And one of the most popular and rapidly expanding social media websites is Instagram. With a billion users worldwide, the potential of Instagram in communication strategies is huge.

Instagram hashtag printer

How does Instagram work?

Instagram is an application for sharing visual content, photos, and videos, easily accessible on smartphones. Individual profiles are used to post specific content which can be tagged with specific hashtags. A hashtag is a word or phrase typed without space, accompanied by a “#” at the front. It is a way to organize and channel the constant influx of images, visuals, and videos so that when the hashtag is typed in the search bar, all the tagged posts show up.

With the convenience of hashtags grouping similarly tagged content together, the maximum potential of this feature is used in various ways. Any topic or post can become the most trending topic across social media with a simple use of '#' tag. Nowadays, every important event has its own unique hashtag so that all the tagged posts can be found together. From weddings to car launches, everyone is using Instagram hashtag campaigns to reach more potential viewers. Typically, the guests are informed of the designated hashtag for the event and then urged to post any picture or selfie of the event on social media with that hashtag.

Instabooth For Events

An Instabooth or Instagram Photo Booth is a designated area in the event for getting pictures clicked and can be outfitted with an Instagram Hashtag Printer for visitors to get their pictures printed. It could be stall or kiosk, where the hashtag printer would scan the event hashtag on Instagram and print all tagged photos. The image can be printed based on a pre-decided template, for example- a 4x6 printed photo or a printed souvenir of some kind. The keepsake of the event can even include the event organizer’s personal branding like custom artwork, logos, brand name, slogan, etc.

hashtag photo booth

An Instagram hashtag printer for events is already an attraction for the crowds, adding the Instagram photo booth only results in more engagement and reach, both in real life and online. A hashtag printer for events can be very easily incorporated into any activities or events. When installed properly with the correct set of instructions, the Instabooth does not require constant supervision. The hashtag printer is a device that the visitors can use on their own without any technical helper needing to attend to them at all times. The Instagram Hashtag Printer is not only easily understood, but also actively used by the people of age below 35 years, the youth. Thus, adding this to an already existing Instabooth business is not that difficult.

Technology, Social and Events

A powerful tool that combines technology, social and events is not only good for business but also a fun new addition to activities that desperately require some unique elements every time. What better way to enhance your own brand marketing than by allowing people or your event attendees to do what they love, taking photos, just with an added bonus of printed memories of the event for them to have. It is an amazing way to create awareness of your brand with such fun and creative brand and event activations which include the audience itself to promote the brand.

About the author –

Saanvi is a creative designer and personal blogger. Her interest is in researching the latest interactive technologies in the social media world. She is currently researching about brand activation solutions like Green Screen, Magic Mirror, 3D Holographic, Photo Booths, Instagram hashtag printer, Mixed Reality Solutions and more. In her free time she loves to travel and reading fiction books.
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Essay writing

Writing an evaluation essay can seem like a daunting task if you’ve come across this type of work for the first time. However, it isn’t that much different. An evaluation essay is often mistaken for a review. It should be noted that there are some noticeable differences between the two. A review is an author’s opinion on a product, whereas, the judgement provided in an evaluation essay is supported by facts and evidence.

With that being said, let’s get your evaluation essay writing worries out of the way by following a simple guide outlined below:

    1. Carefully Decide Upon a Topic

Since you need to provide a judgement in your evaluation essay that isn’t your personal opinion, you need to decide upon a topic that you are familiar with or can be studied well.

    2. Thesis Statement

This is an integral part of your essay. A well-crafted thesis statement ascertains the main focus of the essay and allows the reader to understand the purpose of your writing. In short, a thesis statement should be unambiguous and should give a clear sense of direction.

   3. The 3 Pillars of Evaluation Essay

  • Determine Criteria: This will define the standards against which the outcome of your writing subject will be compared. Defining set criteria will allow you to write a paper that stays relevant to its purpose. Ensure that the established criteria are relevant to what you are evaluating. For instance, The requirements for a sports team is entirely different than the one set for a video game.
  • Give Judgement: This is where a criterion is used to compare and decide whether the product, service or brand you are writing about meets the expectations or not.
  • Provide Evidence: This is used to support the judgement. Providing conclusive evidence from credible sources is crucial in an evaluation essay to give credibility to the outcome.

Remember an evaluation essay is not about personal opinions. This is the most significant difference between a review and an evaluation essay. These three pillars are the main distinguishing factors and should always be factored in when writing an evaluation essay.

   4. Organise Criteria and Evidence

Before starting with your essay, make a rough draft of your criteria and all the evidence you’ve collected. Doing this allows you to streamline the process of cheap essay writing and prevents you from blanking out during the writing process.

   5. The Layout of Evaluation Essay

An evaluation essay is usually written in a traditional format, i.e. Introduction, Body, Conclusion.

Your introduction will give readers a highlight of your judgement. The body is where criteria are defined in detail, as the subject of your writing is judged against it, and evidence is provided to support your opinion. The conclusion will provide a summary of your writing while emphasising on your judgment.

   6. Proofread

After finishing your essay, make sure to proofread it to eliminate any errors. This is the most significant stage of your essay composition as proofreading helps in elevating the content quality.
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There are some special courses that have been designed exclusively for Christian students who want to learn and grow in their lives. Here, we will discuss six such bachelor programs that equip those who want to become effective leaders and can articulate and demonstrate the supreme importance of a biblical worldview in different fields. These bachelor programs will help Christians to also edify and expand the horizons through biblical scholarship, evangelism, and services in every field of life.

Bachelor Programs

Bachelor of Christian Ministries 

Bachelor's degree programs in Christian ministries educate students in Bible studies and theology. Here students will gain the knowledge, means, and hands-on experience of relating the truths of God to the needs of people. This degree provides a solid biblical foundation for ministry and a fundamental understanding of the Christian message and how to correspond it.

Bachelor of General Christian Studies

Bachelor of General Christian Studies (BGCS) will assist you to build up a firm understanding of Christian ministry. This degree will provide you with basics of theology and prepare you to pass on the Christian message clearly. You will gain a thorough understanding and appreciation of the Church and its ministries.

Bachelor of Science in Christian Care giving & Counseling

Bachelor of Science in Christian Care giving & Counseling equips you for lay counseling jobs and related ministries within the framework of the local church and church-related agencies. This program prepares you to help people understand wholeness in every path of their lives. It helps students learn and gain resources appropriate for professional or lay ministry in a wide range of pastoral settings.

Bachelor of Biblical Counseling

Bachelor of Biblical Counseling is a program which looks to set up, prepare and approve students for Christian counseling in the local church, or for graduate studies in counseling or divinity.

Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership and Management

Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership and Management degree program prepares you to incorporate your faith with important business skills. The program offers a firm foundation in the liberal arts as well as giving more focus in theology, church history, and experience in the practice of a variety of characteristics of the ministry.

Bachelor of Philosophy and Theology

You will be able to develop self-awareness and skills to create a difference all the way through a commitment to Anabaptist Mennonite values of cross-cultural understanding, care for creation, and more. This degree is a necessary qualification for those who want to exercise various ministries within the Christian community and to donate to the Church work.


If you’ve decided to go through one of these bachelor programs related to Christian degrees, then these significant resources will certainly help you.

Program Overview: This site offers a brief review of the programs related to Christian studies.

Essay Writer: In case you need essay writing help, this tool is certainly valuable.

Bachelors Portal: This site offers valuable information on various Christian studies programs.

Custom Essay: This site is a great tool in case if you need any help in assignments.

Best Christian Colleges: This site will give a great review of the top Christian colleges.

Assignment Help: This tool will assist you to get your assignments done without any hassles.
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Start-Up Business Ideas

The dream to have your own start-up business does not let you sleep. It is so satisfying to be self-dependent. No compromises on your liberty and time due to hectic hours of job. No one is there to teach, direct or instruct you. Only and Only you are the boss to earn bread and butter on your own. Oh BUT where is the idea? What to start and what business to do? Forget not, the limit of funds is the biggest barrier stopping you from working with open heart. Every penny is precious and it is not possible to waste it on experiments on business. What to do? What to do?

By the time you get of a business idea, take a look at some advisable start-up ideas that can start on a cute little budget. If any of them works, adopt it. You know what; there are less or no reasons to regret. These are the cost-effective proposals that do not demand much investment of money. Take a look –

       1. Cleaning


Oh! A much in demand service that catches attention of working couples, and everyone who is always in hurry, even the businesses. Gather a few basic essentials and skills and you are ready to fight the dirt. It is a very cheap and lean business model that demands only a small bunch of currency. Most of the houses and commercial places have their own equipments and resources that can be used. Just decide on priority, you want to do a domestic cleaning business or commercial cleaning business.

If you are a one-man army then domestic cleaning is a more feasible option. In commercial cleaning, you need a group of people as the task is comparatively at a larger scale.

   2. Mobile Hairdressing and beauty

Mobile Hairdressing and beauty

Do you have a keen eye for details in the personality of people around you? If yes, then the hairdressing and beauty is a good business for you. The best part about this business is, you do not need to buy a big salon if you can practice the mobile nature. Set a convenient time duration of the day hours for the service and visit the clients. After the time is over, you can enjoy the leisure rest of the day. Get some training and acquire the necessary skills. Business does not run on the equipments but on the skill to use those equipments. Learn things and start the business after you are confident. You may need money for training and to acquire basic required resources.

 If your funds are not sufficient, then take a loan. Do not worry if you have a bad credit. Loans are available for bad credit scorers, for instance – the 12 month loans with no credit check by direct lenders. These are the short-term loans, as a small budget business idea should not need huge amount. But work of the loan option only if it is unavoidable. Until and unless you start earning a good profit, it is always advisable to avoid any kind of debt in the name of business.

        3. Gardening

Gardening business ideas

Who does not want the fresh air in this chaotic life? Polluted air, stress, health issues, many reasons are making people inclined for nature and they want to have good gardens around them. If you are green-fingered, gardening business is perhaps more than a commercial activity for you. It is like a blessing. Do some homework before you start, do research on gardening equipments and breeds of plants. Effect of weather and climate on plants and how to prevent them from diseases, everything is important to know. Do not worry, internet is full of information as well as online tutorials, you can get many things for value addition. People are ready to pay good for this work and with time you can also contact to the local authorities to get contract of the gardens in the city.

       4. Dog walking

Dogs walking

Dog lovers are many but those many people do not have much time to take their dogs on a walk. Why don’t you help them in exchange of some money? With time, you are sure to come in demand, as everyone wants someone to take care of their pet when they are not around. Learn some basic skills for that, read about the qualities of dog whisperers. If you are friendly with dogs this business is like an entertainment for you.

       5. Street food business

Street food business

Ooooh yummm!! Are you a good cook and love cooking? Make this skill earn you some money. Street food is the trend of cities and people from every age group like to eat street food. Initially, it is not possible to afford a huge food truck, but a small vehicle or a van is also sufficient. You can take it on rent, or buy a van on cheap rates from a garage and then repurpose it after some paint and polish. A small amount is needed for that, work on the way out that is feasible to you.

None of the above ideas needs much investment and you can materialise the dream of a start-up in no time. Start working now on your idea and live the dream and be your own boss!! All the best!!
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Responsive design

What is responsive design?

Responsive design is a buzz word that we now often hear in the web designing industry. Responsive design is said to be the kind of web design that has more elements that could respond differently according to different devices. You might have accessed a website on your PC and it would have been designed with different elements whereas the same website when accessed with a mobile phone device might have different designing elements, this is what responsive design is about.

Needs for Responsive Design

The world is changing its structures completely and one of the changes that have happened in this world is the shift of business and other such operations on mobile phones and tablets. The same has sparked the needs of getting the websites to be designed in such ways that could make the design to be adjusted according to the device that you are using. This was intended to increase the experience of the user and giving him the adjustments according to the device he is using. But was this the only use of the responsive design or is this the only use that responsive design could bring? Well, not actually we are here with some of the more benefits that responsive design could bring in to your business.

The Top 4 Benefits of Responsive Web Design

  • Improving site usability

Navigation is the element to success in web design and if a user is unable to navigate easily then expect that he is going off your website too soon. The responsive design in this context could contribute to making the design of the website easy to be navigated. Whatever device a customer comes on if the responsive design is integrated the experience of the customer could be amazing. This is one of the benefits that could be driven through responsive designing of your website.

  • Getting pages with faster speed

Loading time is said to be visitor killer. This is one of the simple theories that you will always encounter in the study of web design that more the load time a page has the lesser the visitors will stay there and thus the load time is required to be kept minimum. The responsive web design can also make you able to have faster load time which is the reason that people usually like the responsive design on their website.

  • Decreased Bounced Rates

If you know the website designing and development in-depth you might know what I am going to talk about next but if you don’t here is a bit of clarification for the thing coming up next. Bounce rate is how quickly the user gets away from your website and the lower the bounce rate is the better the experience of customers will be. Content is not the only thing that is responsible for the decrease in bounce rate but also the design is an element for the same. The mobile responsive design might make you able to put up the content that is relevant as well as presents it in the dimensions that are suitable for getting the views. Such as if you have got an animated video from some video animation services and you have only set the design for a PC it might not only make your money to be wasted but also it might make your viewer go away which might have severe effects on your daily visits and sales as well.

  • Lower Costs

Well, keeping all things aside cost is something that is non-negligible. You cannot keep the costs out if you are working on something like business or website development. If you are making a website for a business and are working for all types of devices then the best thing you can consider in the designing is a responsive design. Through this, you can cover all of the devices on single costs and won’t have to pay the extra costs. This is one of the biggest benefits that organizations have in mind when they are considering on responsive website design for their business website.

Amazingly, responsive web designs have grown much in recent times. The main reason behind the same as mentioned is the increase in the use of mobile devices and tablets. But these reasons have mentioned that it is not only a trend that is integrated into the structures due to the needs but also because it brings a number of benefits to the field that it is attached with. More than static or traditional design responsive has taken over the world of web designing. A trend that has brought new psychology to this field by bringing the benefits to both the users as well as the developers and businesses.
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Twitter wall

If you are considering of hosting an event or conference, the element of success comes from the point of engagement and connectivity of attendees. One way through which it can be achieved is through displaying a live twitter wall at your event location or website and it will have a dramatic effect by increasing the engagement quotient and give your event the buzz it deserves.

A twitter feed wall is a perfect way to bridge the gap between real life and online audience at events and conferences. If you’re hosting an event or conference, you may want to display live tweets with a specific hashtag for all attendees to see. Through the use of a defined hashtag for the Twitter wall, your audience is driven to connect and promote your event or brand campaign even more with the instant gratification of seeing their Tweet on screen. Tweet Walls are created while keeping event branding in mind. There will be no better promotion than with a tweet wall reflecting your brand matching with your company and event logo.

Why is Twitter good for your Event?

The biggest differentiator with Twitter is that social messages are limited to 140 characters and content over the Twitter Live Feed is moving very quickly. It is not unusual to Tweet 20+ times a day to meet people visiting the channel throughout the day. The Twitter wall is a great idea as it promotes an additional layer of interaction during your event. With the predefined hashtag for your event, you can see a robust conversation happening around it. Attendees just have to use the hashtag to join in the conversation. When you provide a medium of social interaction live at your event, you are opening a way for your attendees to interact and share thoughts and opinions. This will add into increasing conversations, forming relationships and offers good marketing. Apart from increasing the engagement, the scope extends the visibility and reach of the event on all streams.

More Conversations and More Exposure

Using a social media aggregator tool and displaying tweets from your attendees and delegates, you have an efficient construct of conversation and way to inspire new topics in the event, bringing up the fresh ideas that may have got lost with such intuitive external support. Tweeters can challenge each other to logical debates, share new resources and expand on the points made by your speakers — all publicly and as part of the fabric of your event. The conversation can continue well after the event itself and can be reviewed for feedback and ideas for future meetings. There are various things doable on twitter such as live polls, link to external content, analytics etc. which can spruce up the event when displayed via twitter wall to show live twitter feed. You could also have the Live Twitter Feed displayed on your website to let people who could not attend keep up with the latest.

Tweet wall also acts as reminders for the audience to constantly use social media and participate in the conversation. Since the discussions that occur on a Twitter wall are visible to all event attendees, they might pique conversations during designated networking times. They might also entice the more reluctant attendees to actually participate, thus growing the overall buzz at your event. This means more exposure for your brand and your event.

Consider Tweet Wall for your next event

What you should remember is that getting people inside the event location is an only job half done. The real task is to get your message effectively and timely delivered. You have to use social media to achieve this goal. In keeping attendees engaged with the presented content, a designated tweet wall can definitely help strengthen the online presence. A single appropriate tweet showcased on the public platform could spark interests among people heading towards a positive contribution for your event.
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Bank card system

Credit card processing might not seem complicated, but small businesses, like home-based sellers and one-person operations, have a lot to contemplate when they accept card payments. The way to accepting credit cards is not simple at all. Getting permitted for a merchant account, utilizing the similar technology as a large business, and keeping up with the ever-changing safety protocols and needs can be harrowing assignments in their own right; all in all, the hurdles can seem insuperable. Small business holders do not need to feel as though they are at a total disadvantage. Here are top 05 Things to Know About Credit Card Processing in 2019 to stay ahead.

First, Learn The Lingo:

Accepting credit cards denotes having to know about a new vocabulary to comprehend how the cash is being moved and who is doing that. But for the majority of resource-strapped small companies, the center is more on getting the system set up than being concerned with such particulars and industry jargon.

Nonetheless, to save yourself any future annoyances should an issue come up, it is significant to at least have a little idea of what takes place behind the scenes. To begin, Intuit, the maker of the accounting program QuickBooks, identified the following few key players in the credit card processing:

  • Merchant Bank: 

The financial institution that offers merchant account services to make transactions to bank accounts easy. (Note: There’s dissimilarity between aggregators and merchant banks. Credit card processing services, like PayPal and Square Here, are aggregators that might make merchant accounts and process your credit card transactions, but they’re not financial institutions or banks.)

  • Processor:

Basically, the 3rd-party middleman that takes on merchant bank errands makes credit card transactions easy and routes credit card info to the correct merchant accounts and payment networks.

  • Issuing Bank:

The monetary institution that issues a credit card to a consumer is called an issuing bank.

  • Card Payment Brand:

Credit card brands such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express are different card payment brands.

Second, Locate The True Credit Card Processor:

Credit card processor

Only because you are an extremely small business does not denote the credit card processing choices are limited. It all rides on the type of your business, where and how you mean to conduct your business, and how much streamlining you will require to make running your business a lot simpler.

For example, if you own mobile business, splurge a lot of your time going to trade shows or else desire the flexibility of accepting the credit card payments anyplace, a moving credit card processor is the great option for you. And if you own an electronic commerce store, contemplate a shared commerce POS (point-of-sale) system that combines credit card transactions with the accounting and CRM (customer relationship management) program to automatically merge online and offline sales data.

Third, Revenue Needs:

Despite the numerous credit card processing choices accessible, one problem to being an extremely small business is that it can be a dare to meet seller needs if the business does not make enough profits, credit card processing businesses might reject the application. Income needs differ broadly, but a few credit card processors expect at least ten thousand dollars in profits a month. If you do not meet strict revenue needs, have no fright. With a little digging, you will locate credit card processors that deal with very small businesses.

One such low-income seller is BluePay, which presents customizable solutions for companies of all sizes, from mom-and-pop shops to sellers. Others include Stripe, Helcim, and PayPal Credit Card Processing.

Forth, Security Of Data:

Small companies are held to similar security standards as large companies. Irrespective of the business’s size and which processing service you go for, you are accountable for ensuring the seller has strict standards of security and fulfillment measures primed. Such standards comprise the 3-digit CVV2 (card verification value), the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard, E2EE (end-to-end encryption) and SSLs (secure sockets layers) protocol.

In fact, new Payment Card Industry changes implemented 30th June 2018, need that all electronic commerce merchants update their measures of security by utilizing either Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.1 or Transport Layer Security 1.2 to encrypt better credit card and client info transmitted between their browser and server.

Fifth, The Fees Of Credit Card Processing:

Credit card fees

Finding out the fees of accepting credit cards can look like rocket science. There is a myriad fee engaged, varying from proportions to actual dollar amounts that differ based on the kind of processor or transaction. Such fees are principally significant for extremely small business merchants who are worried that the fees of credit card processing might cut a lot into their bottom line (for example, mom-and-pop stores that need a minimum buying amount to make use of a credit card). Here are the kinds of fees extremely small businesses ought to be cautious about as they append up on a per-transaction and monthly basis:

  • Statement Fee:

Costs charged to cover the mailing and printing charges for credit card statements (the industry standard is ten dollars a month but can be as low as five dollars or as high as fifteen dollars per month).

  • Payment Gateway Fee:

Just like terminal charges, such fees apply to electronic commerce companies to process consumers' credit card information (fees differ).

  • Average Discount Rates Fee:

A proportion of the sale that your credit card processor keeps (rates vary).

  • Monthly Minimum Fee:

Costs charged to merchants who do not get to their transactional total for a month or the year (differs but might need you to disburse extra if you do not meet the least).
Transaction Fee:
A set dollar amount charged for each transaction.

  • AVS (Address Verification Service) Fee:

If you have an electronic commerce company, you will be charged an Address Verification Service fee on each transaction.

If you keep the things mentioned above in mind, these can really help you grow your small business. Hope that this guide will help you learn a little more about the credit card processing.
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Are you looking for the latest market information on Pound, Euro or Naira to Dollar Exchange Rates?
If your answer is YES then here you will get it firsthand from a reliable market analyst irrespective of your location.

It's imperative for every business man/woman to know the current exchange rates of the native currency in his/her locality because some are often snowballed against other country's currencies.

Out of the many means available, we will be using the AbokiFx superb calculator to convert Dollar to & from Naira to US Dollar using up-to-date accurate exchange rates.

In case you don't know, is one of the most trusted website available to provide daily live updates and information on the black market FX rate for the Naira against US dollar, pound, Euro, and other currencies.

If carefully, you observe the forex market trends, it's obvious that the exchange rate of Naira to Dollar is not stable, but in this article, we will be providing you live and accurate Black market Dollar to Naira exchange rate on a daily basis.

Naira to Dollar exchange rate

Naira to Dollar - AbokiFx Black Market Exchange Rate Today

Buy (USD - NGN)
Sell (NGN)
USD $1 = 358
NGN 360

Pounds to Naira Exchange Rate Today -

Buy (GBP - NGN)
Sell (NGN)
GBP 1 = 472
NGN 475

Exchange Rate Euro to Naira

Buy (Euro - NGN)
Sell (NGN)
GBP 1 = 400
NGN 404

Final Thought About The Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today in Nigeria

The above details are live and daily Naira exchange rate from AbokiFx, the most reliable source for currency conversion. So, bookmark this page for your daily Naira to Dollar exchange rate source in order not to miss out any of our updates on current rates, news, and other information.

If you are looking for a genuine source to get Naira to Dollar Exchange Rate for any reason, you have landed on your one-stop destination to get the updated exchange value or rate of the Naira against the Dollar in the Black Market.

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Today’s market is already heavily loaded with mainstream companies and business organizations producing goods and providing services whose quality has already been proven over time, and the degree of trust in consumer products of such companies is quite high. Entry into the market, where most of the sales share belongs to such strong organizations, is a somewhat risky action and the chances of success to take their place in the market are rather low due to the high competition firmly.

future business ideas 2019/2020

To achieve the goal of consolidating in the market and making a profit, the fundamental innovative idea requires something new and modern. It is essential to focus on the rapid progress of the scientific and technological revolution, which is gaining pace every month. So what does the business of the future promise us, in what will it manifest itself and what are its characteristic features?

1. A direction of new business

The main branch of the industry of the future, which is gaining popularity among today's organizations, is and will be aimed at obtaining energy in an alternative non-standard way. For a man of today, it is not a secret that today the mineral resources that are used to generate and obtain energy are not so high today, and they will be exhausted shortly.

Therefore, at the moment, a new means of obtaining such necessary energy are actively developed. Alternative methods of energy production in a wide range are used in modern times; they are quite common in the developed countries of Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States of America.

2. New Business Ideas

Recycling of industrial waste, as well as garbage, which the citizens of our state produce, is a promising business idea. This kind of activity can bring you huge profits. The principle is to collect municipal waste, with its subsequent processing and obtaining fuel, which is so necessary for us to heat our apartments, as well as movement on public transport and private cars.

Such enterprises bring enormous benefits to the environment. First, the degree of pollution of the atmosphere and the soil is reduced by burning or dumping dirt in the ground. The second reason for the benefits of recycling is the saving of oil, which is located in the depths of our land. The fact is that after proper and proper processing of plastic bags, disposable plastic cups, etc., it is possible to get clean gasoline. After all, plastics and polyethylene are made by treating oil with particular reagents. If it is possible to make packages out of fuel, then with modern knowledge of chemistry it is possible to perform the reverse process.

This kind of enterprise can be located in the center of cities because they do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere that are harmful to plants, animals, and humans. Another significant advantage is the receipt of several benefits from government agencies, such as exemption from various kinds of taxes and full support from the government of the enterprise.

Other alternative energy sources

Another way to extract energy is to use power from space, to obtain power from geothermal sources, and to use the energy of water in rivers, seas, and oceans.

The enterprises of this kind of activity are all quite familiar; they were told to us all at high school. It is a great way to get energy without resorting to any action. Energy is produced by itself, under the influence of natural phenomena.

Many enterprises install solar batteries on the roofs of buildings that accumulate solar energy. It rather intensively saves a part of money deducted to pay for electric power of the production facilities of organizations. It is very regrettable that not all companies can afford to buy this equipment. Just imagine how the ecological situation in the world has changed if even half of the world's population had solar panels, how much depletion of natural resources and environmental pollution would have reduced.

Having built a hydroelectric power station, you can provide several dozen settlements. Therefore, profits will be high. Also, the risks to burn out are minimal, because the river cannot stop flowing in its direction unless it dries.

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