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Attendance management tracking

Productivity is the powerhouse of any
business organization and to grow in this competitive market, one must keep improving their company’s level of work rate. It is a proven fact that due to absenteeism, many companies in the US have suffered tremendous loss of revenue and productivity.

Hence, without any doubt, attendance management is extremely necessary and important for any kind of business to keep a track of their employee’s turn out rate. Even if a company gives the privilege of ‘work from home’ or ‘last-minute change in schedule’ opportunities, there should be still employee attendance tracking management.

To avoid complications such as loss in expense, decreasing morale and dedication to work, and delay in timeliness of work, one must work on their employee attendance tracking system. We are going to get into the details of the complications in the next section to warn you about the possibilities. So, if you are running a start-up, you must read till the end of this article.

Problems caused due to Absenteeism of Employees

As discussed earlier, productivity takes a big blow if there is an excess absent rate of the employees working at the business company. But, it is not just the productivity that diminishes, there are other major issues too caused due to employee absenteeism. Mostly, the reasons behind workers not turning up without any notice are due to sickness, any uncalled event such as the death of a family member or friend, or job dissatisfaction.
Here are some of the major problems caused.
  • Diminishing morale and will to work: Employees who would fill in the place of the absentee will be burdened with overloading work which will put him into stress and make an impact on his will to work and dedication.
  • Loss in expense: There can be millions of losses due to employee absenteeism as business clients will not be bothered about your employee not turning up and will cancel orders if not delivered on time.
  • Lack of performance: In other words, productivity will be hampered lowering the performance rate of the business organization.

Solutions to Track Employee Attendance and lower the rate of Employee Absences

We have discussed the problems, but now it is time to find out some solutions. As the saying goes ‘Every lock has a key’, there are some solutions that are very effective to track employee attendance and lower the rate of absenteeism of employees. As we always look up to technology for assistance, in this case as well, there are certain tools or employee attendance software that helps you to keep a track of your worker’s turn up rates. The modern technological upgrades have bestowed upon us with the privilege of such software that will easily do the work of tracking employee attendance to save your business from suffering loss of productivity, expense and so on. Here are some ways how you can track the attendance of employees and reduce the issues caused by employee absences.

Select the right tool or software for Employee Attendance Tracking

Since technological software is abundant, it is important for you to select the right software that is accurate for your required function. There are numerous tools that companies use to manage employee attendance such as the clock in and clock out card method, software used to keep a track of the employee’s computer activities, and so on. To track employee attendance and timings, there is employee time clock software which offers various functions as given below.
  • It keeps a track of the hours an employee spends in a specific place or some activity. Some workers are paid on an hourly basis so it is helpful for the employers to keep a track of the timing of the employee.
  • Employers can easily track employee attendance report to detect the number of absentees. You can monitor the process of employee attendance management with this software by detecting the amount of un-informed absences and implement certain measure to put an end to it.
  • It can assemble employee data into one single database for the employers to keep a track of the work report without any hassle. It is a tedious process to go through all the data of an employee so this software accumulates every data in one place for easy management.
  • It helps the business managers to make sure the employees are getting paid fairly for the work they do.

Conduct wellness programs to reduce the rate of Employee Absence

It has been reported by the Human Resource Management of various organizations that the rate of employee absence is increasing more because of illness issues. Thus, it is advised to conduct wellness programs often to do a regular check-up of the employees working there. Wellness programs make the workplace a healthy place to work and provides a salubrious environment for the employees.

Get rid of office stress

It has been noticed for a long time that workplaces cause the biggest amount of stress for an employee. Stress can lead to an increase in absenteeism of employees as they are bound to feel demotivated. To get rid of stressful situations, it is important for the business organization to create an environment which is comfortable for the employees to work and communicate with their respective managers.

Come up with a decently paid-time-off scheme

Paid time-offs are a great way to make employees happy and satisfied with their work. It increases productivity with a boost in their dedication to work for the business organization. Track down the most common days that employees tend to take time-offs such as Christmas, Independence Day and so on. Keep the paid-time-off scheme according to those dates for a smooth and efficient workflow.

How will your Business Benefit from Tracking Employee Attendance

Now that we have talked about the problems as well as the solutions, let us discuss the benefits of implementing the solutions in the right way to track employee attendance.
  • Employees will think twice before not turning up to the office due to the installation of tracking software. The number of frequent absenteeism of employees will decrease because the software will detect every little detail of absence and time-offs.
  • Improved productivity will help your business to grow and will not incur unnecessary expenses. The employee performance rate will be higher with workers working according to their shifts.
  • Eliminate job dissatisfaction of the employees by creating a positive and comfortable workspace with challenging tasks to motivate the workers.
  • Managers can schedule employees for specific task projects more efficiently with proper employee attendance management.
To summarize everything, it is important to take into account the whole system of tracking employee attendance to reduce cost and increase work efficiency. Not everyone has the same capability and we know how one rotten apple can affect the whole bunch. So, it is necessary for the business managers to detect and prevent anything or anyone that is affecting the work productivity.

The attendance management system helps the managers to avoid any sort of negativity in the business due to absenteeism of employees. They can now easily keep a track on their employees’ work rate, unscheduled absences to maintain a report for a successful business run.

Author Bio:- Ritu Kasana, currently working as a Media Coordinator with With more than three years of experience in SEO content and the latest optimization practices, I like to write on trending software and technology. I am a tech lover and always look for the latest industry trends to keep the readers updated.
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Circle Cut

With the increasing popularity of DIY projects, it has become essential to find a metal fabricator who is willing to work based on your requirements. When you work with a professional metal fabricator it becomes very easy to customize various metal parts. For instance, if you wish to customize a custom circle metal - it should be easy to provide the metal fabricator your dimensions and have him cut the custom circle metal part to the size required in the quantity you need.

When you work with experienced metal fabricators like, they enable you to customize a metal part based on you project requirements. Working with them is extremely simple as all you need to know is provide measurements online on their website. Choosing the right type of metal is the first step of any metal fabrication process. Based on your project, you should choose the right type of metal that would be appropriate for your purpose.

What makes your DIY project fun is that you can choose from 14 different shapes and specify the dimensions you need for your project. Newly added functionality will empower you even more to get exactly what you want. After you have configured your basic shape you now can add holes and other cutouts to your pre-selected metal shape and have it ready for the next step of your project. This newly functionality adds even more to the customization of your metal part.

The major problem faced during DIY projects

One of the most unavoidable problems that DIY enthusiasts face while working on a DIY project is that you might not be able to find the right size and shape of the metal part. However, when you work with a metal fabricator they will help you to customize a metal part as per your requirements. The main benefit of working with an online fabricator is that you don’t have to roam in the market from one fabricator to another in order to get your metal part configured in the quantity you need.

Everything can be done under one roof which ultimately helps in saving time and money. You will be able to configure a metal product with exact shape and size of the material with the help of online fabrication.

What shapes can you configure online?

You have a choice of 14 basic shapes to start off with. Be it metal rectangle for a stainless steel backsplash, or a metal angle as a corner guard you can customize it online based on your requirements.

Circular metal shapes cut out of sheet metal are very popular in DIY projects. All you need to do is provide the appropriate diameter or radius measurements to the fabricator. Generally, metal circles made of stainless steel or aluminum are highly used in various DIY projects due to their appearance and durability.

U channel metal is another highly used metal shape. It has its name because it looks exactly like the alphabet U. You can customize your own U shape channel by providing the measurements of side A, B, and C as well as the length the U channel should have to your fabricator. These U-channels are used various scenarios and applications. What is yours? You can also create a custom J shaped channel which can be installed and used as a hanger or to cover an uneven edge.

Planning to modernize your kitchen? How about adding a stainless steel backsplash? A lot of people use it in their kitchen for the purpose of protecting their walls against stains. The stainless steel backsplash ensures that any stains that might occur during cooking does not get straight to the wall. The backsplash can be easily cleaned with the help of a wet cloth due to the amazing properties of stainless steel.

It all starts with the large sheet metal first cut and then possibly bend and welded to the required shape. At MetalsCut4U you can choose from aluminum sheet, stainless sheet, and carbon sheet metal plates. You can choose the finish of your sheet metal depending upon the type of project you are working on. You can get your own custom cut steel triangle, custom cut steel square, rectangle square, and many more shapes and customize them online.
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In the digital era we live in, it is virtually impossible to start any business without a quality website. Most novices in the small business world don’t devote that much attention to creating a website which is a mistake since good marketing is an essential ingredient to success.

Web hosting
Image by Gerd Altmann

Websites’ purpose is for the customers to get acquainted with the products or the services and entrepreneurs should see it as a digital home to their business. Just as each home is built on strong foundations, a website is created on the foundations of a good web hosting provider. Upon first glance, all providers offer similar services, so it is sometimes difficult to make a decision just based on looking at the packages and the corresponding prices. With that in mind, here are a few pointers to take into account when deciding on a web hosting provider.

Be guided by your business niche

The type of small business you opted for, together with the products or services you offer will play an essential part in many aspects of your business operations, starting from your business plan to your website. The choice between, for instance, a blogging site or an e-commerce one will greatly influence the complexity of the site and naturally, the budget you will be allocating for it.

If you are aiming for a small business website with more text than images, which won’t have any additional widgets, chances are that you will not be needing complex web design.

Having a clear image of what you wish helps you to be more rational with your expenditure. It also aids you to avoid opting for an expensive web hosting services that you don’t even need just because of the seemingly lavish package.

Mind the website’s speed

Imagine browsing for information on some product and then narrowing down the search to a few options: if you open a couple of websites in different tabs, how patient will you be if one of them loads slowly? Most probably you will not have any patience at all since you know that there is plenty of other fish in the sea and you would soon just close that tab and forget about that website.

To avoid this routine happening with your website, you need your website’s speed to be up to par or otherwise your bounce rate will be through the roof, while your conversion rate will plummet. Waiting just a few extra seconds can turn away visitors and they will not even stay as long as to look at your offer. If people cannot see the products and ideas you worked hard on, they won’t be able to purchase them.
Internet speedometer
Image by Gerd Altmann

Assess the traffic capacity

Although each small business’ wish is to attract more customers and grow, you need to be ready to sustain that growth. If you have, for example, organized a contest with the aim of giving gifts to a number of people who click or register first, you need to have the promised number of products and more at the ready, as well as a website which can endure many visitors at the same time.

Your web hosting provider needs to be capable to sustain high traffic and to make sure that the website’s speed isn’t compromised because of the already mentioned reasons. Since you are just starting your business, it would be a big stain to your reputation if you organized a contest and the website just crashed.

Think about technical support and data backup

Even though it may seem like a secondary element, technical support is crucial for your website’s quality. If a problem arises, your web hosting provider needs to put an expert to deal with the problem so it can be resolved efficiently and quickly. Many cheaper providers are slow to react while you need 24/7 support to make sure all is optimal.

As for backing up your data, just as your smartphone needs it, your website needs it as well. You need to be protected from data loss because it can be detrimental to your business. Therefore, a mandatory task for you is to check whether this service is a part of your package, or you need to pay extra for it and of course, get this information in advance so you can include it into the decision-making process.

Image by ar130405

Prioritize website’s security

The only manner to run a reputable small business and for it to develop, is to make sure that your website is safe. This is why you need to double-check what your web hosting provider can offer regarding security since both your and the customer’s data need to be kept safe.

Any website flaws, as well as any crash, can provide a hacker with an opportunity to come into possession of your customers’ personal data which is something neither your budget nor your reputation can sustain. Since losing your customers’ trust and not being privy to your own business secrets would be a great blow to any small business, consult with providers extensively until you choose one.

Consider shared hosting and web design

There are different types of hosting, such as Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting but for a new small business, perhaps the most economical option would be Shared hosting. This is a neat solution if you are not that experienced with running a website but sharing a server also might leave you more vulnerable to malware attacks.

If you are also in need of website design, you might consider a web hosting provider which offers that service as a part of a package. For a beginner business which doesn’t need a complex structure, this could be a more affordable solution than hiring a web design agency and then in time as your business grows, you can see whether you need to invest more in the design.


Based on the provided pointers, it is not difficult to see the importance of choosing a good web hosting provider. This decision affects your business directly and you need someone reliable to take care of everything 24/7 at affordable rates.

This is why it is crucial not to go straight for the most expensive option just because it seems to cover a lot of ground but instead, work on getting a better understanding of your website’s and business’ needs. In this manner, you will find a package that fits your business and which doesn’t put any unnecessary strain on your budget.

Bily Bum is an electrical engineer, tech, and gaming fan with 15 years of experience in the technology world. He is also a contributor on site Technivorz.
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With the constant development of the IT business universally, Networking graduates have various roads to pick up work and profession development. An applicant with reputed networking certification and strong technical skill is favored by employers for the high esteem proficient abilities they bring to the organization. Since there are numerous certifications to look over, it can be hard to pick one. Likewise, every certification requires a significant time investment. Thusly, it is critical to pick the one most suitable for your needs, so here are the top 4 networking certification that will help you in your career development.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialization

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialization is offered by the leading cloud services provider Amazon. AWS programs are simplified under 4 levels i.e. foundation level, associate level, professional level, and specialty level certification.

The Advanced Network certification is part of the specialty level. This credential is best for experienced networking experts. It is designed to validate the skills of the candidate to install and design a cloud solution by AWS. It additionally tests their proficiency and capability in executing AWS services utilizing best practices.

Prerequisites: Candidates are required to have an advanced understanding of the AWS system, it was also recommended to have at least five years of working experience. It was also required by the candidate to hold any of the following certifications for making themselves eligible for the exam. Associate level AWS certification in Solution Architect, Developer or SysOps Administration.
.Areas of Learning: This exam is designed to test the following areas of knowledge:
  • Core networking services
  • AWS solutions
  • Network optimization
  • Security protocols
  • Network troubleshooting
Format and Duration of Exam: The exam is based on the written test and the time allowed to complete the test is 170 minutes.
The Validity of Certification: This certification is valid for two years. For renewing the certification candidates are required to give suggested recertification exam.

Regardless of whether you are an accomplished AWS client or an apprentice, this certification is certain to take you puts. For veterans, it helps clear center ideas. For apprentices, it is a strong establishment to assemble their abilities and learning base. So if cloud networking is your space, this is a phenomenal choice for you to consider.

CompTIA Network+

You can’t find that many foundation level networking certifications around, most likely because CompTIA's Network+ certification pretty much owns this specialty. And we accept the Network+ to be a significant early checkbox component in a tech savvy professional's basic certification resume.

In case you're just starting, Network+ is a certification for you. This cert is a steppingstone to an assortment of further more advanced networking certs. Some other certification courses even incorporate it as a prerequisite.

Prerequisites: There is no prerequisite for this exam, but it was recommended to have 9 to 12 months of experience in CompTIA A+.
Areas of Learning: This exam is designed to ensure the candidate has the following knowledge:
  • Manage, maintain and configure important networking devices
  • Implement and design functional networks
  • Use devices such as switches and routers to plan and create segment network traffic and resilient networks
  • Implement standards, protocols, and security
  • Network problem troubleshooting
  • Identify the drawbacks and benefits of present network configurations
  • Supporting the formation of virtualized networks
Format and Duration of Exam: This exam is consisting of 90 questions and the time allowed to complete the exam is 90 minutes.
The Validity of Certification: This certification is usually valid for three years after completion.

SolarWinds Certified Professional

This certification enables the IT professionals and businesses to find the solutions, products, and tools for monitoring and improving performance and to resolve real-world glitches efficiently and easily. Currently, SolarWinds is only offering SCP (SolarWinds certified professional) credentials. It is designed to provide the candidate's knowledge, expertise, and skills in using either network management product portfolio or SolarWinds system management. There are two options available for candidates for this exam i.e. SAM (Server and Application Monitor) and NPM (Network Performance Monitor). In both cases, a single exam is required to pass for earning the credential.

SolarWinds is focused on continuous training and guaranteeing that SCP certification holders keep up skill currency as new items and advancements are released. To achieve this, SolarWinds requires SCP certification holders to keep up a SolarWinds subscription and attend training and event. The subscription offers SCPs with online training, webcasts, enhanced support, opportunities to learn with SolarWinds professionals, online events, and more.

Prerequisites: No prerequisite listed for this certification.
Areas of Learning: This certification offers the following areas of learning:
  • Network management
  • Security
  • System management
  • The cloud and IT help desk
  • Database management
Format and Duration of Exam: This exam is based on 75 questions and the time allowed to complete the exam is 90 minutes.
The Validity of Certification: This certification program is valid for three years, with one retake exam.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching

As businesses move toward controller based designs, the job and abilities expected of a center system specialist are advancing and more imperative than any time in recent memory. To get ready for this system progress, the CCNA Routing and Switching credential won't just set you up with the information of foundational technologies, however, guarantee you remain pertinent with ranges of abilities required for the appropriation of cutting edge technologies.

Prerequisites: There is no prerequisite for attempting the exam, but it was recommended to have an experience on implementing local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) along with the understanding of network fundamental.
Areas of Learning: This certification offers the following areas of learning:
  • Implementing network security
  • Routing and switching fundamentals
  • Configuring and operating IOS devices
  • IP addressing
  • Extending switches networks with VLANs
  • Establishing point to point connections
  • Managing IP traffic with access-list 
Format and Duration of Exam: There are two options available for earning this certification:
  1. Option one: In this option, candidates are required to pass CCNA composite exam.
  2. Option two: Candidates are suggested to take ICND1 training and ICND2 training for giving the exam. ICND1 test is based on 45-55 questions while the ICND2 test is based on 55-65 questions, the time allowed for each test is 90 minutes.
The Validity of Certification: The validity of this certification is three years.
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People may want to explore what are the essentials in a contemporary home so that it looks no less than a modern chic design. Let us explain this to you, contemporary homes nowadays are more houseowner’ taste and interests oriented other than anything. But still there are some materialistic elements those are essential currently for any home and we are deliberating them down.

Modern Homes Play With Colors – There Are No More Dull And Bored Colors

Among contemporary elements color is the chief one. So modern homes keep this in their most concern. Home makers are no more considerate while using colors in their homes, dull, drab and boring colors can no more fascinatethe houseowner anymore. They play with colors, mid-century gaudy and bright colors. Sofas, custom mirrors and extensive statement wallpapers are those key elements that can go with bright and shiny colors anywhere. Colorful glass table tops, colorful walls, bright rugs and powered wall paints are those illustrations that homeowners use for their color quench.

Have An Extensive Use Of Glass And Its Counter Parts

One of the main elements of contemporary home designs nowadays is glass and its counterparts. Glass have been there in human civilization and home building revolution for more than two decades. And now modern home makers and designers die to use it. Because expensive and contemporary designs and shapes of glass are appealing more and more customers towards them. Even a plastic glass type called acrylics can also be seen at online glass and mirror shop. Because glass is of the catchy and fascinating material that can be used at any space or in every corner of house.

Modern Homes Mix The Retro Looks With Metals

Metallic use in contemporary houses is no more a secret to anyone. Either it is in form of glass frame, table base, compartment wall, shower door, sofa sets or any other thing. Metals define the space. A large window in any home made up of aluminum can spruce up the space. A metallic finished glass stable top can make your home look 100 times better than before. A kitchen metallic counter tops can serves its utmost purpose. So modern homes mix the contemporary and retro styles with each other so that homes can have a very enchanted inner façade.

Make Best Use Of Large Wall Mirrors

One of another essential element for contemporary home décor is use of large wall mirrors. Mirrors are always one of the main ingredient of any home currently but especially large wall mirrors are forte of most contemporary homes. Large wall mirrors are those magical elements that can add brightness luminous, openness and luster. Even these elements can be put in any cozy and convenient place.

Use Appealing Textures Everywhere In Home

People use alluring and appealing textures inside their contemporary homes. Patterned and powdered wall paints with statement wallpapers are those great speakers of home designing currently. Even homemakers and designers use coarse and designed surfaces to make curtains, sofas, rug, bed sheets, sleeping mats and many other things. Even floors are made textured with zig zag and check designs in tiling. Home from outside is again textured by bricks like back in early 90’s.

Sleek And Gorgeous Floor

Shiny and sleek floors are part of modern homes. People tend to buy such flooring tiles those shine bright and appeal the most. You can feel better at minimal finishing lines at floors with some fine art work inside, yet a great use of sleekness. Though natural and organic materials are more visible in modern homes but when it comes to the floor, then most current chic and fashion is opted for home floor. Like one of the sort of tiles currently at the top of home remodeling market is glass backsplash lights, sleek, transparent, shiny and easy to clean.

Unique And Out Of Sight- Night Light Sources

To play with light is favorite hobby of millennial home makers and they are master at it. Unique, task lights at some hidden outskirts can make any place aesthetic and dreamy. Therefore, these projects are part of any contemporary and modern home designing. Lights add up the décor elements in any space especially when combined with an extensive and exquisite use of mirrors.

Have Natural And Organic Lights

Modern and contemporary homes are yet very fashion oriented and sleek but never forget to add some organic elements inside. Indoor plants, large windows for natural lights and eco-friendly glass work are some chief and key elements in any contemporary home.

Have Integrated Technology

Other than all the above discussion let’s not forget the advancement of technology inside the home. Because no matter which color, which material and which texture is being used inside the home, everything is preferred with an integrated technology.
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Google 2 step verification

Two-step or two-factor verification, whichever way you choose to call it helps with Improved security whether, for personal or professional use, it decreases the chances of someone gaining access to your account without your approval.

Google's two-step verification is free to make use of. Once you've entered your username/email and password, before any access can be gained into the account, a code will be sent to your phone as either a text, voice and so on, for you to input as well.

This code is created specifically for your account and can only be used once.

According to Techytab, It is very important to secure your Google Account as hackers are trying to get in by the minute.

Here’s how to enable Google 2-Step Verification with ease.

How To Enable Google 2-Step Verification With Ease

1. Open your Google Chrome Browser and type in “google account”.

2. Click on “Sign in – Google Accounts”. It usually appears as the first search result. You can alternatively go to the myaccounts page.

3. Input your email address.

4. Input your password and sign in.

Google security

5. The homepage of your Google account will appear. On the left-hand side, you will see “Security”. It is usually the fourth option. Click on it.

6. Scroll down till you get to "Signing in to Goggle". Underneath it, they are two options. Click on the second option "2-Step Verification".

7. At the right corner of the page, you will see "GET STARTED". Click on it.

Google login

8. You will be requested to verify your password. You will re-enter the password for your account and click on “Next”.
Gmail password confirmation

9. Choose your country. Then input your phone number. Choose how you want to receive the codes. There are two options –
  • Text message
  • Phone call
Choose any and then click on “NEXT’.

10. Now there might be the issue of Google telling you your number is invalid. Sadly, the same happened to me. All you need do is to click on "Choose another option".

11. Two options will appear –
  • Security Key
  • Google Prompt
Click on “Google Prompt”.

12. Your mobile device will be automatically discovered if you’ve logged into your Google account on the device before. If you can’t find your device then click on “Don’t see device?” Now click on “TRY IT NOW”

Google will send a prompt to you.

13. The prompt will appear on your device. Tap on “YES”. You will be notified when your Sign-in has been approved.

14. Now it is time to choose a backup option. If Google is still saying phone number is invalid then click on "USE ANOTHER BACKUP OPTION". Now click on "SEND".

15. Several backup codes will appear. These are one-time passcodes that you will use to sign in and they can only be used once. Click on download to save it on your device or print it out instead. Now click on “NEXT”.

16. Now it is time to turn on 2-step verification. Click on “TURN ON”

Your 2-step verification has now been activated.

2 step verification activated

If your Google account has already been logged into on your phone, you will be sent a message. In this message are several links which are shortcuts you can make use of. If you want to get your backup codes easily you can also make use of the link attached there.

Google 2 step verification turned on


Google 2-Step verification is a sure method that helps keep your Gmail account safe from hackers, personally I have been using the 2-step verification method for a long time now and my experience thus far has been smooth. Thanks for stopping by.
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Let me explain some of these differences before you can decide which one is the right one for you.A Dating Sim—or romance simulation game—is an interactive life simulation game more focused on the romantic aspects of life.

Most of them are Japanese, and their principal goal is to go on dates (choosing between a certain number of characters) to reach the perfect romantic ending.

Although they have some similarities with the Visual Novels subgenre of simulation apps, the Dating Sims apps are more statistically-based kind of games.

But even with that simple goal, there are many different variations of the stories that make each Dating Sim App unique in their own way, from the world the stories develop to the options of eligible characters you may encounter.

Let me explain some of these differences before you can decide which one is the right one for you.


Most of these apps are focused on teenagers and young single adults, so it’s very common that the theme around the main character and his or her future possible love is the last years of High School or the first year of College, where crush, crazy hormones, and teenage love are the usual thing.

It’s easier to categorise the different characters in this specific environment, where you have the cheerleaders, the gym team, the school band or the computer club.

Some apps have a more mature approach, the main character being in their late twenties, trying to find love in their co-workers, the girl in the supermarket, or the guy from the movie store. These stories tend to be more complicated and with adult-like problems, in comparison to the cute innocent love stories that the High School theme have.

There is the fantasy theme, where you can date vampires, werewolves, fairies, and many other magical creatures. Magic themes show the main character is trying to learn to become a wizard or a witch. Medieval themes come with gallard knights and beautiful princesses that need to be rescued. Even futuristic themes, which are located on a spaceship or planets far from planet Earth.

Character Genre

The main character in most of the Dating Sims Apps is male, a young teenager new in town or a mature man in a big city. Surrounded by beautiful female characters, you have the option to give all your dedication and devotion to one or many of them, trying to win their hearts. It’s not always that you can use the same methods to charm different girls, so it will be your job to discover what do they like so you can be the love of their lives.

There is a female version of these apps called “otome”. In these cases, the main character is seduced by a number of handsome men, that will do anything to get your attention. Some of them may not show interest in you at the beginning, but after some conversations and interactions, they will fall for you and even propose.

Finally, there are also apps for “girl loves girl” and “boy loves boy” interactions, for those who want to try a different view to different kinds of relationships, or may have this kind of interest in their real life.

There are not as many as the other apps but very popular although.

Sexual Content Degree

As any romance and love stories, there can be an element of sexuality in these apps. Most of them are for all ages, the most contact between characters being holding hands, hugging, or sharing a sparkly love kiss. These apps are rated 15+ and are very common, especially with teenage girls.
For the more mature audience, there are also dating sims apps that have more explicit content. These are known as Eroge or H games.

These apps include more endings and choice options: there can be intercourse during the story, or it can be one of the endings with each particular character. The degree on the sexual content may change, from blurry images and censured bars to explicit body parts and sexual positions.

In conclusion, the Dating Sims Apps have a little something for everyone, no matter the age, genre or tastes; in the end, it will be your decision to choose what kind of romance you want to live. Have fun!
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Are you looking for the right speech analytics services to enhance your business calls? Here’s a look at how AI can help.

Do you use call tracking? 

  • You might want to add speech analytics to the process. Speech analytics can record, playback, and analyze calls seamlessly. Here is how it can help:Decode and gather customer related information. 
  • Improve communication and make changes to enhance future interactions. 
  • Streamline information that may be useful to get more leads in the long run.
As many as 43% of a businesses’ leads come from the phone. If you aren’t using call tracking the right way, you are losing out on business. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how we work, from the tech industry to healthcare. Here’s how AI can help:
  1. Companies and agencies can reduce the need for manual labor, as well as hiring costs. 
  2. AI offers deeper insights for speech analytics.

The Top Reasons You Need  Speech Analytics AI In Call Tracking 

Here are all the other reasons you will love AI for speech analytics and call tracking.

  1.   Enhancing The Consumer Experience 

With the correct implementation of a few ground rules and workable strategies, you can turn your business into an entirely automated setup. Since the bulk of your activities will be automated, you can rely on AI to improve upon your current customer service standards in more ways than one. This will minimize your costs and provide a quicker, more personalized experience for customers, as is detailed in the following points.

  1.   Customized Interactions 

AI speech analytics has the ability to process customer information much quicker than regular tools. Therefore, every conversation is listened to with the utmost attention, and the extracted information is processed according to preset individual preferences.

AI customizes this information because it has access to previously recorded caller requests as well. This ensures that the suggestions provided are better suited to a customer’s needs and not just generalized solutions for broad scenarios.

AI is also able to predict a consumer’s potential expectations, so customer service representatives can cater to their needs in time while keeping their set account information in mind.

  1.   Improved Online Security 

Internet security or cyber security is a growing concern for businesses all over the world, specifically those that deal with customer information on a daily basis. This is a particularly sensitive matter because this information consists of personal and payment details.

Speech analytics that have been integrated with AI can identify potential scammers right off the bat. This is because they have access to previously recorded keywords and voice memos based off of calls tracked in the past. This way, the analytics systems can notify the staff if any information is under risk from fraudulent activity.

  1.   Around The Clock Service

Manual customer service staff cannot work around the clock. Even during the workday, an employee can only handle one call at one time. Additionally, it isn’t feasible for firms to hire staff that will be available to work 24/7.

Luckily, with AI integrated speech analytics, companies don’t have to. Not only does AI improve customer service, but it’s also available at all times of the day, throughout the week. Customers can contact chatbots at any time of the day or night and have answers to their queries in no time!

  1.   Faster Response Rates 

As aforementioned, AI is programmed to engage in all conservations in depth. Additionally, they can pull up previous preferences, records, and trends automatically. This allows chatbots to offers solutions and suggestions that are bound to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

The whole process occurs simultaneously, and there is little to no waiting period for these automated responses. It should also be noted that all of these interactions work exactly like standard human conversations. Therefore, the customer feels more at ease.


Using AI in call tracking activities has other advantages as well. For instance, the use of AI in speech analytics can help to train manual customer service agents as well. The interactions and the information gathered by AI tools can provide some insight into the factors that might be contributed to mishandled phone conversations.

Employees can also try and improve their response rates by enhancing their knowledge regarding the collection and analysis of consumer information. This can be done by integrating previously recorded information with  day-to-day calls. It’s time you invested in speech analytics and AI!
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Marketing for cars can be a lot more complicated than advertising other products or services. Unlike food or clothes, for instance, cars are an expensive purchase that happen only once in a few years. Some may even buy just one or two cars in their life. As a result, some car websites end up hardly getting enough traffic. This auto dealerships need to put in more effort into their digital marketing campaigns to entice prospects to follow through with a purchase.

While 95% of car sales happen at car dealerships, prospective customers begin the buyer’s journey online. On the sales funnel, this counts as the interest stage, where customers go through your website and decide whether they’ll visit your showroom. So you’ll need to impress customers with your website through great car photos right from the get-go.

Drive Conversions with Impressive Car Photos

If your website isn’t bringing you the conversions you need, you might want to work on improving your current photos. Here are some tips on how you can step up your car photography game and boost sales:

Show Cars in Action

How to Boost Website Conversions with Great Car Photos photo

Car websites are the best place to show off your car’s performance in various locations and conditions. Showing your cars in action can appeal to users already on the interest stage on the sales funnel. After all, they’re already considering your brand as a solution to their problem.

Having photos of cars interacting with its surroundings is one way to produce eye-catching visuals. Upload photos of your cars in an urban setting to appeal to customers looking for a car to drive to work, for instance. On a similar vein, use photos of your cars being driven on rugged terrains to attract buyers fond of exciting off-road adventures. You may even want to demonstrate the ability of your high-clearance vehicle to ford through the rain with shots of your four-wheelers conquering flooded roadways.

The goal is to encourage visitors to understand the benefits of purchasing your car and how it can help them address their needs.

Showcase Every Angle

How to Boost Website Conversions with Great Car Photos photo

Another reason people visit car websites is to get a clearer picture of the make and model they’re interested in. Present photos of your vehicles from multiple angles so customers can better visualize if they’ll buy it. After all, seeing what the vehicle looks like can help them make the right decision.

There are five main angles that you should have for the cars in your inventory: front 3/4, rear 3/4, full front, rear, and side. These angles can give customers a better idea of what the car looks like from different angles. If you want to show even more details of your cars, include close-up shots of each vehicle’s unique features. If your car has a sunroof or an iconic grill, for example, showcase them through incredible photos.

Post Appealing Interior Shots

How to Boost Website Conversions with Great Car Photos photo

After a potential customer views the exteriors of a car, they’d naturally want to see what the interiors look like. So it helps to post photos of what the interior looks like as well as other accessories including the dashboard, steering wheel, media console, gear stick, and the like. It pays to give customers a glimpse of your vehicle’s interior because some people pay attention to detail, such as the car seat upholstery, for instance. On a similar vein, you’d want to emphasize your car’s cabin space, especially if it’s spacious.

Include Car Models 

How to Boost Website Conversions with Great Car Photos photo

Adding a human element to your website is crucial if you want to hook your target audience’s emotions. You can do this by uploading photos of models posing with your cars. Photos of families smiling with your vehicle could help customers see you as a dealership that offers child-friendly vehicles at a price they can afford, for instance. You might want to take that further and include photos of children having fun with their pets and you’ve got a family-centric website for prospective car buyers.

Satisfied customers might also want to pose with the cars they brought from you. With their permission, you can use these shots on your website. In turn, it can help your brand look more genuine in the eyes of your target audience.

Show Don’t Tell: The Secret to Higher Sales

Creating a website that translates into higher online sales lies in following the show-don’t-tell technique. In this day and age, striking visuals are what appeal to online browsers, and great images can help keep people on your website for longer. A good site shows potential customers how owning one of your cars would make their life so much better.
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The term SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. You must be already familiarized with the benefits SEO brings to your gate. It is the system through which you can get more traffic to your website, both in quality and quantity.

It is the most consequential practice to help your site spring up, simultaneously providing matchless benefits in digital marketing and business. An SEO agency is a systemized professional company that provides fundamental SEO services to its clients.

SEO Agency

If you are still accustomed to any confusion in your mind regarding how possibly your business can take benefit from SEO, you must continue reading this blog as we will try our best in eradicating every possible skepticism regarding SEO agency away.

Furthermore, we will fill you up with information to realize whether the SEO agency you went for is the right choice. For this purpose, we will introduce 7 features of impeccable SEO agencies to you and will leave at your hand to decide if the choice you made in selecting an SEO agency was right.
21% of internet users approach more than one site for their queries; an expert SEO agency will make it a definite fact that one such site is yours.

1) An SEO company brings you appraisable results:

An efficient SEO agency holds no retracts in measuring each step your site. If they provide you with analytic detail, their credibility will be known, and simultaneously you will be better accustomed to the ins and outs of SEO utility to the business.

When you are getting in interaction with an SEO campaign, get a complete overhaul of your SEO layout, including the magnitude and origin of your traffic, etc. In the US alone, an estimate of 236.5 million people bring their queries over the search engine.

2) An SEO company assists your business flourish search engine rankings for you:

An SEO company, with phenomenal experience, can get your site a soaring rank apart from other sites on the search engine. They would implement the most advanced sort of tools, eventually, making your website look friendly to the search engines.

Be it careful selection of the right keywords or the ultimate optimization of the site; the SEO agency will take care of all these particulars.

3) Ameliorates the quality of traffic to your website:

Where the SEO agencies will assist your website towards lofty ranks over the search engines, they are also assigned this task to augment the traffic that approaches your website. Your settlement on more courtside keywords to your offered services and products will bring germane traffic to your site. If done suitably, 14.6% of conversion rate will be structured from SEO.

The attraction of relevant traffic towards your website will augment the influence you make in the turnout. The people who approach your website are more interested in the offers you make than anything else. A recent survey indicates that 71.33% of searches are made by clicking the sites on the first page of the search engine alone. This is how an SEO scheme can get you more volumized traffic.

4) Helps in assaying your business and website

Majority of SEO companies will examine your website to get known with keyword density and website code. This is such an exciting way to regard the weaknesses and strengths your site previously held before they advise you with the new game plan.

Hiring an seo agency

The exceptional SEO companies will not only abide by the aforementioned task, but they will also get a detailed outlook of your regarded industry. Getting known with your aimed audiences and business objectives would be their foremost task.

They will consider these two scenarios as a credible way to bring any further alterations that might refine your website's SEO.

5) An SEO company forms the utmost SEO scheme

Once an experienced company has finished analyzing your site and the targeted industry in a detailed manner, the task of developing forthcoming SEO plans will initiate. The kind of business you are running will influence the setup and objective of your SEO systemization.

The right search engine marketing company will instrument what they gathered from your website audit and market evaluation. If you own a search engine marketing company, the chances of your flourishment are too obvious if you have this crucial sense of evaluating.

This is how it will tailor the impeccable website plan for you. This plan will consist of all the measures and tactics that are needed to put in function to make your website reach a towering rank on the search engines.
It is also to remember that a remarkable SEO agency will not shirk away from explaining to you all the evaluated data in clear language.

6) An SEO company generates the acclaimed SEO tools

A diverse range of tools and techniques are utilized to arrange a customized SEO scheme. Before the procedure of execution, your SEO company will spell out the tools, systems, dashboards, and schemes to put into practice. They will aid in supervising your SEO maneuver effectively.

Having all these techniques proceeded before you start making alterations to your website, will prove that your business is envisioned with the rhythm of your campaign. Only an acclaimed and experienced SEO agency can apprise you the appropriate tools to run your SEO campaigns in the utmost productive manner.

7) Enactment of optimization is enabled

Once the task of creating SEO tools and platforms is finished, the SEO company then proceeds the execution of your optimization scheme. The SEO service initiates with on-page optimization. It contains getting rid of unwanted code from your site simultaneously it makes your site credible to work smoothly on the mobile phone.

Moreover, it works in assembling a docket of targeted keywords to put in use with the creation of content.
The SEO agency also masters in cultivating off-page SEO approach. Generally, it is difficult to have a direct based impact over off-page aspects, but with your SEO agency's assistance, you can get known to a few tactics to ameliorate your website's off-page strategy.

Wrapping Up:

These are the terms a sophisticated SEO agency will ensure you. If your SEO agency bestows you the services mentioned above, then there is no denying that it is the best. When hiring an SEO agency, you must know if they are not amateur and deserve the position with you. Spending lots of money on something that won't get your requirements pleased is nothing but a mistake.

The utmost task of any SEO agency would be to get your site valuable traffic, which can only be accomplished with the correct strategies and tools. After finishing this article, you must be acquainted with the knowledge of what a remarkable and experienced agency has to offer.

Now wonder whether the SEO agency you went for was the correct choice or not! If it was, then you must be good with luck. Also, if it wasn't, then you still have the right to go for another better choice.

Author Bio:

Evie harrison is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs. Find her on Twitter:@iamevieharrison.