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The First Bank Transfer Code is no stranger to everyone, it has become a part of our daily necessities. As long as you do transactions with the Bank, knowing the First Bank Transfer Code (First Bank USSD *894*) is very important as it provides you with the quickest way to send money, airtime Recharge, and pay bills anywhere, anytime without internet.

First Bank Transfer Code *894#

The first bank transfer code was specifically designed for all esteemed customers of the First Bank Nigeria in order for them to easily transfer funds from one account to the other without stress, irrespective of location and time.

The shortcodes which are called “First Bank USSD *894#” give you an instant access to transfer/send money from your first bank account to any other banks without the need for using the internet. This one is much easier than that of first bank online transfer.

Do you know why?

It's because the first bank online transfer requires internet before Cary out any transaction, unlike the first bank transfer code.

In this article, I will show you a quick methods to do more with first bank transfer code to easily transfer funds, buy airtime, check account balance, and pay bills even when you don't have internet connection, hence you will no longer ask: How to transfer money from the First bank to another bank?, What is the Code to Transfer Money from First Bank to First bank & Other Banks? What is First Bank Transfer Code? How can I Buy Airtime from my First Bank Account? etc.

First Bank Transfer Code

Here's how to transfer money from the first bank to other banks.

Notice!: “Once you have the FirstBank account with a linked debit card, a phone number profiled for SMS alert and a mobile phone, you are just a step away from enjoying the unbeatable 894 experience.”

To get started, simply dial *894*0# to access all the Quick Banking services in a menu-based layout without having to dial the codes.

The first bank transfer code(s) below offer instant access to each service stated in bolds.

When you dialed the USSD *894#, there are two options displayed for you to choose from. These options include:
  • Quick Banking: Follow prompts to access the listed services for FirstBank account holders ONLY.
  • Firstmonie: For electronic wallet- based transactions. This product is available to both account holders and non-account holders.

How To Activate First Bank Transfer Code

To enroll your phone number for First Bank USSD Banking services, simply dial *894*0#, all list of masked Debit Card numbers linked to your account is displayed, select your preferred debit card, enter the 4digit PIN for the selected Debit Card and then create a new PIN 5 digit pin, finally your number has been activated for the First Bank quick USSD banking services.

How To Transfer Money From First Bank To Another Bank

To transfer/send money from FirstBank to FirstBank account and other banks in Nigeria using the first bank code, simply dial *894*Amount*Account Number#, select beneficiary bank, confirm the amount, beneficiary name and enter five-digit PIN, and select account to debit.

How To Buy Airtime/Recharge Card From First Bank Account

NOTE: The First Bank Airtime Recharge Code comes with two options namely, Airtime Recharge for self and Airtime Recharge for others.

Are you seriously looking for How To Buy Airtime from Your First Bank Account? Here's the easiest way;

For airtime recharge from your First Bank account using the First Bank Mobile Transfer Code, simply dial *894*Amount# to recharge for Self; to recharge for Others, dial *894*Amount*Phone Number# and enter a five-digit PIN.

The above shortcodes allow you to transfer up to N100,000.00 per day and recharge airtime up to N10,000.00 per day, this is why First Bank has always been at the forefront of seamless banking transaction in a convenient and secure manner and is committed to ensuring its customers are fully served with the USSD service.

How To Check First Bank Account Balance 

To check the balance of your first bank account, dial *894*00#.

Last but not the least, after all, transactions, you may want to have a statement of your account. Below is how to request for the statement of your account from FBN.

How To Generate Account Mini Statement 

To generate account mini statement, dial *894*Account Number#.

It’s much easier to send money to FirstBank and other banks in Nigeria via First Bank Transfer code, however, if you are unable to use this service due to one problem or the other, you still have more options like using the official mobile banking smartphone application from FirstBank. That's if you need to conduct the transfer online.

That's all you need to know about the First Bank Transfer Code to the bank at your fingertips if you do not want to use the FirstMobile online banking service.
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Human Resource function is very important in business. By human resource, we are referring to the human element of the business.

Human Resource Management

There's no business that doesn't require the presence of human resource management for it to achieve its objectives. In fact, all business, small or large, new or old, need human resource management for it to continue to exist and grow.

Just like the heart supplies your body with blood to enable it to live, the human resource or personnel function supplies the business with people to enable to do business continuously.

The main objective of Human Resource Management, therefore, is to make sure that a business employs the right number and type of employees at the right time.

To be able to achieve this objective, the human resource/personnel manager must perform the following functions:
  • Human resource planning which ensures that the business has the right number and type of employees at the right time;
  • Recruitment which is aimed at seeking and finding potential employees;
  • The selection which deals with choosing the most suitable employee for a specific job or position;
  • Placement which implies placing the employee in the post; 
  • The orientation which means introducing the new employees to the business, its procedures, the work environment and to all the other employees.

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management can be defined as that aspect of mana that deals with the procurement or acquisition, utilization, maintenance and separation of human resource aspect of the business. It involves employing, utilizing, developing, motivating and maintaining the human resource of the business in order to achieve business objectives.

Essentially, the objectives of human resource or personnel management are:
  • To ensure the business has the right number and type of employees needed to achieve its objectives 
  • To ensure proper utilization of human resource 
  • To create the desired working relationships among employees
  • To ensure proper development of employees.

Activities Of Human Resource (Personnel) Management

For people asking “What Does A Human Resource Manager Do,” the following are the human resource management activities of any business or organization:
  1. Manpower Planning: This involves the determination of the type and number of people that are needed for business to expand or continue to exist productively. It's the process of ensuring that business has the right number of people with the right skills at the right time.
  2. Employment: This involves recruitment, selection, and placement of workers. Recruitment means seeking and attracting potential employees while selection means choosing the most suitable person for a specific post.
  3. Training and Development: This involves updating the skills and knowledge of workers for better job performance. Training is the systematic process by which the employees acquire knowledge, skills, aptitudes, and information development. On the other hand, is the p whereby manager acquires the necessary experience, management skills and aptitudes to function successfully as managers.
  4. Salary and Wage Administration: It's the responsibility of the personnel manager to ensure that employees are adequately and equitably remunerated. This involves making sure that what they are paid commensurate with the services they render to the business.
  5. Staff Discipline: This involves making sure that the employees obey the rules and regulations of the business or organization. There are different ways erred employees can be disciplined, namely oral warning, written warning, demotion, loss of privileges, suspension, and dismissal or summary dismissal.
  6. Performance Appraisal: This is a periodic and systematic assessment or evaluation of employees' performances for the management decision making.
  7. Personnel Administration: This personnel division is responsible for thorough record keeping of all relevant human resource data such as age, qualifications, etc and each person's service record in the business organization, including promotions, merits, transfers, etc. This is necessary for management decision making concerning the employees.
  8. Labour Relations: Labour relation are concerned with the creation, maintenance and administration of rules, control process, ideologies, interactions, and relationships in the workplace.
  9. Integration: This involves effecting a reasonable reconciliation between an individual interest and organizational interest. The organizational interest should not suppress the individual interest.
  10. Provision of Good Working Conditions: It's the responsibility of the business to provide essential working conditions that are pleasant and safe for employees to be motivated and productive.
  11. Orientation or Induction: It's a process whereby new employees are first introduced to the business, its procedures, environment and work situation and, secondly, to their coworkers, subordinates, and superiors. It motivates the new employees, makes them happy or excited and puts them at ease.

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Human resource planning

Human Resource Planning is also called manpower or personnel planning. It's defined as a strategy for the acquisition, improvement, and retention of an enterprise's human resource. 

Bulla and Scott in Armstrong 2006 define human resource planning as “the process for ensuring that human resource management of an organization are identified and plans are made for satisfying those recruitments. Simply put,  Human Resource Planning is concerned with identifying the business demand for human resource and devising means to ensure that a sufficient supply of labour is available to meet that demand.”

Essentially, Human Resource seems to address two basic questions: first, how many people, and second, what sort of people?

It addresses business human resource needs both in quantitative and qualitative terms. 

The aims of human resource planning are as follows:
  • To attract and retain the number of people required with the appropriate skills, expertise, and competencies 
  • To anticipate the problems of potential surpluses or deficits of people 
  • To develop a well trained and flexible workforce, thus, contributing to the organization's ability to adapt to an uncertain and changing environment 
  • To reduce dependence on external recruitment when their skills are in short supply by formulating retention, as well as employee development strategies 
  • To improve the utilization of people by introducing a more flexible system of work.

The Lazy (Quick) Way To Human Resource Process

Human Resource Process involves the following steps:
  • Human Resource Inventory: Here, you are to take the statistics of the current employees in terms of skills, experiences, qualifications, and other factors.
  • Human Resource Forecast: You are to determine the future human resource requirements also in terms of skills, experiences, qualifications, and other factors.
  • Human Resource Plan: At this stage, you are to compare the over human resource needs to the current inventory of staff to determine net human resource n and develop a human resources plan so as to match the supply of labour with the estimated demand. The decision may be to reduce or increase the staff strength of the business or to train the current employees.
The above steps are what you need If really you want to run your business into a success. 

Just follow the above SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything About Human Resource Management.

If you are confused about anything on this topic, feel free to ask via comment box I will surely reply.
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You’ve heard of essential newborn care course, but you probably don’t know exactly the modern essential care for small babies.

Am I right?

That’s because you probably thought that essential care was just for the professionals.

But hey! 

 It's not what you think.

But you should note that you have to be a health service provider or a midwife (accoucheuse).

The federal ministry of health in collaboration with stakeholders developed the integrated maternal newborn and child health strategies in 2007 which was revised in 2013/2014 and 2015 edition.

The strategy stipulates the developed of a training package for capacity building of Frontline health workers in provision of quality newborn Health services.

The development of the essential newborn care (small babies) course (ENCC) is a major breakthrough in child health associates effort to reduce preventable newborn deaths across the world, most especially, in developing country like Nigeria.

Who is to participate in the Essential Care for Small Babies?

To those whose provide care for small babies (newborn babies), and anyone who is trained to assist women in childbirth or a physician.

Essential care for small babies

Notice, I didn’t say “anyone working in the health sector.”

It's strictly for trained essential care staffs and pros.

Why do I need to study the modern essential care for small babies?

1. To maintain and increase knowledge and skills: It gives you a quick avenue to refresh your knowledge and continue building skills for helping babies breathe.

2. Identify a provider in your facility who will become your partner for review and practice. Ideally this provider should have completed the essential care for small babies course.

3. To help one another identify gaps in knowledge and improve skills.

4. It helps you to identify differences between the recommended actions and the way these actions are performed in your facility.

5. It teaches you how to work with others in your facility through an improvement team to make changes that improve health of mothers and babies.

What are the steps involved in Helping Babies Breathe after birth?

You can easily learn the modern essential care for small babies here as a health service provider or midwife.

Here’re Some Steps Involved In Helping Babies Breathe

Step 1

Weigh The Baby Within 90 Minutes After Birth

Birth weight helps identify babies at higher risk, provides a baseline for monitoring growth and may also be necessary for calculating drug doses.

Babies should be weighed within 90 minutes of birth. However, weighing should be deferred if an infant is cold unless needed for calculating antibiotic doses.

Use scales designed for weighing babies.

Notice, zero the scales before each use to test that they function properly. Clean the scales with dilute bleach solution or other safe cleaning product before each use to prevent infection.

Babies with birth weight under 2500 grams may require special care to prevent low body temperature. Also babies with birth weight under 2000 grams should receive prolonged skin to skin care. These babies may need alternative feeding methods and more frequent assessment to identify problems and Dangers Signs. Babies with birth weight under 1500 grams should be referred for advanced care when possible.

Step 2

Classify A Small Baby By 90 Minutes

You should classify a small by 90 minutes to determine further care. Classification is based on the baby's weight, temperature, and exam.

The small baby with No Danger Signs 
  • Weighs between 1500 and 2500 grams and 
  • Maintains a normal temperature with thermals care and 
  • Breathe well.
The baby with Danger Signs or Very small
  • Weighs less than 1500 grams or 
  • Develop a problem or
  • Has a Danger Sign such as fast breathing, temperature <35.5°C or >37.5°C, severe chest in-drawing, no movement or convulsions.
Note that classification may be delayed up to 4 hours if a small baby has:
  • Fast breathing or chest in drawing that is improving.
  • Temperature <36.5°C that rises within 1 (one) hour of improved thermal care.
  • Poor feeding due to lack of energy or difficulty with coordination to breastfeed.
These basis require careful assessment for other signs of illness.

All small babies require ongoing routine assessment as they are at risk of developing problems.

Step 3

Maintain Thermal Care - Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) 

Kangaroo mother care is a care of preterm infants carried skin to skin with mother.

Components of Kangaroo Mother Care include:
  • Early continuous and prolonged skin to skin contact between the mother and the baby.
  • Exclusive breastfeeding (ideally); it's initiated in the hospital and can be continue at home. It's a gentle, effective method that avoids the agitation routinely experienced in a ward with preterm infants.
Notice! Mother at home require adequate support and follow up.

Benefits of Kangaroo Care for Premature Babies
  1. It is the effective way of maintaining the correct body temperature of the newborn 
  2. It promotes exclusive breastfeeding, leads to a higher rate and longer duration of breastfeeding 
  3. It increases the quantity of EBM for cup feeding or naso/orogastric tube feeding
  4. Babies gain weight faster (grow Faster). This is due to the fact that babies receiving KMC may easily feed on demand and have lower caloric expenditures to maintain body temperature (low metabolic rate).
  5. Decrease number of preterm and LBW babies dying due to the reduction of apneic attacks, irregular breathing, and hypothermia. This is achieved through the action of the mother's heartbeat, respiration, and voice which act as stimulants to the baby's breathing control center in the brain.
  6. It requires fewer equipment 
  7. It improves bonding 
  8. Increases mothers confidence in handling her small newborn.
  9. It reduces cost (it is cheaper than incubator care), both to the hospital facility and to the mother/guardian.
Everyone can provide KMC as long as they understand the method and are motivated to practice it. All those who want to assist the mother can practice KMC, such as grandmothers, sisters, aunts, husbands, and even friends.

Step 4

Counsel The Mother / Care Giver

Counseling is the process of helping an individual or a group of individuals to their own decision by providing appropriate, accurate and unbiased information and emotional support.

Topic to counsel mother on depends on the stage KMC:

When the Mother is Admitted to KMC:
  • Meaning of KMC 
  • Basic needs of small baby 
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of kmc
  • How to practice KMC 
  • Care of the baby
What to do during the Mothers at the KMC 
  • Feeding 
  • Support to the mother
  • Potential problems
  • Discharge Criteria 
  • General personal hygiene 
  • Activities while in the KMC ward
  • Information about family planning
At the Time of Discharge from the KMC

  • Experience in KMC unit and implications of KMC at home
  • Dealing with community and opposition to KMC 
  • Support for the mother for continued KMC at home 
  • General care for the baby at home 
  • Follow up after discharge 
  • Discontinuation of KMC.
Step 5

Prepare Baby and Mother (Positioning  the Baby)

Dress the baby in socks, a nappy, and a cap, place the baby between the mother's breasts. The health worker should help the mother position the baby upright between her breasts, feet below her breasts and hands above.

Step 6

Apply KMC Wrapper

How to make the KMC wrapper (care of the very small baby 1.5kg to less than 2.5kg.

Snugly wrap the baby to your body, place the center of a long cloth or wrapper over the back of the baby on the mother's chest, cross the ends of the cloth behind the mother's back bring them back around, and tie them in the front underneath the baby.

Mother covers her baby with her own clothes and an additional blanket or shawl to cover the baby. The mother needs to appear in culturally acceptable clothing.

Step 7

Maintain Breastfeeding To Provide The Best Nutrition

Breast milk is the best food for small babies. Small babies may not have the skills or strength to feed at the breast initially. Mothers attempting to breastfeed as a small baby require extra support and encouragement since it's one of the modern essential care methods for small babies.

Support the special needs of small baby who is attempting breastfeeding with:

* Nipple stimulation prior to feeding.

* Added attention to positioning and supporting head.

* Early licking and practice at the breast.

* Manual expression of breast milk into baby's mouth.

* Awakening baby when changing to opposite breast.

Evaluating of effectiveness and adequacy of early breastfeeding requires following the baby's weight, wet diapers, and stools. If possible, providers should watch a mother breastfeed and discuss observation.

Step 8

Expressing Breast Milk

A mother will need to and should express breast milk for a baby who can't feed directly from the breast.

Mothers need early support to express milk for babies who are unable to feed on the breast, mothers may also express milk to help the baby latch on to the nipple or relieve breast engorgement.

How To Express Breast Milk
  • Wash hands with soap and water.
  • Sit comfortably.
  • Hold a clean container under the nipple.
  • Place thumb above and first finger below and behind the dark portion of the breast.
  • Support the breast with other fingers.
  • Press the breast gently towards the chest wall. 
  • Compress the breast between the thumb and finger. 
  • Avoid sliding the thumb and finger on the skin of the breast.
  • Gently rotate the position of the thumb and finger around the breast with each compression.
  • Express breast until milk drips, then express the other breast.
Express breast milk at the time when a baby would normally feed. 

Expressed milk should be:

* Stored in a clean, covered container.

* Kept in the coolest place possible for up to 6 hours.

* Discarded after 6 hours unless if refrigerated it can be used up to 24 hours.

After all the above step by step guide of essential care for small babies, a baby born at 1600 grams is now 2 weeks old, the baby received adequate feeds for ten days he now weighs 1850 grams and he is doing well with continuous skin to skin care and is breastfeeding well.

We hope that this modern essential care for small babies would get you to know the pros and cons of how to take care of a very small baby or premature baby without any mistake.

We know you’ve really spent much time reading this article, and we hope this content is really helpful?
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GTBank Mobile App has become the Key Factor to carry your bank along wherever you go. If you are banking with GTBank, here is a one-click option to easily make your transactions, savings, deposits, loans and manage your account(s) from your mobile device. The GTBank Mobile App is a great way to get familiar with all GTBank Mobile Banking services.

The mobile app lets you manage your online banking service and preview your transaction history quickly. Find here a list of all GTBank internet banking services available in the gtbank app with step-by-step instructions to use them.

What You Can Do With The GTBank Mobile Application

Below are some of the operations which could be easily done with GTBank Mobile App on any Android device. These features are to make your online banking with GTBank damn easier and with no stress.

The GTBank app has these great features which allow you to easily do following:
  • View the balances on your bank account
  • Manage your account and review your transaction history.
  • Make transfers from GTBank accounts to other bank accounts.
  • Purchase Airtime and Data bundles for all networks.
  • Pay Bills.
  • Manage your debit/credit card.
  • Request for account statement.
  • Change your email address, phone number and other personal details.
  • Confirm and manage your cheques.
  • Receive In-App messages on new features, quick tips, and promotional offers.
  • Easily verify your transaction securely either by using a self-selected PIN, a hardware token, it is accessible from all GTBank branches. Alternatively, a 737 token is obtained by dialing *737*7# from your registered mobile number.
  • You can easily link your profile to any device with the option to use PIN or Token before completing your transactions.
  • Other profiles will be able to use the mobile app on your device successfully with Token authentication only.
  • Device linking can be done with a security code sent via SMS or generate a code from the hardware soft token by dialing *737*7#. Awesome right?
Now that you have a clear knowledge of this application, the next thing you should do is to download it on your phone, Where to download the online banking made easy app?

Look no further, click on this link for GTBank internet banking app quick download for smartphones.

How To Register For GTBank Internet Banking (Detailed Guide)

The GTBank internet banking registration is very simple, after all the process you would be able to enjoy all the amazing services invested in the GTBank Mobile App.

Gtbank Mobile App for Android

Note: You need to download the official play store version of GT Bank app in order to get the one that suite on your internet-enabled device or computer.

Let's get started with the easiest way to register for gtbank internet banking!

To get started, open the pre-installed google play store App on your Android device, search for ‘GTBank Mobile App’ and click the download/install button.

√ Once the installation process is done, launch the App and input your User ID and password.

√ If you do not have a password you may dial *737*6*5# from your registered mobile phone for your login details. And if you have forgotten your password, please click “Forgot Password?” on the login page to reset your password.

√ At first login, you will be asked to verify your device. If this is your preferred device, please select 'Yes' and choose a transaction method (PIN or Token).

√ If the PIN is selected, you will be required to agree to the Terms of Use and create a PIN which you will be using to complete your transactions instead of a token.

Note that you can always switch between PIN or token at any time by simply going to the Settings Menu of the mobile app.

√ A 5-digit secure code will be sent to your registered mobile phone via SMS to verify your device. If you do not receive this message please generate a code from your hardware token or dial *737*7# from your registered phone number to obtain a one-time verification code. You can also call GTConnect on 08039003900 or 08029002900 for the verification code.

√ Enter this code in the app and your mobile phone will be successfully verified against your account profile. Now you can start using the App. Please note that this is required only when using a device for the first time.

√ If you chose to use the token as your preferred means of verifying your transactions, you will also be sent the 5-digit secure code via SMS to verify your device for the first time.

Enter this code and your mobile phone will be successfully verified against your account profile. You will then be able to start using the GTBank Mobile App with your hardware or 737 Token.

Official message: note that you are not restricted to any device. All you need do at the first login is to select “No! This device is not mine” from the device verification screen. You will then be able to carry on using the GTBank App with either the Hardware or 737 Token as the means of completing your transactions.

Permit me to say: GTBank Mobile App is #1 for the user-friendly app with easy to use and fast internet banking services.

Go here to download GTBank app for mobile phones and PC.

Keep coming for our next post which would featured the topic “GTBank transfer codes, how to transfer from from your GTBank account to other bank account.”

Disclaimer: The content of this article is a mixture of the original contents of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) and my personal experiences.
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BTC to USD Converter is an amazing and extremely easy to use conversion app for people who want to know the value of Bitcoin price in US dollar exchange rate. The BTC to USD Converter for Android create an interface that makes converting your Bitcoin to USD easily with a click of a button on your Android device.

Bitcoin to US dollar converter

This application specially made for the conversion of BTC to USD in order to keep you updated on real-time Bitcoin price to United States Dollar. It also lets you know what to expect when you exchange, buy or sell Bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency values change every minute, this app would help you to easily calculate currency conversions to help your investments by using the most up-to-date exchange rates available in the parallel market.

There are very many Bitcoin converters with very little to choose between them to convert money in Bitcoin (BTC) to and from United States Dollar (USD) using up to date exchange rates.

Here we give you one of the best Android apps to get live exchange rates for BTC to United States Dollar from anywhere in the world.

Best BTC To USD Converter For Android 

Click the link provided below to download bitcoin converter on your Android device.
Like I said earlier, the app allows you to convert Bitcoin values to other currencies, like USD, EUR, BRL, and CNY.

Have it in mind that the conversion data is gathered directly from the top cryptocurrency industry (Blockchain). This makes it one of the best app for Bitcoin trading across the world.

Note: BTC/USD Converter requires an Internet connection at first run since the data needs to be fetched. You can also press the Refresh button anytime at the Action Bar to update all currencies.

How To Convert Bitcoin To USD Using The BTC to USD Converter on Android

It's very easy, all you need to do is to simply input the number of Bitcoins you want to convert in the input box and this app will give you the US Dollar amount according to the current exchange rates.

See the screenshot below:

Bitcoin to US Dollar converter
how to convert Bitcoin to USD

If you wish to convert BTC to other currencies, just click on the drop-down menu and select your preferred option.

This application is very light and in accordance with its function, the exchange function of bitcoin to US Dollars is now on your Android.

Are you still looking for the Best BTC to USD Converter, How To Convert Bitcoin to USD?
I am assuring you that this is one of the best apps that converts bitcoins directly to USD on mobile phone.

I hope this has given you a better idea of how to download BTC to USD converter and convert Bitcoin to USD on your Android device easily.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below If you have anything to say concerning this article. Thanks.
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Role of entrepreneur

You are about to read the 5 major role of entrepreneur and their impacts on society. No doubt, entrepreneurship is the hub in the wheel of developmental process of any country. This is why governments at various levels are contributing towards the promotion of entrepreneurship in their society.

This well-detailed post has been written on the role of entrepreneur in the society and has been compiled to help you understand  the role of entrepreneur easily and fast. Although, there are five (5) basic ways through which the society feel the impact of entrepreneurs. Check it out! 👇

5 Roles of Entrepreneurs in The society


Most business people sponsor at least one candidate for higher education, especially a child in an orphanage. In short, many orphanage homes are backed up by these business people. The scholarship is given to a poor student for him or her to make available better educational opportunities.


Here is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs are so important to society. Let's look at this aspect, a businessman or woman may decide to donate car or a lot of money for charity purposes. From their earnings, they would like to assist the less privileged and also improve their standard of living.


More often than not, the government seeks the advice of successful citizens on some social and economic activities. Business is important for the growth & development of a nation. Thus, a successful business person is an asset to the society. He or she can contribute to the wellbeing of a society in diverse ways that improve the living conditions of the people.


A businessman or woman sets up various educational, medical, business related courses & vocational training institutions to provide the less privileged with benefits that they cannot afford. In some cases, the fees may be less or forgone in the case of a meritorious student. Even hospitals are also run by these charitable institutions. Entrepreneurs help in training and development of manpower needed by the society.


Business owners financially contribute to various welfare programs. Some of which include: helping the physically handicapped, orphans, widows e.t.c

In times of crisis, they help by donating items such as clothes, medicine, roof, cooking utensils and others.

Apart from their contributions to the economic growth and development of the economy, entrepreneurs also help in creating job opportunities for the teeming population of any country.

That's all. I have just explained all you need to know about the role of entrepreneur. Hopefully, you found it valuable and will no longer ask questions like: “what is the role of an entrepreneur”, “what is the role of entrepreneur in business or economy”.
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Business plan examples

A well-written business plan can help maximize potentials and minimize overheads, liabilities, and risks associated with any proposed business venture. It also shows exactly what revenues are expected and when to expect them, what overheads and expenses will need to be paid and exactly when they will be due.

What Is Business plan and How Does It Work? 

A business plan is designed to plan in advance how a proposed business will be started, implemented and managed. In short, it is a working blueprint of the entire operation of the business. It contains all that the feasibility study has in addition to specific deadlines, detailed budgets with monthly and seasonal forecasts, letters of intent, resumes of staff, background, competition, strengths and weaknesses, worksheets and full notations, appendix and all related and required documents that will be referenced as the business is being developed.

Best Studies To Writing a Good Business Plan

In order to write a good business plan, here are some guidelines that can be of help:
  • Keep the plan short, focused and readable;
  • Consult as widely as possible;
  • Solicit help from appropriate sources such as accounts or bankers or management consultants;
  • Point out the obvious benefits of the product or service;
  • Address fully any possible bones of contention;
  • Outline the qualities and skills of the management team;
  • Do not make assumptions on behalf of the readers;
  • Do not be too optimistic in estimating income potential;
  • Avoid use of long words, technical jargons, or over complicated sentences;
  • Highlight critical risks and success factors peculiar to the business;
  • Identify the target market;
  • Keep the plan written in the third person. Use “he”, “they”, or “them”, instead of “I”, “We”, and “Us”.
11 Simple And Well Detailed Steps In Writing A Business Plan (2018)

As a general rule, a business plan should be about 25 to 30 pages, focusing strongly on the management and financial elements of the business. Note that the executive summary should not exceed two pages, normally, written last but appears first in the final plan. Below are the 11 easiest steps involved in writing a business plan:

#1. Set The Context

Here, you are to describe the background of the business, product, or service and a brief history of the organization; who the customers are;  past performance of the organization (if the organization is an existing one); and any key factors that might dictate the success of the business.

#2. Define Business Objectives

Here, you are to develop a list of short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives. Note that measurability and deadlines are very important.

#3. Perform A Market Analysis

You are to persuade or convince the reader or investor that the product or service will secure a substantial market. Your market analysis should include: a description of the overall market and the specific market targeted; detailed information on current and proposed customers; names of leading competitors, market share, and alternative products or services; and of course, market influences, which include economic trends, seasonal fluctuations, legislation and social factors. Your target market is and the changes that may affect the market.

#4. Propose Your Approach to Marketing (The marketing plan)

Here, you are to describe your strategy and it should cover the following:
  1. The image of the organization you wish to convey;
  2. Your product positioning;
  3. The key features of the product that differentiate it from others; 
  4. The four Ps of marketing.
#5. Describe Your Plans for Development and Production (The operations plan)

You are to touch on all aspects of researching, developing, producing, and delivering your product or service. You to describe the research, development, and production processes with the expected cost of raw materials, labor, and plant and equipment. It should also include a contingency plan for possible scenarios that might disrupt your Operations.

#6. Clarify The Current Financial Situation (The Financial plan) 

Here, you are to state exactly what is required of investors and lenders. The financial plan should contain data documenting of past, present, and projected performances, which should include startup costs, profit and loss statements (income statements), cash flow analysis, and balance sheets.

Repayment of the principal plus the interest will be of key interest to investors and lenders, so include break-even projections. It is also important to demonstrate how sound financial control will be exercised over borrowed and incoming funds.

#7. Demonstrate That The Management is Committed And Capable

You are to convince investor and lenders of your strengths and skills. An organization chart that shows the management capabilities, as well as responsibilities, should be presented. If there are weaknesses, you to indicate how you propose to deal with them.

#8. Describe The Ownership Of The Organisation

An investor or lender will need to know the owners of the structure of the organization, whether it a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a limited liability company. You are to show how much investment has been made and by whom.

#9. Discuss Critical Success And Risk Factor

You are to present critical risks and problems. Do not omit actual and potentially negative factors. Also, provide a self-account of critical success factors.

#10. Conclude On A Positive Note

You are to summarise the key features such as strategic directions, strengths and unique benefits, realistic projected sales and returns. Also, include a proposed timetable of events to demonstrate sound planning. In conclusion, write a strong conclusion that leaves the reader with a positive and lasting impression.

#11. Provide An Executive Summary

An executive summary is usually written last but it appears first in the final plan. It should include the unique features of product or service; the short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives of the organization; the benefits that the product or service offer to the target market; the qualities and skills of the people who will make things happen; a financial statement of assets, sales, and profit expectations and how much capital is required; and as a conclusion, a statement of return for the investors.

Format Of A Typical Business Plan 

Find below the format for writing a good business plan (business plan examples):

#Title Page 

#Table of contents 

#Executive summary: Usually written last

#Business Description 
• General background
• Mission
• Key success factors

#Marketing Plan 
• Marketing research and analysis
• Target market
• Market size and potential market share
• Competition
• Marketing strategy

#Management Plan
• Management team - Key personnel
• Ownership/organization structure

#Operation plan

#Financial Plan
• Financial forecasting
• Profit and loss
• Cash flow
• Break-even analysis

#Financial risks and success factors 

Now you know how to easily write a great business plan step by step without sweat and move your business from zero to hero.

Share it with friends on Social Media and have a great time. If you have questions, feel free to drop.
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I’m sure there’s no need to waste time persuading you that SWOT analysis is one of the highest return business activities that are essential for your marketing success, either medium or large scale business.

Business success relies heavily on the SWOT analysis you choose to practice and thus, many people often end up conducting the wrong SWOT analysis technique for their business. If you are reading this post and are looking for easiest way to do a SWOT analysis; no worries! 

At the end of this post, you should be able to:
  • Define SWOT analysis (SWOT analysis definition);
  • Understand  the advantages and disadvantages of SWOT analysis;
  • Know the examples of likely strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats;
  • Understand the steps involved in conducting SWOT analysis.
In this post, I'll show you how to do a swot analysis in the simplest way and get the best of it.

Let’s get started!

What is SWOT Analysis? 

SWOT is an acronym which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Strengths are internal positive attributes or factors that are helpful in achieving business or factors that are harmful to achieving business or organizational objectives or goals.

Weaknesses and Opportunities are also internal negative attributes or factors that are harmful to achieving business or organizational objectives or goals.

Threats are also external positive factors or conditions which could pose challenges to achieving business or organizational objectives or goals. Strengths and weaknesses are within the control of the organization while opportunities and threats are beyond the control of the organization.

How To Do SWOT Analysis

The following are the likely examples of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a typical business organization ( SWOT Analysis Examples).

#1 - Examples of Strengths
  • Your marketing expertise;
  • A new innovative product or service;
  • The strategic location of your business;
  • Customer loyalty;
  • Staff development and training programme;
  • Quality process and procedures;
  • Capital investment and a strong balance sheet;
  • Friendly, cooperative, and supportive staff; 
  • Appropriate levels of involvement through delegation and trust;
  • Effective cost control programme; 
  • Efficient procedures, systems, and well developed social responsibility;
  • Well trained staff;
  • A well-developed business network that ensures that you and your products are well known.
#2 - Examples of Weaknesses
  • Poor quality goods and services;
  • Damaged reputation;
  • Lack of marketing expertise;
  • Bad location;
  • Staff absenteeism;
  • The absence of methods for monitoring success or failure;
  • Lack of awareness of the business vision, mission, objectives, and policies; 
  • Noncompliance with or non-awareness of appropriate legislation; 
  • Poor competitiveness and higher prices;
  • A declining market for the product;
  • Lack of new products or services;
  • Out of date plant and equipment;
  • Weak managerial skills,
  • Poorly trained staff;
  • Inadequate working capital;
  • Insufficient space for expansion to meet demand;
  • Lack of new products to meet the customers' demand.
#3 - Examples of Opportunities 
  • Availability of new technology;
  • New markets; 
  • An aging population;
  • Changes in interest rates:
  • A new programme for training and monitoring quality;
  • Strengths and weaknesses of competitors; 
  • A new international market;
  • Moving into new market segments that offer improved profits;
  • A market vacated by an ineffective competitor;
  • The arrival of a large company in your area that uses goods or services like those you supply;
  • Recent legislation generating an increasing need for your goods or services;
  • Changing consumer tastes that favor items that are, or could be, strongly represented in your product range.
#4 - Examples of Threats
  • A new entrant into the market;
  • Price wars with competitors;
  • A competitor that has a new innovative product or service;
  • Competitors have superior access to channels of distribution;
  • Introduction of taxation on your product or service; 
  • The level of unemployment;
  • Environmental legislation;
  • Political instability;
  • Increase interest rates; 
  • Exchange rate fluctuations;
  • Economic recession;
  • Higher price for raw or finished materials or for services that you buy;
  • Legislation imposing new obligations or restrictions.
Note that what may represent strengths with respect to one organization may be regarded as weaknesses by another organization. Likewise, what may pose challenges to one organization may be seen as opportunities by another organization.

SWOT analysis is a useful instrument which helps entrepreneurs to identify internal strengths and weaknesses of a business and external opportunities and threats facing it.

It's a general technique that can find applications across diverse management functions and activities, but it is part appropriate to the early stages of strategic and marketing planning. Performing SWOT analysis involved identifying and recording the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats concerning a particular business or organization.

The analysis takes into consideration internal resources and capabilities (strengths and weaknesses) and factors external to the business or organization (opportunities and threats).

The aim of any SWOT analysis is to identify the key internal and external factors that are important to achieving the organizational objectives. SWOT analysis conducted based on the assumption that an effective strategy helps maximize the strengths and opportunities of a business and maximizes its weaknesses and strengths.

Entrepreneurs should try as much as possible to match strengths to opportunities and see threats as challenges.

However, entrepreneurs should understand that all factors in a SWOT analysis do not have the same value.

Some factors are unique to a particular kind of business. The aim of SWOT analysis is, therefore, to identify those critical factors that can have a significant impact on the business. Entrepreneurs can then build on vital strengths; correct obvious Weaknesses; exploit significant opportunities and avoid potentially disastrous threats.

SWOT analysis is used within an organization in the early stages of strategic and marketing planning. It also used in problem-solving decision making, or for making staff aware of the need for change. It can be used at a personal level when examining your career path or determining possible career development.

ONE of the way we can utilities SWOT is by MATCHING and CONVERTING.

matching is used to find competitive advantages by matching the strengths to opportunities while converting is to apply conversion strategies to convert threats or weaknesses into strengths and opportunities.

An example of conversion strategy to find a new market for your product or service, but if the threats or weaknesses cannot be converted, the best alternative is to minimize or avoid them.

NOTE: In applying SWOT analysis, entrepreneurs should ask and be able to answer the following questions:
  1. How can I use or capitalize on each strength? 
  2. How can I improve each weakness? 
  3. How can I exploit and benefit from each opportunity?
  4. How I mitigate each threat?
Simplest Guides To Conducting A Good SWOT Analysis

The following guidelines are to guide entrepreneurs (businessmen) when conducting SWOT analysis:
  • Take wide-ranging views of external influence or trends;
  • Be realistic about the strengths and weaknesses of your business organization;
  • Swot analysis should distinguish between where your organization is today and where it wants to be in the future;
  • Keep your SWOT analysis short and simple;
  • SWOT analysis should be analytical and specific - avoid grey areas; 
  • Choose the right people for the exercise;
  • Select appropriate leader or facilitator;
  • Use SWOT analysis as a guide and not as a prescription.
Important Notice!
Remember that any form of SWOT analysis is better carried out by a team of experts which may include an account, a salesperson, an engineer, and ombudsman.

How To Conduct SWOT Analysis In 8 Easy Steps

The following are the 8 simple steps involved in conducting SWOT analysis:

Step #1: Set the objectives

The purpose of conducting a swot analysis must be clearly defined. It may be wide or narrow, general or specific. What is important is that you must be clear about what you are doing and why you are doing it. 

Step #2: Selecting appropriate contributors

This is important if final recommendations are to result from consultation and discussion, not just personal views, however, expert. The contributors may be a group of experts selected from different disciplines or levels of the organization.

Step #3: Allocate research and information -gathering tasks 

Background preparation is a vital stage for the subsequent analysis to be effective and should be divided among the SWOT analysis participants. This preparation can be conducted in two stages; exploratory, followed by data collection; and detailed, followed by a focused analysis.
  • Gathering information on strengths and weaknesses should focus on the internal factors of skills, resources, and assets, or the lack of them.
  • Gathering information on opportunities and threats should focus on external factors such as social, market, economic or technological trends over which you have a title or no control.
Step #4: Create a workshop environment

In compelling and recording the SWOT analysis lists takes place in meetings, exploit the benefits of workshop sessions. Encourage an atmosphere conducive to the uninhibited flow of information and to participants openly expressing what they think, free from blame.

The leader/facilitator has a key role here and should allow time for free flow of thought, but not too much. Half an hour is often enough to spend on strengths, for example, before moving on. It's important to be specific, evaluative, and analytical at the stage of compiling and recording the SWOT lists --- mere description is not enough.

Step #5: List Strengths

Strengths can relate to the organization, to the environment, to the public relations and perceptions, to market share, or to people.

Step #6: List Weaknesses

This session should not be an avenue to criticise the business or organization but should elicit an honest appraisal of the way things are. Below are some key questions you put into consideration:
  1. What obstacles prevent progress? 
  2. Which elements need strengthening?
  3. Where are the complaints coming from? 
  4. Are there any real weak links in the chain?
You also note that it's not unusual for “people” problems like poor communication, bad leadership, lack of motivation, too little delegation, no trust, the left hand not knowing what the right is doing, etc to feature among the major weaknesses.

Step #7: List Opportunities

This step is designed to assess the environmental factors, to evaluate the benefits that they may bring to the organization. Also, bear in mind how long opportunities might last and how the organization may take the best advantage them.

Step #8: Act on your findings

Make sure that the SWOT analysis is used in subsequent planning. Also, revisit your findings at appropriate intervals to check that they are still valid.

Now, let's have a look at some advantages and disadvantages of SWOT analysis below.

Advantages of SWOT analysis 
  1. SWOT analysis enables the organization to spot business opportunities and exploit them fully; 
  2. It encourages the development of strategic thinking;
  3. It enables the organization to anticipate future business threats and take action to avoid minimize their impact;
  4. It enables the organization to focus on strengths and build opportunities.
Disadvantages of SWOT analysis
  1. SWOT analysis is consuming;
  2. It lacks detailed structured, which makes it easy to miss the key elements.
  3. That data used in the analysis may be based on assumptions that may subsequently prove unfounded (good or bad).
  4. The space of changes makes it difficult to anticipate developments that may affect the organization in the future;
  5. It needs to be conducted regularly, which makes it difficult.
So this is all you need to know how to do a SWOT analysis for a company or person and avoid the hassle of conducting a successful SWOT analysis for your small business.

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Shopping habits

Overtime, ethics and culture in shopping habits have kept on increasing with respect to society and economy.

In some developing countries, due to the absence of efficient credit and insurance markets, savings are crucial determinant of an entrepreneurial growth. Despite the many benefits accrued to savings, some entrepreneurs have been considered not to save enough because of their shopping habits.

Many entrepreneurs often do not seem to understand how or why they should save and this is particularly the case of small scale entrepreneurs in the society.

A greater amount of them have no savings at all. Those of them that save maintain only short term thrift collection which can only be used to finance day to day needs. It is pertinent to mention that poverty does explain the shopping habit among the small income group.

The explanation lies in the lack of financial education in the society as a whole reinforced by inadequate incentives to save.

Given the many benefits (both to the individual and to society as a whole) that savings can bring, there must be serious reasons why people do not save enough rather they use whatever they have for shopping (buying liabilities more than assets).

The following are some of the factors that may be responsible for shopping rather than saving.

#1 - Many people feel that the risks and difficulties of saving outweigh the risks and difficulties of not saving therefore they use their income on shopping.

#2 - People often do not seem to understand how and why they should save when their income barely solves their immediate problem.

#3 - Lack of confidence in the financial institutions. The distress in the financial sector has discouraged most of entrepreneurs from saving so they spend most of their income on shopping.

#4 - High independence of poverty and how nominal disposal income because of the unfavourable economic environment characterized by high unemployment and inflation. In essence, the little income will be used for shopping.

#5 - Most entrepreneurs do not even posses the necessary identification requirement to open an account. This encourages shopping.

#6 - Considerable number of entrepreneurs find saving to be boring and difficult hence they do not want to pay for financial advices.

“More than half of the consumers surveyed stated it was important to establish a personal relationship with a sales associate whether online or in-store.”

I hope you have a good time reading the topic Consumer shopping habits ?
Have a wonderful day ahead!
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Best Apps to download KDramas

Hey guys, today am going to be showing you the top 5 best Korean Drama apps for watching and downloading best Korean movies easily and also show you exactly how to use them to download Korean Dramas on a mobile phone. If you are one of the KDramas addicts just like me and you are looking for the best Android live TV App to watch or download best Korean dramas on your phone easily then you should check out my list of must-have apps to enjoy all the latest Asian drama movies (watch online and download).

When you are looking for top Kdramas to watch/download, I know what you normally do; you head in to and enter “where can I download Korean movies” you would be displayed with both relevant and irrelevant results showing you where and how you can actually download/watch Korean dramas with English subtitles. Am not condemning them though, but I'm just trying to say these apps are absolutely the best to stay current on Kdrama shows and get the best of Kdrama without any issues.

There are lots of apps for watching Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dramas which are available in Google Play Store as free and paid apps. This really makes it easier for Android users to carry their favorite characters and movies right in their pocket. Below are some few apps to watch best Korean dramas on an Android phone.

Top 5 Best Korean Drama Apps for Android

Best Korean dramas

Viki - TV Dramas and Movies

Viki has been one of the great choices for Android users when it comes to watching, downloading, and exploring the world of Asian entertainment. Viki Rakuten offers a wide selection of top-rated dramas and movies for mobile phone users. Asides the provision of the best Korean dramas, Viki also serve as a quick link to access variety TV shows, fashion and lifestyle videos from Japan, Taiwan, China, and other countries.

It is although a free app, but you can also subscribe to it premium version (Viki Pass) and get access to Viki Exclusives and Viki Originals (Kdrama Hit Titles) like “While You Were Sleeping”, “Because This Is My First Life” and “The Legend of the Blue Sea and other hit dramas, movies and TV shows from Korea without the annoying ads.

Dramawiki is a legit Korean drama app that curates videos with the best subtitles in over 200 languages and this makes it really interesting. Aside from watching and downloading, you would be able to use the ratings and reviews options in order to decide what to watch or share your opinion on any movie with other fans.

Download Viki Kdrama App For Android

Korean drama episodes

KDrama - Good Korean Drama App

Kdrama a great Android app that helps you to easily watch online Korea drama On-Air & Completed with English subtitle on your phone. This app requires a very less memory and ram so don't have to be worried about lags. For those looking for a good Korean drama application to watch the latest and completed Korean drama in an Android phone, this is one of my favorite App for watching famous Korean drama even while on the go. With this app, you can find most of your favorite Korean dramas with search functionality.

Download Best KDrama App.

• DramaFever - Stream Asian Drama

DramaFever (DramaFever Apk Latest Version) is yet another popular Android app to watch TV and movies (stream your favorite dramas online for free). To me, this is one of the best Korean drama apps with a blend of features and simple interface. The app is not limited to streaming of movies alone, it lacks other features like resume watching from where you left off on your phone or other supported devices. On-demand dramas at your fingertips that you can add to your queue to watch later. Also, you can find out what others are talking about some movies like Goblin, my secret romance, Running Man and more!

Note: In order to be able to choose how you want to experience drama on DramaFever, you need to sign up for a free DramaFever account or even go for a premium to watch everything in HD video with no interruptions.

Go here to download DramaFever Apk

Viu mod apk

Viu - The Best Korean Dramas & TV Shows App 

Are you looking for ways to stay current on with everything happening in the world of Kdramas? Don't worry, Viu the best Drama and  Movie app for Koreans, Indonesians, Malaysians, and Indians are here for you! With this app you would be able to stream and download your favorite shows, movies, TV series and music in full HD with subtitles. Viu gives you instant access to all your favorite dramas, comedies, horror and more! Watch hit TV shows from Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, the Middle East, and India as well as our own Viu Originals. This app is built with a quick window allowing you to easily watch shows from multiple genres such as Drama, Action, Horror, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, and Sports.

Click here for Viu movie download on the Android operating system.

Iflix Video Downloader

This is another a must-have apps for Korean movies lovers. The app lets you watch and d your favorite TV show and episodes through your mobile device.

I used the Iflix to enjoy quality streaming on any device or for a bigger viewing experience, connect to my TV. It allows me to choose from a massive library of award-winning shows & movies. Streaming or Downloading & Watch Offline popular TV series, full box sets (box office), iflix exclusives, 24hrs express episodes, blockbuster movies, local favorites, Korean hits and even toons for the kids is now easier than ever!

Go here to download Iflix for Android.

Note that not all the above-mentioned apps that support downloading but just a few of them and for how to use them to download, just installed the app => click on the video and follow the instructions to download watch/download Korean drama episodes and series.

So, search no further and make a choice from the above listed to 5 apps to watch/download Korean Dramas on Android phone.
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Wrong business model is a major contributor to the high casualty rate of Nigerian e-commerce start-ups. It's quite noticed that lot of internet entrepreneurs always seeking help from SEO experts on how they can increase their Adsense Revenue.

Business Model

If you are one of those persons' I'm sorry to say, you can't get such help easily. This is because contrary to what some SEO consultants may say, it is virtually impossible to make real money from ad revenue.

With the notable exemption of high-traffic Nigerian sites like Nairaland, NBF Social Network, Naijaloaded, Punch Online etc, no Nigerian sites probably earn N50,000 a month from the ad.

Do you know why?

It is simply because, the more quality content you have on your site, the more visitors Google send to your site, the more visitors you have, the higher your prospect of making money from ads. So, if you have the resources, (material, time, persistence) to churn out regular great content, forget about making money from the ad.

Top 3 Bad Business Models You Should Avoid in E-commerce

As an internet entrepreneur, there some basics steps to follow in order to get your product, website or blog to the top. Below is the list of some top bad business models examples to avoid.

1. Poor Logical Infrastructure

Online retail thrives on seamless logic support. This, unfortunately, is hard to come by in Nigeria. Private courier services are us too expensive while no serious business will depend on government-owned ones.

And building distribution and other supply chain infrastructure from grounds up is an expensive undertaking. This cost naturally adds to the cost of goods sold on these Nigerian online stores. The result is either noncompetitive prices (compared to the brick and Mortal goods) or low profit making up margin.

2. Security and Trust Concerns

Security and trust are also one of the major causes of failure to the business model. Very few Nigerians would be willing to make a purchase online, especially from a Nigerian e-commerce site.

Nearly every Nigerian knows one person or the other that have lost money to automated machine (ATM) fraud. And ATM being the closest that most of Nigerians have come close to e-commerce naturally means Nigerians would be skeptical about making a transaction online.

There's also the question of dependability and trustworthiness of our fellow countrymen. The truth is a lot of Nigerians will feet more secured making purchases from the foreign-owned site than from Nigerian one.

This generally can be attributed to the perceived believe that Nigerians are unscrupulous.

And then there's the question of the security of these Nigerian e-commerce sites. From phishing to identify theft, these fears are real.

3. Poor Marketing 

No business can thrive without effective marketing. Most Nigerian online business display a high degree of ineptitude appalling. They all seem to think all it takes to succeed online is some flashy website (which is not even visible to search engines).

In building an internet business, you do not only build a website but also promote your site, and make sure it's seen by everyone who is browsing the internet.

You also need to make sure that whenever someone searches for something relevant to your website, they wilt find you instead of your competitor.

There are many ways to marketing, and affiliate building is just a few of the available options.

Avoiding the above Business models can help of some wrong practice and would help bring your online products to Google Search and earn money from ads.