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You need clients to build your credibility→
Clients need credibility to work with you→
You need clients to build your credibility

And the freelancer never escaped the Catch-22.

If this is what you are suffering from as well, I got supplies.

Read on to find out how you can build your online credibility, whether you are jumping from a full-time job to freelancing or starting afresh.

Start small 

The most effective thing to start doing when you are trying to make it as a freelancer is to build your presence around the internet.

  • If you are a fresher just starting to work, you would need something to prove your credibility to your first client before you start using your clients name for credibility.
  • If you are moving from a working job, your clients will still need to see your individuality and it can be used as a great introduction point. And truthfully, having an online presence is always a feather on the hat.
Here’s how you can start:
  • Blogging: Because, what better way to establish credibility than signing up on a high-quality blogging website. Websites like Medium and Wordpress can give you the visibility and the platform that you need for building up your reputation.
  • Discussion forums: GitHub, Behance, Twitter, Upwork - the internet is swarming with such great platforms to become a part of a community and let yourself known through your skills and knowledge.
  • Social media: No one, today, is oblivious to the wonders that social media does to one’s career. Use it.
  • Partner up: If you are just starting out, start networking with freelancers in your niche and partner with them for a project. It is a great to get launched into the field, gain learning and experience.
Secret tip- Use blogs/podcasts/free email courses to provide little known trivia (secret tips), your opinions on your niche-relevant topics, or other educational information to your prospects.

Make yourself a Business

When you step into the arena of freelancing, you are not an employee with a career, you are a one-woman (or man) business. But many new freelancers end up making mistakes like saying “yes” to everything, treating the income as an “extra” income, not taking the work seriously.

All these things tend to set up the stage for you (quite incorrectly), and you fall into a vicious cycle. But it’s still not too late. Here’s how you can correctly kick start freelancing.

Set up a website & portfolio

These two things seem like a lot of work and money, and truth be told, even a little intimidating. I get it.

However, the benefits of having a professional website in place can easily outweigh those fears. And the great news is that you do not even need to build an absolutely tech savvy website and even the most basic layout will gain you enough credibility (unless you are, in fact, a web developer)

Also, investing in getting a good domain name and website conveys your seriousness and professionalism.

Better Ideas

Here’s what you need to remember before getting started.
  • Layouting: Mapping, brainstorming, outlining, finding a path, whatever you call it, its purpose is to give a concrete direction to your website. While creating a visual structure of your website, you need to answer questions like: What do I want to highlight? What should be the first thing that people should see? How should be the flow of the website? After that, you can choose from an existing template easily available around the internet or go from scratch.
  • Branding: Selecting the colour palette, selecting the images, designing the logo and typography, are all a part of your branding strategy. Because all these things put together will make your website memorable enough for people to take a round trip.
  • Relevance: Your website is your open ground to play and you can decide how any visitor will see it. Strategically peppering information, links and images all through the site will help you in building up a relevant platform for your audience. Some of the most important pages to add to your website are the home page, services page, contact page, testimonials, projects page and the about page. These pages will allow your audience and prospect clients to gain every important information about you and your work. Some highly recommended "extra pages" can also be added like FAQs and blog section (works like a charm for your SEO ranking). In fact, you can use visual content to improve your marketing strategy.
  • Mobile compatibility: With close to 75% of internet users using their smartphones to access any online site, making your website compatible for mobile phones should be in block letters on your "to-do list".

Market yourself as an industry expert

Amongst the population of over 7 billion, there are far too many freelancers for every niche possible.

And, even out of those, too many freelancers are trying to tap into every little area instead of focusing on the one (or few) skill(s) that they're confident in.

When you are starting out new, it is important to highlight your strengths and working up to establishing yourself as an industry expert.

This is important in order to build your credibility in front of clients and scoring better projects every time.

Simply put, gaining expertise (and focussing on it) in one area will make you a big fish in a small pond.

Pitch like a professional

More times that often, newbie freelancers forget that they are the ones providing a valuable service to their clients. And instead of conversing as equals and pitching their offers with the right kind of authority, they end up requesting for "favours".

Once again, freelancing is not a simple job, it turns an individual into a whole business. This is why it is important for you pitch your ideas as a confident professional and run a successful outreach campaign.

And surely, you might be sending out mails for an “exhausting” number projects everyday, but still it is important to be thorough with each one and tailoring your pitches according to every prospect.

Let's see how you can do it.
  • Find the right person: Here's the thing - the most easily (and obviously) available contact details on any website will be to a very busy customer service inbox or phone. And when you can not reach out to the person in charge, the chances of landing that project (or even having someone read your mail) are pretty thin. Research more about the company through their website, find a “team” page, if their direct contacts are not available then find them on social media sites like LinkedIn, and contact them.
  • Personalise: The idea behind personalisation of an email is to not sound like a random salesperson, or worse, a bot.
And you can do this in a number of ways,
  • Leverage a mutual connection. It is a great way to instantly grab attention.
  • Use their name more than once. It is the oldest connection-building trick in the book.
  • Flatter. It works the best. Go through their website, mention a relevant interview/podcast/book/article, compliment something you like about it and build your pitch up on that.
  • Keep it short (and warm): There is a lot to do in the world and reading emails is nobody’s favourite past-time. So even if you are itching to use the big words and bezaddle them with your formal email writing skills, don’t. Be quick, direct and enthusiastic above anything else.
Here’s something that might help you.

This one email checks out every important thing about “establishing yourself as a business”

     - It makes the sender an expert in the opening line.
     - They offer advice and solution
     - They even give a free service

Website visibility
Source: Copyhackers

Secret Tip: Keep an eye out for inquiries from prospective clients. Things that you say “no” to today, can become your marketing material or added skill in the future.

Keep your rates consistent

It’s tempting to accept work at lower rates when there is no work - this lowers your credibility and makes the client think that you do not have confidence in your own skills.

What this means: Self-doubt and thinking “I wouldn’t pay that much for this service, why would the client” are, although inevitable, but misleading thoughts. Do not give in to them and stick to your correctly calculated hourly rate.

Generally, freelancers figure out their desired salary and take the 40 hours/week-52 weeks/year approach to find their hourly price. AND then end up lowering their prices according to the client’s asking.

The math is right but AGAIN, you are no more working in an office with employment benefits and there are a lot of other things to take care of. Let’s see what to do instead.
  • Begin with your target salary. Let’s say it’s $70,000.
  • Calculate your overheads and other expenses (there are many) - web hosting and internet, software for invoicing, accounting, legal, tax prep (and/or person you are paying), unpaid payment allowance (very important!), marketing expenses, coworking membership, hardware (mobile, laptop, anything else), project management tools, healthcare, and other miscellaneous things. Suppose it came out to be $22,000.
  • Your new salary becomes - $92,000
  • Now, work hours. The 40 hours/week; 52 weeks/year approach lands you at 2080, but, you probably picked up freelancing for that popular “flexible working hours” thingy. SO, Subtract your vacations, holidays, possible-sick days, and an allowance of non-billable hours. Let’s say you have, 2 weeks of vacation = 80 hours, 8 holidays = 64 hours, 5 sick days = 40 hours, 25% allowance for non-billable hours. It’ll be, 2080 - 184 hours = 1896 hours
  • 1896 hours * 0.75 = 1422 billable hours/year. NOW your per hour rate will come to $64.7 ~$65/hour.

Business clients

What this doesn’t mean: This does not mean that you cannot negotiate with your clients but if your clients are straightaway giving you the job without negotiating, something might be wrong with your rates.

Secret tip: If it’s been a while and you have not given yourself a raise, here’s how you can do it without scaring away your existing clients.
  • Let your existing clients know well in advance about the date from which you will increase your rates.
  • Do not give it a steep raise.
  • Do it around the same time every year.
  • And of course, give some loyalty discount.

Build a network

It’s 2019. The world has gone digital. Nothing can still, however, trump the power of personal connections when it comes to “networking”.

So even when you can manage to get everything done with zero face-to-face contact, you should not because personal connections:
  • Build credibility like nothing else
  • Show your clients your seriousness and professionalism when you show up for a meeting, dressed appropriately.
  • Make you recognizable.
Now that we know why it is important, let’s see how you can do it.
  • Joining online communities: Commenting on blogs and forums,engaging in discussions, joining groups on facebook, networking on LinkedIn, are all important entry points for your freelance career. They can even become your introduction points for any future connection building. In fact, there are many specific platforms that you can go to based on your niche or industry. For example, Code Review or GitHub for developers and Dribble or Behance for designers.
  • Local networking events and trade shows: It may be at your regular co-working space or anyone else’s, attending these local events can bring you closer to more opportunities. Upwork suggests that rather than focussing on a niche, you should target an industry to build your network. And trade shows are the best places to do that. They allow you to connect to tons of potential clients and leads.
  • Follow-up: Making new connection works the best when you keep them alive. After every gathering, meeting or networking event when you leave with new contacts, remember follow-up on a timely basis.
The experts would say waiting 3 days before the first follow up is ideal. Here’s how you can go about your first follow-up.
  • Provide context - “I’m just following up to see what you thought about my [mail subject]
  • Up the ante, if possible - add a valuable and relevant case study, research, or result with your follow up mail.
  • Explain why it is important (for them) - “My [skill/service] can really help your [cause/business/intent]. I’d love to have a quick chat about it.”
  • Add CTA - “How about Wednesday 7PM your time for a call?” or “Should I send you some samples?”
  • The end - “looking forward to hearing from you”
  • Social media: This one goes without saying. Social media is not just hyped today, it has become one of the biggest contributors in people’s success. Build your presence online and demonstrate your skills for prospects to believe in you. It will grow your reputation and keep your clients engaged and aware of anything you wish they get to know - anything from a new certification to a feat.
Secret Tip: Network with your competition. Yes! Instead of getting worried about competitors sweeping up your clients, think of them as potential connectors because there is plenty of work for every freelancer.

Give proof

We have long established that your clients want to work with an expert and the best way for them to know that you are an expert is for you have a proof of that.

Some ways, other than building a social media presence, that you can apply here are,

  • Testimonials: Ask your clients for testimonials (you can follow the same tips as the pitching email for writing this mail as well). For getting a quicker reply, give them some example testimonials to work with. Once you get it, where to put it? On the homepage of your website, your social media pages, local business listings and any other freelance networks which helps you in gaining clients
  • Certifications - As a new freelancer, the most credibility that you will gain is by having certificates for relevant skills. And with eLearning being a rage today, there are many online courses that you can join and get certified for without much hassle.
  • Build case studies (wherever applicable): If you are into consulting, case studies become a must for you. Showing the results of your services directly affecting their revenue can be extremely attractive for prospects.

Secret Tip: ALWAYS document your project progress and take pictures in meetings - your testimonials and case studies will build themselves up.


While building connections and acquiring clients might seem overwhelming at first, in the long run, it can lead you to absolute financial freedom. And as the concept comes with several challenges, this post targeted those to bridge the gap between you and your first gig.
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The quest for small, affordable tweaks and changes that modify and transform a room never ceases to stop. However, if you want creative décor stuff, the idea of home accents and trinkets may appear to be polarizing and confining.

Whether you’ve an obsession for decorative materials or want them for practical applications, you have countless options to match your needs.
  • A unique agate piece, resembling a colorful quartz is simply gorgeous. Its frame makes it convenient and special. 
  • If you’re looking for some unique and affordable décor, enhancing your room with the finest natural components is always a safe bet.
  • A ceramic doll vase (nesting), which cost you around $20-$28, can add a dash of whimsy and dream to even the smallest room.
  • You can put it in makeup brushes, a single sprig, or keep them aloof. These vases are the best addition to a space that requires a pop.
  • Your bookshelf may need a creative touch with A-Z ceramic book stands/ends. 
  • Regardless of you wanting to alphabetize your furniture, the ceramic items remain a designer’s dream.
  • The marbled look syncs perfectly with a minimalist space. It also adds some flare if your book collection isn’t that huge.
  • A handheld tieback for your curtain is both creepy and appealing. It’s the perfect accent for those who want to bedeck their space sans any clutter.
  • These shiny, handmade brass hands hold back your spotless curtains and initiate conversations.
  • For the sparsely decked room, they are the perfect addition.
  • Maple birch pillar sets are also great for home décor. They are unique and their perfectly clean and smooth surface can showcase more trinkets.
  • You can use them as accent pieces as well. Quartz candle holders and jewelry storage are other good options.

Transforming Your Trinkets Into Stylish Home Décor

There are numerous ways to transform your travel mementos into happening décor pieces.
  • Textiles are a perpetual choice to incorporate travel souvenirs into your home. There are many local weaving and textile traditions. 
  • Transforming a table linen, scarf, or throw into an accent pillow adds a functional and unique touch to your space.
  • Coffee table books are great too. You can stash them on a bookshelf or display the table in a stack.
  • You can rotate your favorite objects on the coffee table, giving honorary positions to them as per the seasonal décor.
  • Display and frame artwork are another marvelous idea. You can print photos on new mediums like wood, acrylic and metal to get an elevated feel. 

The Gold Accents

You cannot burn every candle in the world. You can a few glittery and stylish gold candles to your table and watch that little shine last long.
  • If you don’t like candles, you can accessorize a tabletop with a quality runner, covering it in glitzy gold fabric. 
  • Put a glass vase with gold decorative strings and balls to create a glamorous and glitzy centerpiece. Don’t forget to cover the tables with quality furniture covers
Gold hardware is back in the garb of brass. Unlike the fixtures from 1980s, these new ones are shiny. They are best for kitchens as they add a more formal and bright touch to a simple kitchen.
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If you’ve never worked as a writer before, the concept of becoming a freelance writer is probably completely alien to you. It’s hard enough for a writer to get a regular job with a newspaper, magazine, or website, so how does anyone make enough money to live from the profession without having a solid professional contract? You know it happens because you’re aware that freelance writers exist, but you almost certainly have no idea how they make ends meet.

The truth is that anybody who's able to communicate in fluent and coherent English can become a freelance writer if they want to. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop, and customers. You have two of those things already because you're reading this article, so all you need now is the customers - and we can help you with that.

Becoming a freelance writer is like opening the door to a whole new world of freedom. Because your office can be anywhere in the world, the world is yours to pick and choose from. The current generation of freelance writers has become digital nomads, traveling around the world while they’re going about their work. They pick up cheap accommodation and stay a few months in one country, and then they move on to the next, accumulating incredible life experiences and memories as they go.

Does that sound good to you? If so, read on!

Get Fast

Your ability to make money will rely on the speed and accuracy of your writing. With very few exceptions, freelance writers don’t charge for time - they charge their customers according to the number of words that they write. The more words you can write in a day, the higher your daily rate of pay will be. The average words-per-minute rate of a professional typist is thought to be between 50 and 80. An experienced advanced typist can type accurately at 120 words per minute or above.

Accuracy is as important as speed, though - without that, you’ll be taking twice as long because you’ll be correcting errors. Practice your typing until you’re consistently above one hundred words per minute.

Invest In Software

Even the best typists in the world make mistakes - especially when they're writing at high speed. When you've made a spelling error, your word processing software will identify it for you, but a word processor won't identify grammar or syntax errors. It also won't pick up on words that have accidentally been misspelled as other words, for example, typing 'cars' instead of 'cares.' You should always proof-read everything you write, but the human eye is just as fallible as the human hand. To make sure you're consistently delivering accurate, quality work, you should invest in software to assist you. Programs such as Grammarly can perform this service for free, although premium models contain more features and options.

Speculate To Accumulate

If you were opening a brand new business and you were going in search of customers, you would advertise it. As a freelance writer, you're a one-person business, and your business requires advertising. Spend money on a professional website, and identify appropriate avenues for advertising, be it locally or globally. Advertising isn't a guarantee of finding customers, but it's a helping hand along the way. It works like playing online slots.

There's no guarantee that you'll ever make money when you put money into an online slots game, but you can guarantee that you'll never win money from one if you never put any money into it to begin with. When online slots players strike lucky, it makes all the money they've spent spinning the reels worthwhile on website like Amigo Slots. When your advertising brings you the right customer, it will make every penny you spent on marketing feel like a good investment.

Be Prepared To Accept Low Pay

Your reputation is crucial when it comes to touting for freelance work. If you don't have any experience, you won't have any reputation to work with. In the early days of your new career, you should accept any work you can find, even if the rate of pay is less than you'd ideally like it to be. The more work you do, the more your portfolio will grow. As soon as you have a portfolio that demonstrates the range and quality of your work, you'll be able to attract better-paying customers and increase your rates.

Every time you accept a low-paid piece of work, look upon it as a step closer to being where you want to be. It isn't forever - it's just to get you started. Don't be fussy, and don't second-guess the nature of the work - just do it.

Use Freelancing Websites

The way most freelance writers get started is by setting themselves up a profile on a specialist website such as Upwork or Fiverr. Both websites allow you to advertise your services an offer tiered pricing structures, and allow people seeking freelance writers to come to you. The more work you do on the websites, the better your ranking on the website becomes. That, in turn, leads to more customers finding you and more work coming in. You should again be prepared to accept low-paid work during your first few weeks or months on the websites, but after a while, you'll start to attract the attention of higher-profile customers with larger budgets and larger orders.

Know When To Go Direct

As great as the freelancing websites are, they come with a downside. They take a cut of all the money that you make through them - usually in the region of 15% - 20%. When you've taken a $500 order and done all the work necessary to fulfill it, it's disheartening to see $100 go to the website, and only $400 come to you.

Look at the websites as a way to get yourself started, but once you've established a working relationship with a customer, don't be afraid of approaching them directly and asking whether they'd be interested in moving away from the website. They also have to pay commission to the site to use your services, so it often suits their purposes to deal directly with you, too. This arrangement can only work when there's trust on both sides because there's nobody to go to for assistance if things go wrong, but so long as you have the right type of customer, that generally isn't a problem.

That's really all there is to it. So long as you can write in an engaging style and work to deadlines, there's nothing stopping you from becoming a freelance writer this year. If you're bored with your job and you're looking for a new career, what's stopping you from giving it a try?
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Now every business can’t acquire a significant exposure without a business website. The reason is that your potential audience is trying to find you online, and the absence of your business website is a significant lack that can cause decreased sales and leads. Well, many businesses that are running their websites couldn't do much for their business as they aren't optimized well for their target audience. There could be a lot of factors that define the success of a business website. Ecommerce business relies entirely on the traffic to the websites, so keeping it effective and in accordance with the interests and needs of customers is really important for ultimate business growth. Today we are going to discuss how marketers or website owners could get most of their business websites.

Create engaging content

The content on your website is what drives your customers to the online business domain.  Your website is a platform for your customers to communicate with you through integrated content. The content is required to be informative and valuable; otherwise, the poor content could create a harmful business impact on your potential audience. Setting up a blog section along the integration of your services or product could be highly beneficial for the substantial uprise of your business. Try to highlight your business areas where you stand out most and inform your audience how your business works. The key is to embed your brand message within the information you have offered. Make sure the information is unique and exciting. The data and facts that are provided all over the internet couldn't make much difference in your online success. Fabricate engaging content, so your website becomes a significant conversion tool for your business. The dynamic content can attract potential buyers to your business. 

Focus on website layout

The outlook of your website is what creates the first impression of your business. If the web design is not eye-catching, you will see that the bounce rates would be too high. Similarly, if a user lands on your website and finds your website dull and poorly fabricated, he might abandon the website immediately besides having diverse and relevant information present on it. On the other hand, a compelling website would provoke visitors to explore more. You take assistance from a particular business that provides services like web design and development to make your website’s outlook more appealing to the users. For instance, you can perform a web search like website development Dubai to find those businesses operating in your areas.

Integrate Videos and animations

The alluring visuals can enhance the effectiveness of your website. Without visuals, your website might give the reflection of an old, outdated website that is only filled with the textual content. The web design is not only about providing the relevant and right information. It is more about making your audience engaged by supporting your provided information with appropriate visuals like images, videos, and animations. These days the integration of micro animations is quite trendy. After interaction with web elements that are backed up by these functionalities creates a visual display of interaction that generates the feeling of more satisfaction and helps assists in displaying changes more clearly.

Work on website updates 

Along with other aspects of website optimization, focus on updating your website as well. No one wants to avail services form a website that is outdated, and not everyone considers buying products enlisted on it. Try tom make updations regularly; otherwise, you would leave way behind your competitors who are following the modern web design trends. Another thing that marketers should consider is the manifestation of your new service or products. If your website doesn’t incorporate new advancements in your business, your potential customer or client might choose your competitors if it is not specified in your website. So, you could lose a potential business opportunity by not focusing on website updates.

Don’t forget to optimize for mobile devices

The digital era has placed smart devices in the palms of our adults. So as a business, you should better keep your websites resonated with those devices. If you are following the latest standards of making your websites appealing only on laptops and computers, then you are missing out on a vast area of business exposure. Now people prefer to visit websites through their mobile phones. Your visitors would get frustrated when they see that exploring your website through these devices is too challenging, as it’s difficult to approach the key CTA buttons if it is not optimized. Moreover, the search engines also tend to give leverage in rankings to those websites that run smoothly on mobile devices.

Final words

Along with all those factors mentioned above, try boosting your website for search engines by doing proper SEO. The sites these days are competing online to capture the attention of the target audience. The distinctive features and top-notch content could give you an edge on your competitors.

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Starting your own business is not an easy task. Private business, by definition, is associated with risks, because you have to start, as a rule, from scratch, without a finished product, a customer base, or net profit.

A new businessman is constantly haunted by doubts: will a new business develop into a stable and successful business, will the product be in demand on the market, am I doing everything right, or is it worth changing the approach? Such thoughts and experiences are inherent in any person starting a new project in any area of ​​life. Is that familiar? Then you should learn some business development tips that will silence your inner skeptic and enjoy not only the process but also the result.

So, you have put into practice all these basic techniques of advancement and, perhaps, even achieved a positive result like Gigsharks - excellent, let's move on. It's time to change tactics and add some creativity!

Regardless of whether you are starting a new business from scratch, or if an existing business has reached an impasse, it will be useful for you anyway to read the following 5 techniques that can move things off the ground. You will surely find something interesting for yourself and your business will gain a second wind.

Explore competitors

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a private investigator? Watched someone trying to get the right information, or out of sheer curiosity?

Such reconnaissance of the situation should be carried out in advance, before starting your own business. But even if you missed the moment, you still have the opportunity to apply your search skills - it’s never too late to learn a little more about your competitors.

Know your worth

One rich man had a steamer that often broke. Usually, any breakdown was quickly fixed by mechanics, but this time the engine was seriously damaged, and the mechanics could not fix it. Then the rich man called an experienced shipbuilding engineer, who was known for his wisdom and ability to find a solution to any problem, but his services were expensive.

So, the lesson being learned is that if you are offering something qualitative be smart enough to proposition it to the audience in the right money and the right way.

Be helpful

A few months ago, I proposed my candidacy for the vacant position of a freelance journalist of one of the popular online publications. This vacancy interested me immediately, as soon as I saw the working conditions. A flexible schedule, fantastic pay, the opportunity to do what I love most.

At that time, I already had a decent experience of working with the best editors of world magnitude, in my portfolio, some articles were published in the largest publications with a millionth audience. I got the idea to get this place at all costs because I thought that I was ideally suited for this job, and I could not have competitors with such a resume.

Maintain active communication

I always try to keep in touch with my students. Every week, I send out SMS to remind you of the upcoming lesson and confirm that everything remains valid. Sometimes I do an e-mail newsletter with additional homework and some tips on how to improve the technique of playing the guitar. Also, I often correspond with former students to find out how things are going, and to remind that I am always ready to help if difficulties arise or if one of them suddenly wants to resume classes.

Do not lower the bar

If you had to raise a business from scratch, you must have passed the stage when you had to carry out leadership functions and the dirtiest work. It sounds wild as if the CEO was dragging the toilets with his own hands. This is quite normal when it comes to a young enterprise when a businessman does not yet have the opportunity to hire full-time staff.

But a business is a business - large or small, it can succeed or burn out, regardless of the size of the office and the number of employees. Unfortunately, for small business there are already sharks and spoiled customers there, small newcomers often become easy targets.
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Follow this tips and write an amazing cover letter in no time!

That is what this manual is for. We take you through all the essential steps in creating this career document, from structuring the many sections to how you can prevent a spelling error from creeping in. We promise that when you're done, you'll love showing it to the world.

how to write a cover letter with examples

Today’s applicants are worried about writing a good cover letter since employees are no longer satisfied with the old methods or formats of cover letters.

In this article, I am going to show you all on how to significantly write an amazing cover letter that can generally get you a job! Cover letter is the most important thing while searching/applying for a job vacancy in any organization because it describe your capability, potentials and what you are best in doing.

What am I trying to say here? The more work and present your cover letter, the higher possibility to get your job Application Approved.

That is why most of the Applicants are always asking about what should be included in a cover letter content, formatting guides for a successful cover letter writing. But before we go ahead, let me give you the highlight of what a cover letter is.

What is a cover letter?

Cover letter is a document sent with your resume to provide additional information on your skills and experience. A cover letter typically provides a detailed information on why you are qualified for the job you are applying for.

A cover letter should complement, not duplicate your resume. Its purpose is to interpret the data-oriented, factual resume and add a personal touch.

A cover letter is often your earliest written contact with a potential employer, creating a critical first impression.

There are three general types of cover letters:

  • The application letter which responds to a known job opening.
  • The prospecting, unsolicited letter of enquiry which asks about possible positions.
  • The networking letter which requests information and assistance in your job search.
Your cover letter should be designed specifically for each purpose outlined above as well as for each position you seek. Do not design a standardized letter and send it to every potential employer (you know what you do with junk mail!).


  • What position are you applying for?
  • How did you learn of the position or company? What do you know about the company?
  • Why are you perfect for the position? What sets you apart from the crowd?
  • Who will contact who?
  • Request a meeting or personal interview.
  • Mention that you will contact them to schedule a personal meeting.
  • Explain how they can reach you.
  • Thank them for taking the time to consider your application.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

Customize to Fit

Take the time to customize your cover letter to fit the employer’s requirements. Before you start writing, review the criteria for the position and make a list of what the employer wants.

This list might include specific areas of expertise, years of experience, technical knowledge, transferable skills and personality traits.

Then, incorporate these items into your letter, demonstrating, by giving examples from a previous job perhaps, that you have the desired qualifications.

Meet the Employer’s Needs

Write the cover letter with the employer’s needs in mind, not your own. Don’t describe what you want, but explain what you can do for the employer. 

Don’t assume that the employer will read between the lines of your resume and dig out the relevant information.

They won’t. To get their attention, you have to actively describe how you can meet their needs.

Actively Sell Yourself

State why you should be hired. Be assertive about your qualifications and assure the employer of your capabilities. The content of your cover letter should clearly explain to your employer of what you are capable of doing and how you will accomplish them, just as when writing persuasive paper topics.

Use e-mail for cover letters

Keep your cover letter short and include it in the email message. Don’t send as an attachment unless the employer specifically requests one.

Keep it Simple

Get straight to the point and write short, targeted letters. Each letter should be one page, or less. Each paragraph should contain three or four sentences, at most.

Keep Copies

Keep copies of all your cover letters, so you know what you sent to whom.

Cover Letter Quick Guide


Contact’s Name

Contact’s Title

Organization Name

P.O. Box, Dubai

<United Arab Emirates

Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. (person’s last name only),

Ref. Application for the position of [Give job title and reference number, if any.]

Paragraph #1: State immediately the position you are pursuing and how you came to know of the opening [e.g. newspaper, giving date, website etc.]. 

If you have an alumnus, family or other contact in the organization, you can mention that here as well. 

Tell the employer briefly (one or two sentences) why you are interested in this position.

Paragraph #2: Highlight the skills and experiences you have that would make you successful in the position. 

For example, if you are a new graduate with limited experience, talk about classes you have taken, activities you have been involved in, summer experiences you have had. 

You do not have to have directly related experience, but think about the skills you have gained from what you have done and how those could relate to the duties of the position you are applying for. [Make the links for the employer]. 

You do not want to repeat your resume to the employer in this paragraph, but this is the place to highlight relevant accomplishments that will make the reader want to learn more, and which in turn will lead them to your resume. 

The goal is to show the employer that you have confidence in your ability to succeed in the position.

Paragraph #3: Demonstrate that you have done some research about this organization. Go to their website and talk to alumni or other contacts that may currently work for the organization. 

This research does not have to be extensive, but it shows that you have taken some time to think about this position and put some effort into this letter. 

This makes a very good impression on employers. It shows that this is not a standard letter, where only the address and contact name is changed for each position.

Paragraph #4: State that you would welcome a personal interview to further discuss this opportunity. 
If you need to explain anything out of the ordinary on your resume, this is the place to do it. You might mention that if you do not hear anything from the potential employer in two to three weeks’ time, you will call to follow up this letter to see where they are in their process. 

Finish by thanking them for their attention and express a desire to meet them sometime in the near future.


Your signature (leave 4 blank spaces for this)

Your name in print.

Am sure by now you know how to write an amazing cover letter for an internship

I know how it feels when you can't come up with an idea to write a Detailed but yet a simple cover letter for resume by yourself and that is why I put up this good cover letter examples to help you!

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment if you have any question.
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It is very much important to consider safety precautions in which everyone can get save from different types of mishaps. If you really love riding, you definitely need to set up the best precautionary solutions that may guide you from serious accidents. No matters, how professionally you ride you are always in a danger zone of falling which may harm you seriously.A professional rider always prefers to get selected the best gears for use that may protect during a riding session.

Have you ever seen riders plating polo in the ground? All of them have guarded themselves with professional gear that may also protect them from a serious type of injury. You also have to utilize Safety Stirrups that can better provide you protection to hold your foot grip tightly and you will also secure from any type of serious mishap respectively.

Before discussing the other benefits of the safety stirrups here, first of all, we will let you know about the top 5 safety gears that are professionally utilizing across the world and riders prefer to utilize them because these safety gears provide them complete foot grip for riding and they also enjoy their riding session a lot.

Top 5 Safety Stirrups For Adults

  1. Ophena S magnetic safety stirrups
  2. FreeJump SOFT’UP PRO Irons
  3. Foot Free Safety Stirrup Irons
  4. Royal King Metal Endurance Stirrups
  5. MDC Super Sport Stirrups
These Stirrups are much preferred choice for the riders for the equestrian world. These Stirrups will allow you to release your foot quicker in case of a serious accident. We all know about the old style of Stirrups in which it was quite difficult to move out the foot in case of any serious injury. During your polo game session or riding session, Safety Stirrups will ensure you completely if you ever get fall due to any mishap, your foot will never be stuck in them and you will easily release out by all means. In the market, you can better find the adult or children stirrups that can better guide you during the ride.

Here we have only described the top 5 safety Stirrups which are preferred by the riders around the world. You will find a lot more other types of these stirrups which all have their pros and cons. It is strictly recommended you to utilize the best and professional solution for the riding. It is very much necessary to have complete protection that may allow you to enjoy your riding session completely by all means.

If ever you may get dragged behind your horse due to stuck the foot in the stirrup is the most common issue you will see in the equestrian world. Riders say that that would be the worst moment of their life and they really get fear from this scene as well. This is why they only prefer to utilize quality safety Stirrups in which they can freely move out their foot at the time of serious injury.
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In many enterprises, unforgivably little attention is paid to employee training which helps in reducing communication barriers. The leaders of such companies believe that there are instructions, there are regulations - what else is needed? Let the employee take them, study them, and let him ask what is not clear to him. The problem here is that, unfortunately, not every person is able to independently and quickly find all the information he needs for full work.

What is the best way to organize employee training at a manufacturing plant from scratch? Which option is the cheapest and which is the most effective? Well, a good way to go about it would be to consider for an effective solution with strategies or ways listed down below:

Mentoring is considered the oldest, but no less effective way of transferring knowledge and skills to young employees of companies in the process of their adaptation to a new job.
In mentoring, training takes place directly at the workplace and professional tasks and responsibilities that are assigned to a new employee and which solves them under the guidance of an experienced specialist mentor act as working examples of training.

Organization of a lecture class for staff training

This way of training in an organization requires a good teacher. A teacher who did not work in production will not be able to convey certain material to the workers, because his knowledge is based only on theory. Therefore, as a lecturer, a former retired employee usually acts as a lecturer who is able to transfer considerable accumulated work experience at a specific workplace. He independently draws up a training program based on the requirements for categories.

Practical class for training employees

The practical class assumes the presence of several computers on which various electronic teaching aids are installed: simulators, virtual simulators, and simulators of the employee’s workplace. In addition, equipment mock-ups and training stands can be installed in such classes: copies of production control panels, hardware-software training complexes, and others. In this class, employees not only develop a theoretical base but also gain practical skills.

Distance learning systems

Over the past few years, it has become extremely popular to use distance learning systems (LMS) for training at enterprises. This is a virtual classroom where you can train employees from anywhere in the world and track their performance.

Using the LMS, it’s convenient to plan the training load and track how employees pass online courses and tests, attend virtual classes or webinars. All content is stored in one place, as is the history of each worker’s training: it is easy to see what courses he took, when and how much time he spent studying the material. At the same time, the study goes beyond the boundaries of a familiar audience - an employee can study anywhere and anytime. In the LES, teachers and leaders manage the workload, conduct courses and online seminars, store learning outcomes and track student performance.

Training in specialized centers

Sometimes it is easier for some enterprises to transfer the learning process to specialized training centers. As a rule, this is beneficial only for enterprises where a small number of employees are employed in the production, or they do not require periodic training and testing of their knowledge.

The advantage of this method is that the company completely eliminates the worries associated with the organization of training. In addition, for the organization of certain types of training by an enterprise, a special license is required, and this process must be dealt with.


We examined five ways to train employees: mentoring, organizing a lecture class for training employees, organizing a practical class for training employees, distance learning systems, and training in specialized centers. As practice shows, there is no ideal way. What is successfully applied in one enterprise will not necessarily be effective in another. But to use them for training and retraining of personnel is necessary for the successful functioning of production.

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Gamecube ROMs for Dolphin Emulator: Games are one of the biggest sources of entertainment and have become one of the most things some folks used to skip boredoms during their leisure times. If you wanted to get the most engaging games on your device, how would you know the most addictive and highest-rated video games to download for Dolphin emulator?

After all, there are over 10 million websites on the internet offering Nintendo gamecube roms ios for Dolphin emulator. It turns out there is a rating system which determines the quality of each game. Unfortunately, it happens that all games are not rated equally. Some Gamecube games pack more respect and reputation than others.

If you are here right on this post then it means you have installed the latest version of Dolphin emulator and need to get the latest action, adventure, and other interesting Gamecube Roms for dolphin and enjoy the highest rated video games on your Android free. Downloading Gamecube Roms for Dolphin emulator has become really easy and more convenient. Yeah! This is because of the awesome sites for GameCube roms like,, those who love playing Gamecube ISO, Nintendo Gamecube games can easily download their favorite games anytime and anywhere on their Android or PC without hassles.

Gamecube ROMS for Dolphin 2019

Best GameCube ROMS / Games for Dolphin Emulator in 2020

If you are looking for Dolphin Emulator Games to run smoothly on your Android or PC then our list below which you can get from any best GameCube ROM site will aid you in choosing the ideal game for your type of device.

#1. Legend Of Zelda The The Wind Waker ISO

Genre: Adventure, Acton.
Game size: 1.0 GB.
Rating based on users experiences: 95%.

#2. Resident Evil 4 (Disc #1) ISO

Go here to download RESIDENT EVIL 4 - DISC #1 ISO fast.
Genre: Action, Adventure.
Size: 833 MB.
Rating: 90%.

#3. Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness

Go here to download POKEMON XD GALE OF DARKNESS ISO for Android.
Genre: Role playing.
Size: 1.0 GB. 
Rating: 90%.

#4. Legend Of Zelda The Twilight Princess

Go here to download LEGEND OF ZELDA THE TWILIGHT PRINCESS ISO for Android or PC.
Genre: Action, Adventure.
Size: 1.0GB.
Rating: 99.5%.

#5. Super Smash Bros. Melee

Genre: Action, fighting.
Size: 927.9 MB. 
Rating: 95.5%.

#6. Pokemon Colosseum

Go here to download POKEMON COLOSSEUM ISO.
Genre: Role playing.
Size: 1.1 GB.
Rating: 95.5%.

#7. Beyblade VForce Super Tournament Battle

Genre: Action.
Size: 851.4MB.
Rating: 90%.
Format: gamecube roms ios

#8. Mario Kart Double Dash

Go here to download MARIO KART DOUBLE DASH ISO game.
Genre: Racing.
Size: 1.1 GB.
Rating: 95%.

#9. Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door

Click here to download PAPER MARIO THE THOUSAND YEAR DOOR ISO game.
Genre: Role playing.
Size: 1.0 GB.
Rating: 100%.

#10. Metal Arms Glitch In The System

Genre: Action, Shooter.
Size: 1.0 GB
Rating: 100%.

#11. 18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker

Click here to download 18 WHEELER AMERICAN PRO TRUCKER ISO.
Genre: Racing.
Size: 1.1GB.
Rating: 85%.

#12. Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Click the link here to download HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE ISO game.
Genre: Action, Adventure.
Size: 837.5 MB.
Rating: 100%.

#13. Luigi's Mansion

Click here to download LUIGI'S MANSION ISO file.
Genre: Action, Adventure.
Size: 1.2GB.
Rating: 97.5%.

#14. Super Mario Sunshine

Click here to download SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE ISO game.
Genre: Action, platform.
Size: 1.2 GB.
Rating: 95%.

#15. Terminator 3 The Redemption

Click the link here to download TERMINATOR 3 THE REDEMPTION ISO game.
Genre: Action, Shooter.
Size: 0.9GB.
Rating: 90%.
Format: gamecube roms ios

#16. LEGO Star Wars II The Original Trilogy

Follow the link here to download LEGO STAR WARS II THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY ISO.
Genre: Action, Adventure.
Size: 998.9MB.
Rating: 100%.

#17. Serious Sam Next Encounter

Click here to download SERIOUS SAM NEXT ENCOUNTER ISO game.
Genre: Shooter, Action.
Size: 1.2 GB.
Rating: 100%.

Link Credit: Romsmania

Last Words for Best Gamecube ROMS for Dolphin Emulator

The above listed 17 GameCube emulator games top the list of Gamecube ROMS for dolphin emulator on any OS, especially Android and Windows since both of them are the currently the most used operating systems now.

How To Download GameCube Roms for Dolphin Emulator

To download gamecube iso pack, simply visit Romsmania because it's one of my best GameCube ROM site to get all I want.

Disclaimer Notice: The list of Gamecube ROMs and links above are not provided to encourage piracy nor copyright of the game copies without permission, it is always advisable to download game files from the official sources (if accessible). We're never an affiliate of Romsmania, just shared based on personal experiences.

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Hate your boss? Looking to make a career change? Moving to a new city?

Whatever your reason, if you’re looking for a new job, there’s one thing you’ll need:

A strong resume.

Whether you have an old resume that needs polishing or wants to create a brand-new one, keep reading. Here are seven resume formatting tips to double your chances of being noticed!

1. Keep It Clean

While resume formats vary slightly from industry to industry, there’s one rule that holds true for all:

It must be easy to read.

Don’t get fancy with your fonts or styling. Stick to one or two professional, easy-to-read fonts like Calibri, Cambria, Garamond, or Book Antiqua.

Keep your headers simple as well: Education, Experience, Summary, and Skills. You want the person reading it to be able to identify each section with ease.

If you’re starting from scratch or if your resume is a bit outdated, choose a modern template. Just make sure that it’s appropriate for your field or profession.

2. Focus on the Top Third of Page One

The top third of the first page is going to get the most attention. So, make sure it is clear, concise, and inclusive of all of your most important information.

This part of your resume should include your contact info, career summary, and the details of your most recent job. Be sure to include some bold, attention-grabbing phrases!

If you have a resume from ten years ago that you’re looking to polish, there’s a good chance it includes an “objective” portion at the top. It goes without saying that your objective is to get the job, so ditch that in favor of a career summary.

3. Add a Skills Section

The more resumes an employer receives, the more likely it is that they will scan them looking for relevant information.

Highlighting your skills allows them to do exactly that.

Without having to read through all of your previous job experiences, a skills section lets the employer know exactly what you bring to the table.

You can detail your skills in a bulleted list or create subsections with specific skills listed in different categories.

For example, if you’re a marketing manager, you may want a subsection that looks like this:

Digital Marketing (SEO, affiliate marketing, PPC advertising)

An IT professional might have one that looks like this:

Software Development (CSS, HTML, Javascript)

The trick to creating a powerful skills section is to make it specific. List both hard and soft skills, and mention any software programs or systems that you know. (Just don’t include the obvious, such as Microsoft Word.)

4. Show Your Accomplishments

If you’ve received awards or special recognition at previous jobs, mention them. Including specific accomplishments is a great way to show that you have been a valued employee in the past (and that you’re likely to be one in the future).

Whenever possible, back up your claims and accolades with numbers and metrics.

For example, don’t just say you were recognized as the top salesperson in your territory. Instead, say that you were recognized as the top salesperson in your territory for doing $10 million in sales last quarter.

5. Use Page Two

There’s nothing wrong with including a second page, as long as your experience warrants it.

A second page is perfectly acceptable if you have an extensive work history. And if you are applying for a managerial or executive-level position, it’s actually expected.

Just as you shouldn’t pad your resume with useless info, you also shouldn’t omit relevant information because it doesn’t fit on the first page.

And don’t use a super small font in the hopes of saving space, either.

To make your resume easy to read, use a font that's no smaller than 10 points and leave some white space between sections. These elements are much more important than cramming all of your information onto one hard-to-read page.

6. Include Links

Adding links to your resume offers your potential employer a chance to learn more about you. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile and a link to your personal website if you have one.

If you’re applying for a creative position, include a link to your online portfolio as well.

You can make your resume stands out even more by including a video link. Just make sure that the video is brief (one to two minutes long), professional, and focuses on why you are the best candidate for the job.

Any links that you include should be in the header section of your resume.

7. Add Some Color

While it’s best to print your resume in black ink on white paper, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little color. In fact, a small touch of color is a great way to make your resume stand out and get noticed.

We’re not talking about adding bold, bright colors or multicolored text. We’re talking about the addition of subtle colors such as light blue, light green, or pale yellow. You can use these colors to highlight certain sections of your resume or create header boxes for each subsection.

Don’t feel comfortable adding color to your resume? Something as simple as a light grey header box can help your resume stand out in a large pile.

In Summary

Regardless of the job you’re applying for, you can be sure that you’ll have plenty of competition. So make sure your resume is formatted to attract attention (in the right way, of course).

  • Keep the fonts simple and easy to read
  • Make sure the top third of the first page includes all of your most important information
  • Add a skills section to highlight your experience
  • Mention any special accomplishments or awards you’ve received from previous employers
  • Include a second page if you can’t fit your relevant experience on page one
  • Include links to your personal website, online portfolio, and LinkedIn account
  • Add some color by highlighting header boxes or specific sections

Apply these formatting tips to your resume and you’ll have a much better chance of securing an interview. And that’s where you’ll really be able to impress!  

Author bio:

Working with Broadstone Market Station, Angus Flynn has more than five years of experience in the multifamily housing industry. In his free time, you will find him enjoying life on the Lake and spending time with friends.
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If you are conscious about the beauty of your house, you also prefer to apply different types of solutions to add unique factors of beauty in it. It is actually very much impressive to enjoy lawn parties with your friends or family members. Especially, in summer people prefer to have these types of events in Australia respectively. You can only enjoy the lawn party at your home if you have maintained the grass perfectly. Maintain the grass of the lawn perfectly is not an easy thing. You may have to apply different sources that may add a unique touch of beauty by all means. There are several solutions available in which you can better maintain the beauty of your lawn through the grass.

Most of the people living in Australia prefer to utilize Turf on the lawn. The respective trend is spreading all over the world these days. There are several types of service providers you will get in the list which are providing the turf solution for the lawn and the quality of the artificial grass would be exceptional. The selection of trusted turf suppliers like a view turf is quite difficult but you can better find it from the internet respectively. If you are willing to install Buffalo grass type in your lawn, you also have to apply some useful tips that will keep it perfect in look for a long time respectively. Moreover, you can better get to utilize the help of professionals in it that we will let you know later.

What Is Buffalo Grass?

 Buffalo grass type is very much useful as a lawn grass. Normally, people prefer to utilize this type of grass in their lawns in summer respectively. It has a specialty that it is a cold-resistant grass type and it is a good choice as well. The idle time to sow the Buffalo grass is in April or May and it is also considered as a low maintenance turf respectively. This grass type also needs just a moderate amount of moisture respectively.

Here we will let you know some of the best and inspiring solutions on how you can take care of Buffalo Grass-type that can better enhance the beauty of the lawn respectively.

Tips to Take care of the Buffalo Grass

1. Fertilize Properly

Lack of fertilization may also affect the color and health of the grass type of your lawn. You need to fertilize it properly and it is also recommended you to utilize the authorized products that can effectively provide you the lush green grass in return. You need to fertilize the lawn once every two months.

2. Watering The Grass

It is really very important to water the grass of your lawn heavily so, it could easily reach in the roots respectively. Always, prefer to water the lawn in the morning because it will keep it safe from fungal diseases.

3. Application Of Wetting Agents

You also need to utilize the application of the wetting agent at least twice a year. It will keep it secure from every type of disease and it will also allow the lawn to grow healthy grass as well.

4. Mowing The Grass

Make your habit to mow the grass properly or you can better get assistance from turf supplier like a new turf solution provider in Australia. They will better guide you on the points and it is recommended you to get their help in this regard. They will efficiently guide you with quality solutions.

5. The Use Of Iron Supplements

An iron supplement is also very much important for the grass to grow naturally. Buffalo grass also requires a lot more iron supplements. Once you get the lawn is getting pale, you need to apply the iron formula on it to restore its health efficiently. This practice you need to apply regularly in late autumn.
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Decorating is an art of making something more likeable and attractive than it originally is, by adding additional details and fragments to intensify its physical appearances, to fancying up by adding superficial adornments to it, using ornaments in order to emphasize its festivity and grace. Here in this very segment are defined some of methods so you do up something in your kitchen to make it more pleasing and nice looking within your budget and without any extra skills, these methods are hassle free, and are tried and tested which is guaranteed to make your kitchen extra beautiful.


Whenever we hear the word “beautiful “ the very first thought comes to our mind is flowers, and plants what is more beautiful than the plants and flowers whenever a new flower is bloom, it brings a whole new life, a whole new beauty, What do we know about plants, when we look plants closely with a little care and detail we will realize how each and every one is unique , one can encage those little lives, in their indoors, houses and in the kitchen and showcase them because they will be considered the center of attention.

One can easily and effortlessly put those plants in one’s house, because at first they does not costs much, and second one can get them conveniently at online flowers shop and can get extra discount by using seedsman discount codes .


A beautiful and well crafted nameplate in your kitchen can instantly make your kitchen cool and good looking altogether, nameplates comes in variety of materials ranging from acrylic, brass, ceramic, glass, marble, steel, stone and wood. Nameplates can be used in different styles as a nameplates can represents your family photo, pet name, your favorite meals, a message, or a quote, carved nameplates can be mounted on the wall or door and placed on a table with a stand. Buy affordable, sturdy, easy to hang nameplates online and use discount codes and The House Nameplate company discount code to get more discount.


The nature itself is naturally beautiful, if the Natural light makes it way inside your kitchen the whole look of your place will be upgraded, the natural light can be enter in your kitchen through the window, here the well crafted window can present the sophisticated look, the finishing of frames defines whole new scenario, frames are not always used for the trim at the ends of glass, if the frame of your window and door are like then it will create the better look, will be look put together and uniformed. High quality frameworks will not only beautify the story but also prevents the leakage of air and moisture.

The Art Of Appreciation

Furniture like dining table, stools and chairs takes much portion of your kitchen, then they must look great, not just great but also feels comfortable because the main function of any furniture is its quality, the looks are secondary Constituent, therefore they must full fill the comfort zone, the quality of mattress, the textures and stitching of cushions must be fit at right places, besides its quality and comfort zone; one can add additional little details on it, as table clothes, flower pot an aquarium with colorful fishes in it this would be worthy and will pass the praise, those little creatures would must divert the attention of viewers and leave the rest at note, flower vase, or a masterpieces like chinaware’s, or you can put the warm and cozy rug underneath the table, cushions of different sizes, Colors’, and shapes would alternate the whole dimension, at the end all those little efforts would make up the art of appreciation.


Adding more furniture, decorating pieces, plants or other stuff like this, is not going to help you in giving the look of pleasant or good looking kitchen, unless you take care of your materials, provide all the necessary factors in your environment like cleanliness, giving the exposure of natural light to your kitchen so that the furniture in your kitchen get the better life of it, or can eliminate the bugs which are harmful for the furniture, sunlight is not only necessary for your furniture only but it is good for plants too.