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Hair is the centerpiece to any guy’s look, yet so many guys neglect it. Big mistake. Womenare wild about two things—hair and shoes—so you’d be well served to identify a style that works for you and stick with it. It’s not difficult, but it does take some thinking. A good way to forecast hair trends is to go online and check out the Men’s Fall 2019 collections in Milan and Paris. Ready to depart from the same haircut you’ve had since eighth grade? Here are a few top-end looks that I’m seeing more and more guys rocking now.



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Great for all hair types, including curly. It’s low maintenance and instantly draws attention to the guy’s eyes, jawline and smile. Must be short, evenly buzzed and have nice clean edges around the ears and neck. Best part? You never have to worry about bedhead.

Clean Cut 

Clean cut

Best for normal hair (not too thick, thin or curly). Guys can opt for a softer, tousled side part for casual settings (use fingers to style) or a sleeker, more refined look for a night out (use comb to create sharp part). Hey, Don Draper does it, why not you?



Great for all hair types. Shaved or close
sides with length on top for styling. This is a versatile, polished style and I recommend using a comb to create it. If the ladies happen to mistake you for Bruno Mars, well, that never really hurts.

Slicked Back

Slicked back

Timeless look that works best with thicker hair. Apply a strong-hold pomade while hair is nearly dry. Don’t forget the sides of your head, and tuck any stray hairs behind the ears. Best indicator you are doing it right? People start hitting you up for stock tips.

Middle Part

Middle part

Also known as “one part Bohemian and one part rock ’n’ roll.” Works well with curly hair. Use light-hold product, like a cream, to give your hair some volume and height. Ideal candidates for this look include professional soccer players, musicians, actors and Johnny Depp.
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Are you a business owner that needs to recruit some top quality candidates? It is important that you are not just hiring anyone if you want to make sure that things go smoothly and that your business succeeds. There are plenty of ways that you can recruit new staff and ensure that they are right for you.
Here, we are going to give you some tips to help you to achieve this. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this.

Tips For Finding Top Quality Candidates:-

Look In The Right Place

If you really want to find top quality candidates, then you are going to need to look in the right place. Simply putting out a generic job advert on a job seekers website isn’t going to get you the results that you need. You need to make sure that you are using resources like LinkedIn or executive search agencies. This way, you can find the right candidates and be sure that you are looking in the right place.

Try A Temp Staffing Agency

Sometimes, you need to see a candidate in the job before you can trust that they will be a good addition to your team. This is why we suggest that you go to a staffing agency like Corporate Job Bank who are a local Phoenix firm that are ranked at number 1 in their area. Try to choose an agency like this who have a good reputation in your location. Temp services in can help you to find temporary candidates and then decide to take them on once you know that they are right for your business.

Offer A Good Package

What kind of perks package are you offering candidates in the job ad? If you are not offering a good enough package that is going to compete with other local businesses, then you are going to lose out on top quality candidates. Think about offering healthcare, more holiday days and special rewards in your perks package if you want to make sure that you can secure that top quality candidate.

Hold A Good Interview

Our final tip for those who want to find top quality candidates for their business is to hold an effective interview. If you just ask a few generic questions, then you are not going to get a good enough impression of the candidates. Think about adding in a task to the interview or having them shadow another member of staff for ten minutes. This way, you can see them in action and hopefully see them fitting in with your current team.

Final Verdict

The country is full of candidates that are waiting to fill the positions that you have to offer. If you are looking for some top quality candidates, then you should make sure to offer a good perks package and hold a good interview. If you want to make sure that they fit in, you should also contact a temp agency who can find suitable candidates whom you can make permanent if you want in the near future.
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Women love their bags! For them, it's always more the merrier. Also, the designer brands today are coming up with attractive bags that can get used both for occasional and casual purposes. However, are you someone who has an affinity for stylish and big bags? If yes, you could say yes to the smart and stylish tote bags. You will find them in various materials, such as cotton, plastic, and canvas. However, the best variant that is available is the leather tote bags. Suave, sleek, and spacious these bags are something that every woman wants.

Today, you will come across several tote bags online! If you are new to this category of bags, it is essential to know the multiple types for you to decide well. Discussed below are the top five tote bag types that you can select from as you shop for yours.

1. The big canvas shopping tote bags

Initially, the tote bags were called the shopping bags, and it is mainly because of the size. After that, designers have been craftily experimenting with this form and blending it with several fashion templates. That's where you have the chic and modish tote bags today. However, when it is about the huge shopping totes, you can select the size that fits best for you. And just because it says shopping, doesn’t mean it can’t have any other utility. Large size bags are in fashion for a long time now. You can stuff your shopping totes with your wallet, tablet device, camera, and other daily belongings and can carry it as your everyday bag.

The ideal material for this tote will be leather, faux leather, or canvas. These materials are sturdy and long lasting. That means, if your bag load is extra for some reason, there's no chance of the strap coming out or the stitches ripping apart. It's the bag handles that makes it easy for you to carry. You can select from a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs that are available today.

2. The small crossbody tote

Even if you have an affinity for big bags, you can experiment! It doesn't mean you have to move out of your favorite tote bags completely. You can select a variant that comes under it. If you are just out for a handful of hours, you can keep aside your regular tote for a while and select the small cross body tote. It is easier to carry and is a smart bag choice for the woman who loves to dress sober and fashionable.

The crossbody totes are an apt choice if you are traveling, going out for brunch, going to a casual and friendly meet-up, leisure walks, and many more. It gives you ample space to carry your wallet, phone, sunglasses, and your daily make-up kit. If you are planning for a vacation, it is a wise choice. You can easily pack it with your primary luggage. Later on, you can use this bag as your tourist purse when you are out on your sightseeing. The bag can accommodate a small water bottle, phone, papers, snack, and many more. It can easily fit within the airplane bag. Also, if you are a person who loves to spend time outdoors, you can use this bag daily as well.

3. The classic corporate tote bag

You sure have to create an impression and be well turned out when you are in a corporate scene. Everything from your dress, hairstyle, shoe, watch pen, Smartphone case, and bag matters. You are always under the scanner. And that means it is essential for you to ensure that you are dressed well, keeping the corporate dressing code. You will have files, tablet devices, power banks, and other accessories to carry daily. A stylish and spacious bag is what you need. It is here that corporate tote bags can help you in a big way.

Usually, the formal or corporate tote bags are made of leather or faux leather, to give it an official appearance. The size varies from medium to large, with a flat and fixed bottom. It is sturdy and can withstand daily use without getting worn.

4. The everyday tote bags

Whether you want to visit a friend or have a birthday party to attend, the daily tote bag is the best accessory for you. Designed using mostly high-quality faux leather, leather, canvas, and sometimes synthetic materials, this bag is usually medium-sized and have unique designs. You can find quirky badges on it at times. Some designers also experiment with designer chains, sequins, prints, and color combinations. These bags come with high raised sides and a flat bottom that gives the bag the ample space to carry your every belonging like a note pad, wallet, phone, mobile charger, pen case and perhaps a small box of dry fruits and nuts as well.

5. The beach tote bag

It is essential for all women to have a beach tote bag of their choice! And there are plenty to choose from today, from the attractive online stores which feature products from reputed brands. A beach tote bag has a zipper that adds greater security. Also, you have the chance to select from various vibrant colors to complement the beach ambiance and your beachwear. Fashion experts suggest that the best option is a tri-color beach tote, which is sand and water-proof, and that looks compact and chic. Else you can purchase two of different colors and alternate it the way you want to.

Women today have several reasons to say yes to casual and designer tote bags! There are many other variants other than the ones discussed above. However, if you are new to tote bags, you can decide which one do you wish to opt-in for, based on your choice, requirement, and budget capacity. If you already have a tote bag, you can expand the variety by opting in for a tote bag type which you don't own. For instance, if you have always carried leather tote bags to work, try shopping for a cross body tote or a beach tote. That way, you can add your style and bag collection as well.
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E-Commerce Cart Abandonment

Window shopping doesn't only happen in offline stores, online stores are too experiencing it a lot in the form of cart abandonment. Nothing is heart-breaking for a store owner than a customer leaving the cart at the last moment and never comes back.
Shopping cart abandonment is a nightmare for store owners. A whopping 98% of people who visit an online store won’t make a purchase that makes the average cart abandonment rate to 67.91%. No matter what product you are selling, cart abandonment is a common complaint every single e-Commerce owner cry about. For a photo product eCommerce, things are no different either, they add custom photo goods to their cart and vanish forever.

What is Cart Abandonment and why do People Leave Halfway?

Cart abandonment is when a customer has added products to the shopping cart and is on the verge of buying but decides to quit right before the checkout process and apparently never returns. Now, the reason behind doing so is not for fun, there are few reasons why people leave halfway like;
  • Unexpected costs (like extra shipping or taxes)
  • Complicated navigation
  • The long and tiring checkout process
  • Better price somewhere else
  • Security concerns
Therefore, for your photo product eCommerce store, here are some tips to prevent customers from abandoning the shopping cart.

1. Be transparent. Avoid giving price shocks

It is when the hidden costs show up, half of the people abandon the shopping cart. Customers never like surprises when it comes to payments. Don’t give them shocks by revealing delivery charges, shipping charges or other in the end. Give them a detailed description of what all charges they are required to pay so that they can prepare for it and decide to buy no matter what.

2. Offer free shipping

Who doesn't like free? Most of the times, shipping charges are a turnoff. As per Forrester Research, 40% of visitors abandon their shopping cart just because of the shipping is not free. Same goes for the delivery charges. If you can't afford to give them for free, put some conditions like a customer has to shop for a particular amount to get free shipping or offer them an incentive or discount for their next purchase.

3. Remind them about their abandoned cart

It happens that a customer abandons the cart due to some genuine reason but then forgets about it. It is your duty to remind them about their cart. Set reminder notifications or emails such that whenever a customer abandons the shopping cart, the reminder reaches them soon and continues to prompt them to finish the shopping.

4. Allow guests to checkout

Not everyone likes to create an account or register in order to shop. Instead, you can always ask them to create an account after the checkout process and encourage them to do so by offering benefits of account creation like discounts, special offers, referral discounts, shipment tracking etc.

5. Implement popups

When a customer is about to leave your site, you can prevent them from doing so by creating an exit-intent popup. They are the pop-ups that can easily be installed on your store’s web to print photo book software and they appear right when the user is about to exit. You can add your encouraging message in the pop along with some offer that can make the customer rethink before quitting or even better, finish the shopping.

6. Eliminate complications

Be it the navigation or the checkout process, anywhere a customer is facing trouble with your website must be cleared and made simple. Customers don’t like to get stuck somewhere because remember, they have other options.

7. Display security badges

Due to rising cybercrimes, it is normal for customers to doubt your website. Hence, before providing their personal details and financial information, they would want to know whether you can be trusted or not. Show all the security measures you have taken like a valid SSL certificate, various trust logos and security symbols like Verified by VISA, PayPal Verified, Norton Secured and so on. All of this will help people feel protected and safe.

8. Keep payment options open

Customers hate when they are willing to pay for the product but their preferred mode of payment is not available. You never know, when you will get customers from abroad then how will you ask them to pay? Therefore, include all the universal payment methods, such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, Diners Club, and JCB.


You can't put a stop to cart abandonment but you can lower down its rate with the above tips. Track first, why people are fleeing from your cart and focus on improving those sections of your website. Hence to keep your store running with online photo book software in good shape, you need to make the necessary amendments on your site as we discussed above.

About the author:

Amy watson

Amy Watson has completed her education in Information Technology sector and then she has started working in eCommerce web to print research & development segment at Design’N’Buy. After getting more than 5 years of experience in web-to-print technology market segment as well as Print Commerce product customization software development & solution she found best interaction model about it. She really enjoys her success in research and development for start-up business by extending current model with highly reflective ROI model.
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Fashionable smartwatch

We all use wristwatches, but the reality is not many of us know the tips and tricks required for selecting a wristwatch. If you want to know the truth, the size matters in case of a wristwatch. The following article is your guide to choosing the wristwatch according to the size. Search online for your favorite Casio Singapore wrist watches.

The wristwatch checklist

While choosing a wristwatch, keep in mind the following considerations,
  • The case diameter.
  • The thickness of the case.
  • The width of the watch band.
  • The material of the watch band.
  • Details and components of the watch.

The diameter of the case

The case diameter is the most crucial consideration, and men's watches are between 38mm to 46mm. Anything below 38mm and you are into women's watches and jewelry pieces. If your wrist measures anything around 6-7 inches mark, then go for watches with a diameter of 38 to 42-mm. If your wrist size is bigger than that you can sport the massive cases of 46-mm and above.

The thickness of the watch case

Case thickness is dependent on the case diameter of the watch. Thinner cases meaning higher quality is a myth with the modern-day watches. With quartz and chronograph designs, you can now go for the sturdier and bigger cased watches to make a bold fashion statement. The general design is a 7-mm thickness for watches having a diameter between 38-42-mm. Keep in mind that the case thickness increases with increasing case diameter.

About the width of the watch band

Any well proportioned and carefully crafted watch will have the width of the band at half of the case diameter. So, with the 40-mm watch, you have gone for, the width of the band is 20-mm if it is from a reputed maker. The equation here is pretty simple; if you have fuller wrists go for bands that are wide and smaller band widths for thin wrists.

The band material for the watch

There are two primary considerations in case of the material for the band of the watch. If you want the slimmer look, go for the leather bands. In case if you want the watch to appear bigger and heavier, you should go for the metal watch band. So, all of you with slimmer wrists, check out leather bands to suit your style statement. It is all about personal preference.

The details of the watch

Last but not least, you have to factor in the components of the watch to make sure of the fashion statement. Always make a mental note of the numbers, hour, minute, and second hands. You need larger and easy to read dials along with illumination when it is dark. Also, make sure of the lug size, the push buttons, and the changers are easily accessible and can be adjusted without breaking into a sweat. Keep in mind that with more prominent components, the profile of the watch becomes bulky as well.

In conclusion, our experts would like to suggest you the winning formula. Combine all of the tips mentioned above, along with your personal preference to find the right choice for your wristwatch. All the best!
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Personal loan

Personal loans constitute to be one of the more crucial financing products that help you to tide over financial emergencies. However, being typically unsecured, these loans carry a relatively higher interest rate as compared to other products.

You might prefer to pre-close your personal loan in order to save on the interest outgoes that you would have to bear with otherwise. Moreover, if you are planning on applying for long term credit – a home loan, for instance – in the near future, it would be wise on your part to clear outstanding personal loans - something that can help to pull up your credit score by notches.

Stated below are a few factors that you must keep in mind before you decide to close a personal loan. Read on:

Whether foreclosure is allowed

Certain lending institutions do not permit foreclosure of loans. It follows that you should ideally check if your preferred lender has the provision for a pre-closure or not. Should pre-closure not be allowed, you would have no option but to continue servicing the EMIs till the end of loan tenor.

- Lock-in Period

Many lending institutions attach a lock-in period during which you would not be permitted to pre-close your personal loan account. Generally, this lock-in period is of 12 months; however, it is likely to vary across institutions and their statutes. You should ideally verify if your lender attaches any lock-in period before moving ahead with pre-closure.

- Pre-closure Penalty

Most lending institutions levy a penalty for pre-closure of personal loans. The pre-closure penalty can range anywhere within 0.5% - 5% of the outstanding loan amount. Before opting for a pre-closure, make sure that the amount you’d save on, in all probability, calculates to be higher than the pre-closure charges.

Simply put, pre-closing your personal loan should be an informed decision, one that you arrive at after having compared the potential savings (on interest outgoes) and the penalties payable, if any.

- Follow the Procedure

In order to close a personal loan, you’d have to comply with a few rules and regulations. For instance, every lender has a set procedure for loan closing that you will have to abide by. You’d need to intimate your decision to close the loan to your lender and carry all relevant documents with you. Also, have the proof of loan closure handy in order to avoid any confusion in the future.

How to close Personal Loan

Loan closure can be of two types:
   1. Normal closure: This refers to closure of your loan account at the end of the loan tenor after having paid off all the EMIs.


For normal loan closure, you’d need to visit the issuing branch, along with your id proof, a cheque in case of any outstanding amount and your loan account number. You may need to fill and submit a loan close application to the lending institution. Once the loan is closed, the lender will issue a “No Dues Certificate” or a loan account closing letter as proof of closure.

   2. Pre-closure or foreclosure: This refers to paying off the outstanding amount and closure of your personal loanaccount prior to expiry of tenor.


In case of Personal Loan Foreclosure, the procedure is rather similar; except that you’d need to pay off the outstanding loan amount and shell out the prepayment penalty. Once all the dues are cleared, the lending institution would issue a loan account closing letter or a “no dues certificate”. It is advisable that you retain this certificate in order to save yourself the hassles of any dispute in the future.
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Effective ways to clean your home

Although a lot of people have cleaned their homes, not a lot of people do so in an effective manner. Sometidmes, people’s cleaning techniques can even damage the home rather than clean it.

It is important that we know the right steps to have a truly clean home. Cleaning may seem like an easy job to do, but there is a reason that a lot of people hire others to do it for them if they could. By hiring cleaning professionals to help you clean your home, you relieve yourself of the stress and hassle of cleaning.

However, not all people can do that, but it doesn’t mean you can’t clean as effectively as a cleaning professional. With that said, it is important that you hear from cleaning professionals what makes a truly effective cleaning ritual for a home.

Remove the Clutter


Before you get started with the thorough wiping of surfaces and removal of other dirt in your home, you should try to start it off by decluttering first. When you declutter before you 3clean your home, you make sure that you are covering all surfaces. Plus, decluttering is a way of cleaning in itself that helps you discern which items have to be thrown out and which to keep.

Another reason you should remove the clutter in your home first is that it would help you know more about what you’re dealing with. Additionally, it’s a great way to make your old place feel like new.

Invest in Cleaning Equipments

To be able to clean your home in the most effective and efficient way possible, then you need to buy tools that are able to get these results. You have to start cleaning efficiently by investing in cleaning pieces of equipment that do the job well.

Although it is encouraged that you invest in cleaning equipment, it doesn’t mean you have to buy the first cleaning infomercial product you find. Instead, you must make sure that the product you’re using is a quality cleaning product.

Expensive cleaning tools don’t equate to effectiveness, so make sure that you use the brands that have a good reputation and work well.

Do the Easy Ones First

The reason why people tend to procrastinate cleaning their homes is that they tend to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that they have to finish. They see the big thing that they have to take care of first and they get discouraged to start cleaning.

To get yourself out of this unproductive mindset, all you need to do is start small. This is the reason why decluttering is one of the first steps you take before you clean your home. It gets you into the right mindset of cleanliness without making you scared to do the tasks first.

Vacuum the House


Before you start using any cleaning solutions and wiping down any surfaces with it, it is recommended that you vacuum down all of the rooms in your house first.

According to MaidSailors, a professional cleaning service provider NYC, vacuuming first helps make the cleaning process smoother for one big reason. If you find that your dust rag has to fight against dust bunnies and hair before you actually get to clean it, then this is the reason why you should vacuum first.

This will save you time by avoiding having to clean and reclean an area because your rags need not be replaced often.

Do the Bathroom Last

Bathrooms are where we do a lot of our dirty work so it is ideal that you leave the cleaning of your bathroom last.

It’s because, as mentioned before, bathrooms aren’t the cleanest of places. Thus, when you’re cleaning it, and you have to step out, you wouldn’t want to affect other rooms.

Plus, cleaning bathrooms can be intensive work that you need to build yourself up before you manage to do it. By doing bathrooms last, you are able to start small before you handle the hard-to-clean parts of your bathroom.

Provide Aroma After

Right after people clean their homes, not a lot of people go out of their way to freshen up their space through aroma.

More often than not, people are using chemical-based cleaning products that may not be the most pleasant of smells for the average person. With that said, once you’re done cleaning, then why not have a very mild but fragrant aroma waft through your rooms.

Instead of the chemical scent of your cleaning products, it will be a nice alternative or you can use an all-natural cleaning solution. Whether it’s the homemade variety or the store-bought one, these cleaning solutions usually don’t have chemical smells after use, which is always a plus.

Simple changes to how you clean your home can make you more efficient and more effective in cleaning. Not only will you save time, but you will also ensure that you are cleaning your home as well as you possibly can.

Author Bio:

Jack Xu

Jacky Xu is the Chief Operating Officer for,
a cleaning service in NYC. Maid Sailors take pride in providing unparalleled cleaning services at affordable prices. Maid Sailors help transform your house into a home.
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Digital marketing tools

When you have just entered the world of business, looking for a competitive edge is normal. Regardless of your exact profile, you will need to focus on implementing the right marketing strategies, in order to raise brand awareness and drive the interest and satisfaction of your target audience. Despite the numerous marketing and advertising tactics you have the possibility to opt for, consumerism has been digitalized in recent years, so your attention needs to go towards online trends. Digital marketing will provide you with the support you need to climb the ladder of success and reach business objectives. It’s time you create a sound online marketing plan that leverages the power of media marketing advancements. An appropriate set of digital marketing tools will give you the opportunity to manage your campaigns better and will provide you with the needed insights to improve and optimize your actions in this department. Being aware of the most powerful resources here can help you target the ideal opportunities, so here are 7 of the most frequently used tools by businesses and their marketers:

Google Analytics

Being one of the top Google tools available, free of charge, you should follow the example of many other businesses and integrate this tool in your marketing plan right from the start. An optimized online presence remains crucial for profitability and success in general, and keeping track of your website’s performance and its visitors should be one of your concerns. Data analytics gives you the chance to gain better control of website activities, and thus understand your customers better, in order to make the necessary, follow-up improvements. There’s no other option more popular here than Google Analytics.
  • Comprehensive analysis of site traffic rates - use this tool to find out what source is driving most traffic to your site, and pursue further actions based on the data collected. You’ll find out what is triggering the highest conversion rates, which means it will be easier to implement optimal changes.
Google analystics


  • Visitor searches - you’ll get insights on what exactly your visitors are searching for when browsing your site. This way, you can boost engagement by adding more targeted content.
  • Campaign tracking - use Google Analytics to track which campaigns are driving conversions, and which aren’t productive. By concluding how many conversions were obtained through a specific promotion, you can further reassess your strategies.
  • Customized, accurate data - get a hold of reports that contain detailed and accurate information on age segments, locations and genders.
  • Automated emails - after using the tool to customize your site’s data, send your customers regular emails based on their consumerism patterns.

Yoast SEO

If you know a little something about the current digital marketing trends, you are probably well aware of the importance of search engine optimization. Making sure the content of your site is appealing to search engines can influx your site’s traffic tremendously. If you have chosen WordPress as your website content management system, you can perfect your SEO practices by using Yoast SEO plugin to your advantage. Once you download the plugin, you’ll need to give some information about your site, and make the most of the features available, either the standard or premium ones.

  • SEO evaluation

The plugin evaluates every single piece of writing on your site, determining if it’s SEO friendly or not. Perhaps you have worked with Studicus, WowGrade, GrabMyEssay or other writing pros to create top-quality content for your online platform, which means you already have a great starting point. Upload the text and add any extra keywords if necessary. This tool will help you boost SEO capabilities by checking if you are using the targeted keywords in subheadings, texts and link URLs. You can establish if a piece of writing benefits from appropriate SEO performance capabilities before publishing it.

Seo evaluation


You can discover just how friendly your content is through Yoast’s readability metrics. Perhaps your paragraphs are too long, sentences too complicated or the writing style of your content needs general improvement – this plugin will provide you with the necessary insights to make desirable changes. It’s important to maintain readability levels high throughout your entire platform in order to ensure conversion rates, and this tool can help you reach that goal.


Social media has rapidly become one of the most important elements of online marketing. It gives your business the opportunity to easily reach out to your target audience, with no geographical barriers involved. Social media is affordable, ad-friendly and filed with users that are ready to engage with new brands. Just by looking into the current position of Facebook, the leading social channel, you will discover that this platform benefits from over 2 billion users who are active regularly.

Social media analystics

Taking into account the power of social media, targeting the most popular channels in your marketing campaign becomes critical, if you want to engage with tour customers, improve brand awareness, ensure customer satisfaction, boost brand loyalty and increase your site’s traffic. Hootsuite is one of the most appealing applications for social media network channels management. The system supports social network integration, the user interface taking the form of a dashboard. Numerous major companies from different industries are using the features of this tool.



There are multiple ways in which this system can improve your online marketing practices, allowing you to access compelling benefits:
  • Monitor and manage several social media streams in one place. You won’t have to go to each individual platform to post updates or connect with your audience, Hootsuite bringing over thirty social channels together, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • View how your social media campaigns are working through the data reporting features of this system. You’ll be accessing accurate analytics data.
  • Schedule your posts in advance – this way you’ll be sure your updates reach followers at any time of day.
  • Manage customer service across all of your social media accounts without having to check each platform individually.


An incredibly high percentage of both B2B and B2C businesses are currently using email marketing technologies, aspect that illustrates just how important this type of marketing strategy has become nowadays. As soon as you get your business started, consider developing an email marketing campaign, and with the tools you have available in this department, you can increase your odds of reaching appealing outcomes. MailChimp remains the most popular provider here. First starting out in 2001, this brand now has over 12 million users. What this system does is allow you to send emails to hundreds or even thousands recipients at once. You will be collecting leads, automating email campaigns and create and manage mailing lists and newsletters.
  • Divide your mailing list in different categories. This feature helps you to send out tailored messages to different customer categories. An example would be creating a reengagement campaign and sending it out only to customers who haven’t been responsive.
  • Expand your email list – access customizable signup forms that are easy to use and embed them on your site with the help of this tool.
  • Keep a tab on campaign results – MailChimp helps you actually see if your campaigns are performing well, or if you need to make any changes. The tool gives you important info, such as how many people are reading the emails and who is unsubscribing.
  • It’s easy to get started – you can rapidly integrate it with your ecommerce platform or website, customize your templates and there’s no coding involved.


Content marketing and influencer outreach – two elements you can target if you use BuzzSumo. While YoastSEO plugin, mentioned above, will help you maintain your content SEO friendly and readable, this tool allows you to be certain your content actually resonates with your target audience.

  • Find out what topics are trending

Are you actually writing content people want to read? It can be difficult to reach a conclusion on your own here and that is why you need BuzzSumo. With this tool, all you need to do is search for a keyword, and discover the most shared content, what performs best with your audience and with search engines at the same time. You’ll receive accurate data with your results, and you can use those insights to evaluate whether your current topics are optimal ones.

Yoast seo plugin


  • Find influencers for marketing collaborations

Many businesses enjoy BuzzSumo’s capabilities to help find the right type of influencers for their profile. When an expert or someone with influence in your chosen industry shares your content, your brand will naturally benefit from increased exposure, and your content could actually have a shot at generating the conversion rates you are interested in. With BuzzSumo searches, you will find all the major influencers who are talking about the same topics. This means you can do a direct outreach to a said expert, contact a top influencer and start a collaboration or encourage them to share your content. The possibilities are various here, it’s up to you on how you decide to use this tool’s features.


When looking into the topic of digital marketing even further, you will soon conclude that the integration of a CRM system is necessary. CRM software products allow you to collect, categorize and manage leads efficiently, without relying on your employees to handle these tasks manually. HubSpot actually encompasses multiple tools that target sales, marketing and CRM requirements – it’s a versatile and multi-purpose system that comes with promising advantages.
  • It connects to social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, and gathers data from users’ profiles. You can easily access important details on potential leads this way, and use it later in email marketing campaigns.
  • Website integration – HubSpot notifies you if a lead is visiting your site. Discover what pages they have browed and use the insights received to make an offer.
  • Keeping track of communications you have with potential customers. You can email leads directly from your HubSpot CRM platform, where the contact record is also registered.
  • Real time updates – the system updates in real time, so the information your salespeople are using is always accurate and reliable.

HubSpot collaborates with numerous companies from different business sectors, and they continue to receive positive feedback:


Vidyard GoVideo

Video content has reached a winning position over written content for a long time now. It’s far easy to draw attention and maintain engagement through a top quality, interesting video than through a block of text. Videos remain a powerful channel for sales roles, and with Vidyard GoVideo you can maximize the potential of your business’ videos, and make sure you get the best marketing results. This tool helps you find out who’s watching your videos and for how long.
  • Include videos in your newsletters for boosted engagement. Check accurate results with GoVideo.
  • Enhance articles with video content
  • Record marketing responses with
  • GoVIDeo and provide a personalized approach towards customer service
  • Create interactive product demos

This tool is easy to use, and it’ potential is quite impressing. All you need to do is record, share and track. Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends demands a key focus on video production.


Considering today’s business climate, you can easily understand why digital marketing has become critical for success. If you want to push your business in the right direction, adopting appropriate online marketing tactics is advised. You have at your disposal a multitude of options, and each one ensures various benefits. Among the variety of tools available, you should these few suggestions first.


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Logo design

If you want to become an expert at something, then you need to invest your time and budget in training yourself the right way. However, in order to train oneself, one must know who are the right people to get in touch with in order to become exceptionally good at that specific something.

The world is full of individuals who have previously served in the same exact field as you are currently seeking to excel. All you have to do to become like them is to follow them and learn from them.

You can call them your mentors, your teachers, your sensei, your pundits, or whatever. But it doesn’t change the fact, which these guys are not only exceptionally good but are willing to educate others too.

Similarly, just like every other profession, the logo design field is quite magnanimous. And just like in any other field, proteges need influencers to shine their path so they can achieve greatness in life just like their predecessors. Today, I am going to talk about some of the best logo design courses to help you become a remarkable influencer yourself. It is time to get educated and educate others as well.

So without further Ado, let’s check these free and paid courses!

1) LogoCore Master Class

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a professional, LogoCore is a great place to start your online learning. It helps you to polish up your logo design skills and learn some great new tricks.

The course comprises of 8 different modules which enable you to start logo designing from scratch. If you are already an intermediate level designer or a professional one, you can simply pick a module.

By completing your course for professional logo design at LogoCore Master Class, you will learn all about Master Adobe Illustration, grid structuring, vectorization, style guides, animations and more.

Want to connect with your Gurus? These guys also host a mentorship program to help you connect.

The cost for this course is around $72-$320 and it comes with a 65% OFF on Adobe Cloud.

2) LogoDesign Master Class on Udemy

Seeking a hands-on approach to logo design using the Adobe Illustrator? Look no further than the Logo Design Master Class on Udemy hosted by Just Creative.

This course contains 13 different sections and comprises of a total 85 different lectures. If you are starting out with graphic design or professional logo design business, it is a great place to help you open your mind to graphics. Alongside, effective logo designing you will get the chance to learn about:

  • Work with professional clients & research to provide them with the logo design that matters.
  • Create sketch works for clients as per their brand requirement and formulate the perfect logo.
  • Produce, Edit and Finalize an amazing logo design using none other but the Adobe Illustrator.

The course original cost is around $200 but currently, Udemy is offering it at 95% OFF, which is $10.

3) Free Online Logo Design Classes at CreativeLive

Why settle for one when you can learn the subtle art of logo design by five different industry experts. This course is entirely off the charts and is a completely FREE course that offers logo design lessons.

You can now learn exceptional logo designing from different people like Khara Plicanic, Matthew Jervis, and Michael Stinson. Each individual has their own course with a set of interesting chapters.

With CreativeLive, your learning becomes not just cheaper and easier but also quite interactive. Whether you wish to learn logo designing as a creative designer or start a career in logo designing.

This place is an amazing place to begin your professional logo design journey.

Just sign up for the course at CreativeLive and start learning.

Logo Design Online Course Bundle at SkillShare

The best place to learn all the new tips and tricks in the field of logo design is no other place but Skillshare. For those of you who don’t know about Skillshare, it is one of the largest platforms for online learning.

It has multiple interesting courses for every modern day designer. And keeping their design requirements in mind here is a complete Logo Design Online Course Bundle to help you.

You can choose from a wide range of courses to educate yourself. There are different course categories like Circular Logo Design with Draplin, Design Logo in Modern Style, Mastering Illustrator, Logo Design with Grids, and few others.

Each of these courses is curated by Industry experts namely George Bokha, DKNG Studios, Aaron Draplin, Jason Buff, and many others.

The fee structure may vary depending on the duration and length of the course material.

What are you waiting for? Join up their immensely grown circle of 57k followers increasing every day.

LinkedIn Learning for Logo Design Business

LinkedIn Learning is a vast platform with multiple web designers who can help you learn a lot. But when we talk about the experts, there are two people in general who are par excellent when it comes to the design industry. These are Von Glitschka and Bill Gardner.

Von Glitschka offers a 2.5 hour logo learning design class which contains some remarkable tips on creating the perfect logo design. He offers detailed lessons on how to define the scope, quote for a logo, name the logo, create a brand identity, and manage brand systems. He also talks about how to pitch for logo design business and discuss several style guides. He has a total of 6 online classes.

Bill, on the other hand, has 10+ tutorials. However, it will be great if you begin with his Logo Development series first if you are a newbie. It will help you clear up the fundamentals of logo design. Bill is a guy who offers value for money so you don’t have to worry about anything. He offers not just logo design lessons but also encourage his students and pump up their motivation with his sayings.

You can purchase both their courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform, the first month is FREE.

So that’s all folks! Here are some of the best logo design courses that I believe can help you learn professional logo design like no other. If you enjoyed reading this article, then stay tuned for more.
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Social media feeds marketing

Marketers always innovate and try new techniques and tricks to promote businesses and brands. Experimenting with social media is their new favorite. From UGC campaigns to hashtag contests, social media plays an important role in brand promotions and spreading brand awareness.

The dynamic character of social media serves in favor of the brands seeking marketing opportunities on social media platforms. Not just the platforms itself, social media is of great help even beyond the respective platforms. Social media feeds could be employed at your marketing service on your websites, blogs, and other platforms.

You could always embed social media feeds on your website to engage your website visitors with the user-generated content that you’re displaying through the embedded social media feeds on your website. It is a really smart, engaging, and strategic choice to boost your online business marketing strategy and grow it further to new heights.

This article enlightens the major benefits that come with embedded social media feeds on the website. Come, let’s have a look at each.

Benefits Of Embedding Social Media Feeds On Your Website

Embedding social media feeds on website is an amazing way to enhance your brand image in front of your website visitors and all other potential first time visitors who landed on your website searching for products similar like what you’re offering.

Embedded social media feeds on your website are a great first-time experience. They enhance the visual appeal of your usual looking website. It adds color and dynamic character to your website, attracting visitors and engaging them, thus making them stay longer on your website.

It also helps you to improve the relevancy of your website content. Once embedded, real-time social media feeds being displayed on your website showcasing user-generated content becomes a part of your website content. This not only increases the relevancy of your website content for the search crawlers but also presents your website as a great source of useful information.

Social media feeds are a great way to display user-generated content in a really attractive and engaging manner, and that too, on your own website. We all know how effective user-generated content can be in displaying the trust that people have in your brand.

When you display social media posts of your real customers sharing their real-life experiences with your brand, you display the proof of the credibility of the quality of your services and products. When your real customers vouch for you, your aspiring customers will definitely trust you more.

Also, user-generated content is quite engaging. It captures the attention of the viewers and leaves them scrolling down the embedded social media posts for quite a long time. Yes! They are that amazing. This results in visitors spending more time on your website. Thus, the dwell-time of your website visitors is enhanced and the bounce rate is significantly decreased.

The longer they stay on your website engaging with the embedded social media posts, more is the probability of their conversion. Hence, the conversion rates are also hiked. Click-through rates are also improved. Thus, the overall performance of the website is improved.

When you embed social media feeds on your website, you display a social side of your brand to your website visitors which they may be earlier unaware of. This helps you maximize your touchpoints with your regular users. More the number of platforms they can find you on, the better it is. This makes you an accessible brand which is a key point in building customer relationships.

Also, it helps you to handle social interactions better. Researches show that users readily interact with brands they follow on social media. So, when you inform your website visitors of your social media presence, there is a high probability that they will follow you back and most probably interact with your brand by liking, commenting, or sharing your social media content. In fact, your website visitors can do the same interaction on your website itself.

And likewise, the benefits of embedding social media feeds on your website are just never-ending. Improving the search ranking, robust SEO metrics, driving potential traffic, maximizing your touchpoints with the customers, and so many more.

Over To You

Embedding social media feeds on your website is a great way to promote your business and create a stronger and effective brand image.

Try embedding a social media hub on your website and experience yourself the amazing benefits of it.

Feel free to share your opinion about the same in the comment section below.