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Questions such as what are the Best Makeup Tutorials?, how can I do makeup for a party?, how can I do makeup for wedding?, how can I apply makeup perfectly? are often asked by ladies. This article comprehensively explains the hot trend right now on how to easily do your own makeup [face, eye, and lips] with Step-by-Step makeup tutorials to make your look more polished every day.

“Makeup as the name implies simply involves the process of making a face and body look more beautiful, dramatic and ceremonial.” Below is a list of makeup tools and their uses for you to easily apply makeup and look gorgeous.

Tools and Materials (Products) Used in Makeup Artistry

List of Makeup Tools:
  • Set of brushes
  • Eyebrow stencils 
  • Tweezers
  • Eyelashes curler
  • Blending wedge 
  • Q-Tips
  • Face Wipes.
List of Makeup Materials:
  • Eyeshadows
  • Eyelid primer
  • Brow pencils/powder
  • False lashes
  • Mascara 
  • Liquid eyeliner 
  • Eyeliner pencil 
  • Lip balm 
  • Lipsticks
  • Lip gloss 
  • Lip liner 
  • Face primer 
  • Face moisturizer 
  • Foundation 
  • Concealer
  • Powder 
  • Cheek blush 
  • Shimmer powder
Best makeup tutorials

How to Do Makeup [Step By Step Tutorial for beginners]

How to apply makeup perfectly even while you are a beginner? No worries! Follow this best makeup tutorials to create a modern made-up face(s) in less than 20 minutes:
  • First of all, keep your face clean.
  • Apply a moisturizer if you have any dry skin.
  • Apply foundation that matches your skin tone and blend outwards with a wedge.
  • Apply your powder with a powder brush.
  • Tweeze or arch your eyebrows.
  • Use a brow pencil or brow powder to fill in your eyebrows.
  • Apply eyeshadow primer on your eyelids.
  • Apply your choice of eyeshadow color (you can use different colors to the outer corners of your eyes). Make sure you blend it very well.
  • Line your upper eyelids close to your lash line with a liquid liner or pencil.
  • Apply mascara.
  • Apply a little lip balm on your lips, blend in and wipe off with tissue.
  • Line your lips with lip liner pencil and blend in.
  • Apply a lipstick and blend outwards.
  • Apply lip gloss (optional).
  • Step back, take a proper look at your face and correct all smudges.
  • Apply more powder and blend outwards 
  • Smile and apply blush powder on the apple of your cheeks, and finally, remember to smile often.
The above-listed makeup tools and materials are all you need to start doing your own makeup fast. This Best Makeup Tutorials shows you the simplest way to learn how to apply makeup perfectly by following the simple step by step above to get familiar with it, get confused? Read over again or drop your comment let's help you out from where you got stuck. 
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Are you having difficulty downloading Instagram Videos? Here is a very simple and latest method to download videos and photos from Instagram fast on Android using Instagram Video Downloader without stress, Instagram Video Downloader helps you to download Instagram videos and photos directly to your device in the easy and quick way, so you can open the video anytime, anywhere you want or share it with your friends, save the internet traffic.

How To Download Instagram Videos Fast

If you are having difficulty to download videos from Instagram before, using the Instagram video downloader (Android App), it is now easier for you to download Instagram videos directly to your Android device. Also, you do not have to worry about 'How to Save Instagram Videos With Free Apps and Tools' because you can also save the video promptly after the video is downloaded.

Below we have come up with a few simple steps. Follow these simple steps to download Instagram videos on Android.

But before we start with these simple steps, you need to have installed the best Instagram downloader app. Where to download this quick to use the app? Kindly click on the highlighted text to download Instagram video saver app then proceed to the steps below. ๐Ÿ‘‡

Best Apps to download videos from Instagram 2018

Step 1. Visit, login to your account and go to the which contains Instagram video.

Step 2. Search for the Instagram video or photo that you want to download.

Step 3. After you might have found your favorite video which you want to download, tap on the video while it's playing at the right side corner, click on the 3 vertical lines and click on the “copy link” option then the video will be automatically saved/ downloaded to your device storage.

Step 4. If it does not download automatically, open the video Downloader for Instagram, paste the video link/URL in the input URL box and tap on “Check URL” to download your video.

How to download instagram videos on Android

The app used in this process is one of the most popular is Video Downloader for Instagram. It lets you download or repost videos or from both Instagram and Vine with just a single click. It's called “Video Downloader for Instagram and Vine. Click this link to download the Instagram videos Downloader for Android.

Instagram Video Downloader Specification

App Name: Video Downloader - for Instagram.

Version: 1.1.56.

Size: 3.55MB.

Developer: InShort Inc.

Disclaimer: Re-uploading image and/or video is NOT encouraged, please seek owner permission.

You should also know that Comfortskillz Blog is not anyway affiliated with the developer of Instagram videos downloader.

Any unauthorized downloading or re-uploading of contents and/or violations of Intellectual property rights are the sole responsibility of the user.

I believe you wouldn't be asking for How to download a video from Instagram anymore. Enjoy your day !
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An interview is a formal meeting, in person, for the assessment of a candidate or applicant. To always meet the employer's expectations follow our step-by-step, noob-friendly guide to answering Common Interview Questions to avoid the wrong perception as not being intelligent.

In today's work environment, one need to be familiar with some Common Interview Questions because the ever increasing demands and changes to enhance productivity and effectiveness of the workforce has made employers seek after applicants who pass the right attitudes, knowledge, and skill sets to achieve optimum results that will impact on the overall performance of the organisation.

With the increase in knowledge and improved tools of learning, it's expected that the modern day graduate should be equipped with the relevant skills, abilities and personal qualities which will endear the employers to seek after such individuals.

Individuals who possess exceptional qualities and demonstrate these skills are likely to be successful in a competitive job market and this puts them in a position of employability, just as In My Feelings Challenge as an employer.

The demands of the workplace are such that every job does not necessarily require the same Skillset because different jobs require particular different complications of skills needed for the job.

How to answer interview questions easily
Pexel photo

Today's employers seek after graduates who are willing to learn and are capable of applying and adapting themselves to read situations.

The skills chart below will help you identify the skills and abilities that employers are looking for, then you will know the Common Interview Questions along with the best way to answer them.

How can you develop your skills?

There are many opportunities to develop your skills during your time at the University.

Employers often seek for individuals who have some evidence of involvement outside their course activities.

Volunteering in societies, engaging in social works, initiating projects for the communities, joining teams, obtaining work experience (paid or voluntary) or doing a part-time job can help to develop, hone your skills and improve your CV.

NOTE: Please kindly request for a letter of appreciation or acknowledgment from the beneficiary of your voluntary service, it would help during the job interviews.

Here some questions you might expect at interviews.

This article aims to outline some techniques for coping with Common Interview Questions that you might face. It is meant to give you ideas and a good perspective on how to answer questions during job interviews.

Common Interview Questions: A Simple (But Complete) Guide for 2018 and beyond

Let's get started

Common and likely questions you might be asked during interviews:

1. What interests you about this offer? 

Often times, applicants do falter when attending interviews due to lack of proper preparation and adequate research on intending choice of organization.

It's crucial for an applicant to know why you are applying for the job and also do thorough research on the organization of choice and must prove how valuable you would be to the organization through providing information collected while conducting the research.

This could arouse the recruiter/employer's interest and place you an advantage to secure the job easily.

At the interview session, it's imperative for you to talk about the specifics that caught your interest, attention to the intending job and endeavour to mention good things that the job will offer like career prospect, exciting area, and scope of work the company is pursuing, it is expected that as an applicant you must show a high sense of commitment to the company during the interview.

2. The role play (what is your intended role as an applicant?)

These questions are often designed to see how an applicant can react under pressure while at work and your ability to navigate, think through problems as they arise. As this scenario plays out, as an applicant you can't prepare your answers.

However, in answering the questions, it's expected you show an understanding of the issues, the ability to respond to the needs of others and be able to come up with a workable solution.

3. Can we know more about you?

These questions entail the applicant (you) providing relevant personal information about your course of study, personal details.

For questions that require reeling out personal details, you can summarize the main selling points like I'm a graduate of human resource management with core competence in relationship management and effective communication skills, my knowledge and skills in Microsoft office applications are uncanny and my work experience from the various tasks I undertook has helped develop personal skills gained from the various tasks I undertook.

It's imperative to emphasize your highly relevant points.

Reading your course of study, talk about relevant parts and ensure it sounds interesting. An approach you can adopt might be, the course has afforded me the opportunity to be thoroughly prepared for this organization, with a core focus on the Area of expertise developed over time which is particularly relevant to this job.

4. The future view (What is your future view?)

As an applicant, employers/ recruiters expect that you have a life plan which is broken in short, mid and long-term goals. This demonstrates to them that the applicant possesses sound knowledge of career management and planning skills which aid the applicant at the job.

This further proves that the applicant has the requisite skills and knowledge needed for the job and can develop through the organization ranks and provide an opportunity to aim for a more strategic and management responsibility.

5. Job relevance

It is expected that you might face questions which are directly related to the job if the course of study is relevant to the job. During the interview, you should Portray that you have a good understanding of the question and can relate with what you have a knowledge about. It is permitted to ask for a moment or two to think through about your answers and don't do this too often.

6. Clarification

Often times, an opportunity is provided for an applicant to ask questions of the recruiters/ employers for the purpose of clarification.

To avoid the wrong perception as not being intelligent, it is advisable for applicants to avoid asking questions that are of little or no relevance to the organization. In case there are no questions to be asked, do make it clear there are no questions that you have been thoroughly briefed with detailed information.

In summary

• Do your research into the job, career area, and company. Check their websites, ask questions of friends and relatives who work or worked with the company.

• During the interview avoid using “WE” rather “I” and emphasize what you did that are of high relevance to the job or company.

• Be positive and convincing to the interviewer about the value you will bring to the job.

• Ask for feedback.

I'm pretty much sure that if you follow the advice given in this guide to common interview questions, You will always be able to answer any interview questions with confidence, in the employer's expectations and get your desired job.
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In flight Wi-Fi

The craze of the internet is spread everywhere, from tea shops to bus terminals, train stations to airport lounges; it is a basic necessity of life. However, the craze hasn’t reached to the skies. We are still waiting a day when we will start using internet cheap and fast in-flight. Many airlines are adding this service to their carriers including the google flights and the list of airlines is expanding every other day. Some are giving their frequent flyer a roaming service for their national telecom companies as a part of their cheap flight's service while others are giving few MBs for free.

The internet in the airplane is there, but unlike the fast internet connections like charter internet deals on the ground level, it is still unreliable. Because of its snail-paced speed and non-steadiness. It arises in one’s mind that how the internet in airplane works and we it is so slow. What are the technical difficulties which hindering the speed and steady internet on an airplane?

In this article, you will see in-depth details of how the internet Wi-Fi works on the airplane. There are two types of in-flight Wi-Fi, tower-based, and satellite-based. We will discuss these two types below.

Ground tower internet

I was traveling once on the SkyTeam member “Saudia” airplane from Riyadh to Istanbul on their Airbus A330 airliner. An internet Wi-Fi and mobile service were given to the passenger on this flight. Basically, they were providing internet to their customers by making contracts with different on-ground network providers and made it commercial through roaming internet packages according to their local roaming services, It was slightly good in speed, but it was very expensive and limited plus it only worked when was plane is flying over the land areas. 

When internet Wi-Fi was first time introduced on aircraft, it was powered with on the ground cell towers like GoGo services. Usually, antennas are connected to the base of the fuselage of the plane, which sends and receive the signals from on-ground towers of telecom companies. As you travel into different sections of airspace, the plane automatically connects to signals from one tower to another tower, so in process of reconnecting to a different tower, there is a slight interruption or complete restart of the connection. This connection gives the high-speed internet but the main drawback of this type of internet is, it doesn’t work if the plane is taking ocean or sea route or over the remote terrain.

Satellite internet

The second form of technology is satellite technology. The technology works very similarly to the geostationary satellite internet (except the airplane is moving object). The airplane connects to the nearest geo satellite, which sends and receives signals to via transmitters attached to the plane. Information is transmitted to and from your Wi-Fi device to the top of the aircraft transmitter, which connects to the closest satellite signal. Wi-Fi signal is distributed to plane passengers through an on-board router. 

Satellite internet bundles

In both types of transmission and usability of the internet in the plane, the US has a much more developed infrastructure than anywhere else in the world.

Why is in-flight Wi-Fi so slow?

Technology is developing fast, but it has struggled to keep up with the complexity and a sheer number of Wi-Fi devices. Back in 2008, when in-flight broadband company Gogo, launched its first onboard Wi-Fi service on a Virgin America plane, the 3 Mbps connection was satisfactory for few. But now, with every passenger carrying at least one device to connect to innumerable applications that need internet, websites, and services, there’s a much greater strain on resources.

These days, a satellite connection offers around 8 Mbps, but satellites are expensive to maintain and upgrade, that’s why the internet connection transmission is slow with this technology. So we can’t depend on it and we are still lagging behind in the race for good internet from the on-ground connection.

Why is in-flight Wi-Fi so expensive?

All of that technology doesn’t come cheap and nor do the in-aircraft systems. Antennas also increase drag, adding fuel costs to the airline’s expenses. Those fees, plus engineering and maintenance costs are usually passed on to customer’s tickets.

Gogo, meanwhile, currently has a monopoly on US in-flight Wi-Fi, with a network that covers the whole country. It has been criticized for its painfully-slow upload and downloads speeds, but its new 2Ku service promises upgraded antennas and satellite services, delivering up to 50 Mbps almost as half the speed of  Spectrum Internet and faster than the other on-ground services.
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How to download Showbox on Android? Search no further! See how you can easily download/install Showbox Latest APK Version fast on your Android device below ๐Ÿ‘‡.

But before I dive into giving you the steps, let's get to know what Showbox for Android is all about. Showbox Apk is an Android app which is free to download and was built with the movie lovers in mind. Showbox for Android lets you watch unlimited free movies online, discover fantastic movies, documentaries, season films and TV shows with minimal effort.

Take note: There are many articles and YouTube videos teaching “How To Download LATEST ShowBox On Android” but here I come with something new and it's the simplest one among other tricks to download Showbox Apk on Android device.

This updated post Will teach you how to download Showbox for Android fast without being redirecting from one page to another, just a simple click and the app would be installed.

Note: If you are thinking of installing it from Google Play Store, sorry. Showbox for Android is not yet available in Google Play but don't worry, at the end of this article I will share the working link to download Showbox App for Android (latest version).


Now Let's get started

How To Download ShowBox Apk For Android

1. You have to visit:,

Showbox App for Android Download

2. Click on “Download For Android” after that you will be redirected to, scroll down till you see “Download ShowBox APK 5.10” and finally you are in Showbox Apk download homepage with welcoming messages.

3. Click on download Showbox and your downloading process should start immediately. You can use any browser on your Android, either Chrome, Firefox, or the UC Browser app. To me, I prefer using the UC mini for faster download experience.

Now you have successfully installed the Showbox apk on your Android, the next step is how to use the app. Don't know how to use Showbox for Android? Relax and follow the procedure below.

How to Download Showbox on Android (Easy Steps)

Showbox App is free to download, yet it's an app designed for all Movies Lover with a clean user interface which allows music streaming, streaming TV shows and series. This is a very simple to use but if you are new to it then read below steps on how to download Showbox for Android quickly.

Step 1, Download the latest showbox app from the above-given link.

Step 2, Turn on “Unknown Sources” on your Android device from the settings menu to install the Showbox Apk on your android device. E.g. To turn on the unknown sources option simply go to your phone settings ==>> Security ==>> Turn on “Unknown Sources”.

Note: This step may vary for different devices depending on the android operating system.

Now you can open the downloaded latest showbox apk file to install the app on your Android device.

When the installation process is successful you can easily use the app to access unlimited movies, TV shows, series and also free music streaming on your Android device.

Furthermore, in Showbox app, you don't have a need to download any other video or mp4 player. In this application, you need to just click your favorite Movie and then you'll enjoy All videos.

The Showbox apk is less in size and easy to download and install for all android users.

Show Box Apk File Details (Official)

• File type: Showmax .apk
• File Size: 39.1 MB
• Requires Android Version: 4.0 or above
• Download Time: 10 Seconds
• Video quality: HD 720 Pixels
• Features: Light, Genuine, Unlimited movies streaming
•Mods available: Yes

You can easily download the latest Showbox apk from the given link below, just tap on the Direct Download Link of Showbox Apk 2018 Latest Version below.

Back-end team of ShowBox ensures a great user experience by curating the content and ensuring the latest collection of popular movies. You will also get automatic app push updates, Just download this Free Movies streaming app and get a great experience with this wonderful Application.
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There are countless apps and websites that teach the Japanese language, some are better than the others while some are still the best. The question is that how do we get to know that which app is doing better, using the fastest teaching techniques and strategies for learning Japanese.

Looking for how to speak Japanese naturally without a need for Japanese teacher or don’t want to spend years learning? If yes then I don't need to waste your time with too much introduction. All you need is your smartphone and the Best App To Learn Japanese from our list below. We've found 5 best Android apps for learning Japanese fast and quickly, and for having fun just like you’re playing a game on your smartphone.

Undoubtedly, these apps are, however, some measures you can take to make learning Japanese easier and faster always.

5 Best Apps for Learning Japanese Like a Pro

Below are the best 5 apps that will help you to learn Japanese like a pro at any time anywhere for free.

1. Learn Japanese (Offline)

This app is one of the best apps to learn Japanese with over 1000 commonly-used Japanese phrases and vocabularies for travelers and beginners in 18 categories to learn Japanese so easily.

The app is completely offline, and it contains over 10+ different categories, these includes:
  • Greetings
  • General Conversation
  • Numbers
  • Time and Date
  • Directions & Places
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Eating out
  • Shopping.
Another great feature of the Cat Spanish app is that you can Search by Japanese or English and save your favorite sentences for review later when you travel.

Best app to learn Japanese quickly

2. Japanese For Beginners

Japanese for beginners is an awesome language learning app for beginners. This app makes it easier for everyone who wants to quickly learn basic Japanese hiragana, katakana, kanji, and the phrase because they can fit the lessons in a busy schedule, wherever and whenever. This app is now available for all Android users and you can download it from here.

Learning Japanese quick process

3. Easy Japanese Learning For Beginners

As the name implies, easy Japanese learning for beginners is a modern, simple app that will walk you through all the easiest method of learning the Japanese language as a beginner. The app comes along with vocabulary lessons which make the learning process very attainable. In the app, you would find the easiest method of learning about animals, fruits and drinks names in Japanese is also another interesting thing to learn. Download Easy Japanese Learning to learn the Japanese language, Japanese vocabulary, prepare for Japanese exams like JLPT ( ๆ—ฅ่ชž่ฝๅŠ› ). Source: best app to learn Japanese (fast).

4. Japanese Phrases And Conversation

If you are interested in learning all commonly used Japanese phrases and vocabularies – anytime, anywhere, Japanese Phrases is the app that will help you learn it all. The app has a huge collection of idioms and phrases which makes the lessons more interesting.

Learning Japanese phrases and vocabularies fast

5. Japanese For Beginners

Japanese for beginners became one of the most popular used apps to learn the Japanese language for free and easily using a tablet or laptop. The Japanese for beginners is one of my favorite and best app to learn Japanese, it's simple and direct Japanese language learning app meant as an introduction to beginners and enthusiasts. All words 'learned' are tested repeatedly thereafter, on a basis of decreasing regularity, if answered correctly, as you gain familiarity with the said word. Click here to download Japanese learning app for free.

japanese for beginners

I believe you will definitely pick one from the list as one of your best apps to learn Japanese on a mobile phone.

Although there are many best apps to learn Japanese easily out there, these 5 apps are definitely a cut above the rest and worth trying if you don't want to spend years learning Japanese. If you have any thoughts or ideas related to the best app to learn Japanese, don't hesitate to share it in the comment section below.
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Bet9ja is the best bookmarking website offering wide range of sports betting opportunities on all leagues to everyone across the world. Bet9ja allows her prospect users to create and manage their accounts on the platform in order for them to easily carry out their betting activities such as bets booking, live bets, deposits/withdrawals, bet slips cashout, and much more.

According to research, It's quite noticed that so many people are still looking for how to fund Bet9ja Mobile account without stress. But I promise, after reading this post you would be able to fund your bet9ja account easily without going to the bank.

If you are not yet a Bet9ja registered customer, kindly Register on Bet9ja to Follow the Action, bet conveniently even while on your bed without going to bet booking shops to book a bet.

This post will show you the quickest steps on how to fund bet9ja account with ATM ๐Ÿง to enable you book bets directly from your mobile device in a convenient manner.

bet9ja card instant deposit

Now let's get started!

How To Use ATM To Fund Bet9ja Account Easily

Bet9ja mobile quick account funding process:

1. visit: either the PC or the bet9ja old mobile version, click on login, fill the required details (your username and password).

Bet9ja Mobile
2. After filling the details, click “LOGIN”.

3. From the right top corner, click on My Account.

Bet9ja Account

4. In the drop-down menu, you have these options:
  • Withdrawable (your current balance, e.g. ₦100,000)
  • Bonus (if there's any)
  • My bets
  • My Account 
  • Cashier 
  • Log out. 
From the list, click on “Cashier”.

Bet9ja ATM Deposit

5. Click on deposit from the options as in the screenshot below:

6. When you click on deposit, this will take you to a new window containing a list of bet9ja instant deposits options namely:
  • Instant Cards Deposit
  • Banks Instant Deposit
  • UBA EmailMoni Deposit
  • GT Bank Online/Mobile Transfer
  • ATM Deposit Instant ATM Deposit
  • QuickTeller Online Instant Deposit
  • Paycom
  • Skye Mobile Deposit.
As you can see, there many deposits methods which you can easily fund your bet9ja account but the easiest and my preferred option is Instant Cards Deposit which I think would be your preferred choice too.

Bet9ja instant deposit

7. When you click on “Instant Cards Deposit” it will redirect you to where you would type in the amount of money you want to deposit.

Bet9ja old mobile
After typing in the amount to be deposited, click on Continue ➡ again click on Confirm to go to the final step of your transactions.

8. Insert Your Card Details:
  • Card Number: The 16 Digit in front of your card.
  • Name on Card: Card holder’s Name.
  • CVV: The 3 Digits at the Back of your card.
  • Expiry Date: The date shown in front of your card MM/YY. ( e.g - 09/19).

Interswitchng payment

9. Click “Pay” (You will be redirected to a page requesting you to enter your OTP)

What is OTP? This is known as One Time Passcode; it is a six digits number that will
either be sent to your phone number or email registered with your
bank account.
• Kindly enter the OTP
• Click “I agree to Terms and Condition”
• Click Confirm Payment.

10. Finally, your transaction will be dully processed, you will instantly get an alert from your bank for the debited amount. At this point you will be redirected to your bet9ja account, kindly click on My Account to see your bet9ja balance.

Note: There is no fee for deposits with this payment method. If your transaction is authorized, your account will be credited immediately.

From now on you will have fun funding your bet9ja account with ATM with no sweat.

If the issue with any step funding your bet9ja Mobile Account, share your problem with us through the comment box below.

Searches related to how to fund bet9ja account: ๐Ÿ‘‡

How to fund Bet9ja account with recharge card / How to fund Bet9ja account with ussd code / How to fund Bet9ja account with gtbank / How to fund Bet9ja account with airtime / How to fund Bet9ja account with phone.
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Got stuck while in your search for Top Business Ideas, Business Opportunities, and the Entrepreneurial Process to start/grow your business worldwide? The explanation below shows you everything about business ideas, opportunities and entrepreneurial process you need to easily start your business today.

When starting a business, small or large, the toughest parts is how you can identify new business opportunities in the environment. All businesses that exist today, whether small scale or large scale, start out of an idea. That's an Idea that can be translated into a product or service, which is capable of satisfying identified needs of individuals or organizations. Such a product or service must offer a viable solution to a need (problem) experienced by potential consumers for which they are prepared to pay a price.

It's only if only potential consumers can see the benefits of the product or service and are willing to pay a price satisfactory to the entrepreneur that we can say that a Business Idea/Opportunities exist.

However, Business Ideas need to be feasible for them to become business opportunities to be exploited. Business Ideas are only feasible if they are capable of being translated into wants and needs' satisfying products and services and yield enough revenues to costs.

Note that it is not all business ideas that are feasible; some are not. That is the reason you must conduct a feasibility study of your business idea in order to determine its viability or profitability before you can think of establishing an enterprise.

Business ideas and opportunities

Are you seriously looking for How to Research a Business Opportunity for your Small Business Ideas?

There are so many great ways of identifying business opportunities in the environment for any sort of business you may want to start. Below are top 10 valuable means of generating Business Ideas, identifying Opportunities and Entrepreneurial Process in Nigeria; you can tap into any of these means of business Ideas, opportunities to get your business started fast.

Sources of business ideas and opportunities 

By sources of business ideas, we are referring to the various ways one can generate business ideas. Business ideas can be discovered or created and at times they can occur naturally.

The first step towards finding out how to identify new business is to properly understand the needs of individuals which you are providing the service for.

In view of the above, the following are the various ways one can generate business ideas:
  • Through creative thinking: One of the ways one can generate business ideas is through creative thinking. To be creative is to see the same thing as everybody else but think of something different. As an entrepreneur, you should be able to view things in new ways or from different perspectives; solve problems in a different way; think imaginatively; see possibilities where others see none and also initiate a change. So many businesses that we have seen today are products of creative thinking. Through some people are born with the gift of creativity, it is also possible for all of us to develop and improve our creative abilities.
  • By identifying common/shared needs: Another way one can generate business ideas is to identify needs of people that can satisfy with a product and/ or service. We all have needs and our needs are uncomfortable. There are always needs begging for satisfaction. You can identify a need for a group of people and then produce a product or service that can satisfy the identified need. If you can discover that there's a need to be satisfied, it means you have gotten Business Ideas which can be converted into a product or service.
  • Divine revelation: One can get business ideas through divine revelation. Here, we are talking about divine revelations from God. Some business ideas are revealed to people by God in a dream and such ideas can be converted into a physical business venture. It may also sound funny but it's true.
  • Trying to solve existing problems: This is another way of generating Business ideas. Instead of thinking of unfulfilled needs, you can think of existing, unresolved problems. Thinking of things that irritate you and ways of removing them. Knowledge of these problems enables you, as a prospective entrepreneur, to find the initial idea for a business that is based on the solution of a specific problem. For example, in your environment, you may not like the way refuse (waste materials) are being disposed or dumped. That may be a very good business idea. You can help people disposed of their refuse in designated areas and then they will pay you. It is a good business.
  • Reading business related materials: One get business ideas by reading business related materials such as business magazines, Business newspaper, business journals, Business textbooks, etc. Generally, one can business ideas which can be turned into wealth creation ventures by reading good Books.
  • Change your immediate environment: Changes in your immediate environment can provide business opportunities. When important events take place in your area, you can easily identify business ideas. For Example, the hosting of the under-19 World Cup by Nigeria provides a lot of business opportunities for so many Nigerians.
  • Copying or imitating other people's products: Other people's products or services can also provide business ideas most especially if their products or services can be improved upon.
  • Traveling: When you travel to other places and see products that are not in your own area; it means you have gotten a business idea.
  • Other sources of business ideas and opportunities include visits to Trade Fairs and Exhibitions; examining imported products; talking to people; examining patents that have expired and consulting with investors' association.
Entrepreneurial Process 

By entrepreneurial process, we are referring to the various stages that business ideas pass through for them to be translated into firms that produce goods and/or services that can satisfy human needs and wants at a profit. 

In short, the Entrepreneurial process is a process that transforms a Business into a firm or an enterprise. Basically, there are four stages that an idea passes through for it to be translated into a firm. The stages are as follows:
  1. Identification and evaluation of business ideas or opportunities. 
  2. Development of a business plan.
  3. Determination and securing the required resources.
  4. Establishment and management of the resulting enterprise.
Now, let's discuss these stages one after the other.

Stage #1: Identification and Evaluation of Business Ideas or Opportunities

The first step in the entrepreneurial process is to identify business ideas/opportunities and assess the viability or profitability of such ideas or opportunities. We have already discussed different ways one can generate business ideas.

But after you have generated business ideas, the next thing that you will do is to find out if there is a market for your idea, should it be translated into a product or service and whether your prospective customers are willing and able to pay you for your product and/or service.

The exercise that you will undertake in order to determine the viability or profitability of your business ideas is what we refer to as a feasibility study. The feasibility study provides important information that you need to make a critical decision on whether to proceed with the business idea or not.

The detailed information about how to conduct a feasibility study is discussed in our previous article.

Stage #2: Development of a Business Plan

After you have conducted a feasibility study of your business idea and you have discovered that your business idea is viable or profitable, then the next thing you will do is to prepare or develop a business plan that is suitable for your proposed business venture. A business plan is designed to “plan” in advance how a business will be started, implemented and managed. The detailed guidelines on how to prepare a good business plan are also discussed in our recently published post.

Stage #3: Determination and Securing the Required Resources

After you have investigated your business idea and you have discovered that it is feasible and you have prepared a business plan for your proposed business venture, then the next thing that you will do is to determine and plan for how you will secure the required resources that are needed to translate your idea into a firm or an enterprise.

The resources here means financial resources, material resources, and human resources. In order for you to determine and secure the required resources, you have to do the following:
  • Determine the required resources 
  • Determine the existing (available) resources 
  • Identify resources gaps and available suppliers 
  • Develop access to needed resources.
Stage #4: Establishment and Management of the Resulting Enterprise

Here, you are expected to take action by actually establishing an enterprise that can translate your business ideas into physical products and/or services and be able to manage the resulting enterprise successfully.

You have to take the responsibility of effectively and efficiently managing the enterprise. You are expected to develop a management style that suits the enterprise; understand key variables for success, identify problems and potential problems, develop and implement control systems, develop and implement growth strategies.

After all the above mentioned quick methods of identifying and developing business ideas and process, it's time to start putting them to practice by starting an enterprise that translates the identified ideas into wants.

Note: There are three types of entrepreneurial enterprises that you can start as an entrepreneur. In order words, there are three ways one can own a business. The most laudable type is when you start your own business. The other two are starting a franchised business and buying an existing business. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. So it's important that you do your own homework before starting a business.

Now that you know everything about the Top 10 New Business Ideas and processes, I believe you can now start your own small profitable business so easily even from home.

We hope this Business Ideas, Opportunities, and Entrepreneurial Process Post helps you Identify a list of business ideas easily.
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Are you looking for a comprehensive article or post that will show you the quickest way to download all your favorite movie and TV Series from o2tvseries?

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o2tvseries unlimited series downloads

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How To Download Unlimited Movies From o2TvSeries Fast and Quickly

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O2tvseries TV Shows and series downloads

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The First Bank Transfer Code is no stranger to everyone, it has become a part of our daily necessities. As long as you do transactions with the Bank, knowing the First Bank Transfer Code (First Bank USSD *894*) is very important as it provides you with the quickest way to send money, airtime Recharge, and pay bills anywhere, anytime without internet.

First Bank Transfer Code *894#

The first bank transfer code was specifically designed for all esteemed customers of the First Bank Nigeria in order for them to easily transfer funds from one account to the other without stress, irrespective of location and time.

The shortcodes which are called “First Bank USSD *894#” give you an instant access to transfer/send money from your first bank account to any other banks without the need for using the internet. This one is much easier than that of first bank online transfer.

Do you know why?

It's because the first bank online transfer requires internet before Cary out any transaction, unlike the first bank transfer code.

In this article, I will show you a quick methods to do more with first bank transfer code to easily transfer funds, buy airtime, check account balance, and pay bills even when you don't have internet connection, hence you will no longer ask: How to transfer money from the First bank to another bank?, What is the Code to Transfer Money from First Bank to First bank & Other Banks? What is First Bank Transfer Code? How can I Buy Airtime from my First Bank Account? etc.

First Bank Transfer Code

Here's how to transfer money from the first bank to other banks.

Notice!: “Once you have the FirstBank account with a linked debit card, a phone number profiled for SMS alert and a mobile phone, you are just a step away from enjoying the unbeatable 894 experience.”

To get started, simply dial *894*0# to access all the Quick Banking services in a menu-based layout without having to dial the codes.

The first bank transfer code(s) below offer instant access to each service stated in bolds.

When you dialed the USSD *894#, there are two options displayed for you to choose from. These options include:
  • Quick Banking: Follow prompts to access the listed services for FirstBank account holders ONLY.
  • Firstmonie: For electronic wallet- based transactions. This product is available to both account holders and non-account holders.

How To Activate First Bank Transfer Code

To enroll your phone number for First Bank USSD Banking services, simply dial *894*0#, all list of masked Debit Card numbers linked to your account is displayed, select your preferred debit card, enter the 4digit PIN for the selected Debit Card and then create a new PIN 5 digit pin, finally your number has been activated for the First Bank quick USSD banking services.

How To Transfer Money From First Bank To Another Bank

To transfer/send money from FirstBank to FirstBank account and other banks in Nigeria using the first bank code, simply dial *894*Amount*Account Number#, select beneficiary bank, confirm the amount, beneficiary name and enter five-digit PIN, and select account to debit.

How To Buy Airtime/Recharge Card From First Bank Account

NOTE: The First Bank Airtime Recharge Code comes with two options namely, Airtime Recharge for self and Airtime Recharge for others.

Are you seriously looking for How To Buy Airtime from Your First Bank Account? Here's the easiest way;

For airtime recharge from your First Bank account using the First Bank Mobile Transfer Code, simply dial *894*Amount# to recharge for Self; to recharge for Others, dial *894*Amount*Phone Number# and enter a five-digit PIN.

The Alternative: Download Ecobank Mobile App for Android.

The above short codes allow you to transfer up to N100,000.00 per day and recharge airtime up to N10,000.00 per day, this is why First Bank has always been at the forefront of seamless banking transaction in a convenient and secure manner and is committed to ensuring its customers are fully served with the USSD service.

How To Check First Bank Account Balance 

To check the balance of your first bank account, dial *894*00#.

Last but not the least, after all, transactions, you may want to have a statement of your account. Below is how to request for the statement of your account from FBN.

How To Generate Account Mini Statement 

To generate account mini statement, dial *894*Account Number#.

It’s much easier to send money to FirstBank and other banks in Nigeria via First Bank Transfer code, however, if you are unable to use this service due to one problem or the other, you still have more options like using the official mobile banking smartphone application from FirstBank. That's if you need to conduct the transfer online.

That's all you need to know about the First Bank Transfer Code to the bank at your fingertips if you do not want to use the FirstMobile online banking service.
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Human Resource function is very important in business. By human resource, we are referring to the human element of the business.

Human Resource Management

There's no business that doesn't require the presence of human resource management for it to achieve its objectives. In fact, all business, small or large, new or old, need human resource management for it to continue to exist and grow.

Just like the heart supplies your body with blood to enable it to live, the human resource or personnel function supplies the business with people to enable to do business continuously.

The main objective of Human Resource Management, therefore, is to make sure that a business employs the right number and type of employees at the right time.

To be able to achieve this objective, the human resource/personnel manager must perform the following functions:
  • Human resource planning which ensures that the business has the right number and type of employees at the right time;
  • Recruitment which is aimed at seeking and finding potential employees;
  • The selection which deals with choosing the most suitable employee for a specific job or position;
  • Placement which implies placing the employee in the post; 
  • The orientation which means introducing the new employees to the business, its procedures, the work environment and to all the other employees.

What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management can be defined as that aspect of mana that deals with the procurement or acquisition, utilization, maintenance and separation of human resource aspect of the business. It involves employing, utilizing, developing, motivating and maintaining the human resource of the business in order to achieve business objectives.

Essentially, the objectives of human resource or personnel management are:
  • To ensure the business has the right number and type of employees needed to achieve its objectives 
  • To ensure proper utilization of human resource 
  • To create the desired working relationships among employees
  • To ensure proper development of employees.

Activities Of Human Resource (Personnel) Management

For people asking “What Does A Human Resource Manager Do,” the following are the human resource management activities of any business or organization:
  1. Manpower Planning: This involves the determination of the type and number of people that are needed for business to expand or continue to exist productively. It's the process of ensuring that business has the right number of people with the right skills at the right time.
  2. Employment: This involves recruitment, selection, and placement of workers. Recruitment means seeking and attracting potential employees while selection means choosing the most suitable person for a specific post.
  3. Training and Development: This involves updating the skills and knowledge of workers for better job performance. Training is the systematic process by which the employees acquire knowledge, skills, aptitudes, and information development. On the other hand, is the p whereby manager acquires the necessary experience, management skills and aptitudes to function successfully as managers.
  4. Salary and Wage Administration: It's the responsibility of the personnel manager to ensure that employees are adequately and equitably remunerated. This involves making sure that what they are paid commensurate with the services they render to the business.
  5. Staff Discipline: This involves making sure that the employees obey the rules and regulations of the business or organization. There are different ways erred employees can be disciplined, namely oral warning, written warning, demotion, loss of privileges, suspension, and dismissal or summary dismissal.
  6. Performance Appraisal: This is a periodic and systematic assessment or evaluation of employees' performances for the management decision making.
  7. Personnel Administration: This personnel division is responsible for thorough record keeping of all relevant human resource data such as age, qualifications, etc and each person's service record in the business organization, including promotions, merits, transfers, etc. This is necessary for management decision making concerning the employees.
  8. Labour Relations: Labour relation are concerned with the creation, maintenance and administration of rules, control process, ideologies, interactions, and relationships in the workplace.
  9. Integration: This involves effecting a reasonable reconciliation between an individual interest and organizational interest. The organizational interest should not suppress the individual interest.
  10. Provision of Good Working Conditions: It's the responsibility of the business to provide essential working conditions that are pleasant and safe for employees to be motivated and productive.
  11. Orientation or Induction: It's a process whereby new employees are first introduced to the business, its procedures, environment and work situation and, secondly, to their coworkers, subordinates, and superiors. It motivates the new employees, makes them happy or excited and puts them at ease.

Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Human resource planning

Human Resource Planning is also called manpower or personnel planning. It's defined as a strategy for the acquisition, improvement, and retention of an enterprise's human resource. 

Bulla and Scott in Armstrong 2006 define human resource planning as “the process for ensuring that human resource management of an organization are identified and plans are made for satisfying those recruitments. Simply put,  Human Resource Planning is concerned with identifying the business demand for human resource and devising means to ensure that a sufficient supply of labour is available to meet that demand.”

Essentially, Human Resource seems to address two basic questions: first, how many people, and second, what sort of people?

It addresses business human resource needs both in quantitative and qualitative terms. 

The aims of human resource planning are as follows:
  • To attract and retain the number of people required with the appropriate skills, expertise, and competencies 
  • To anticipate the problems of potential surpluses or deficits of people 
  • To develop a well trained and flexible workforce, thus, contributing to the organization's ability to adapt to an uncertain and changing environment 
  • To reduce dependence on external recruitment when their skills are in short supply by formulating retention, as well as employee development strategies 
  • To improve the utilization of people by introducing a more flexible system of work.

The Lazy (Quick) Way To Human Resource Process

Human Resource Process involves the following steps:
  • Human Resource Inventory: Here, you are to take the statistics of the current employees in terms of skills, experiences, qualifications, and other factors.
  • Human Resource Forecast: You are to determine the future human resource requirements also in terms of skills, experiences, qualifications, and other factors.
  • Human Resource Plan: At this stage, you are to compare the over human resource needs to the current inventory of staff to determine net human resource n and develop a human resources plan so as to match the supply of labour with the estimated demand. The decision may be to reduce or increase the staff strength of the business or to train the current employees.
The above steps are what you need If really you want to run your business into a success. 

Just follow the above SuperEasy Ways To Learn Everything About Human Resource Management.

If you are confused about anything on this topic, feel free to ask via comment box I will surely reply.