7 Best Latest Tools for Graphic Designers to Use


7 Best Latest Tools for Graphic Designers to Use

| November 24, 2019 Last Updated 2019-12-03T07:25:13Z

Creative professionals are always in search of ways to finish their tasks quicker.  They try to do more in less time. Luckily there are a variety of tools that are way more advanced than the traditional ones, have the capability to handle complex tasks and are simple to use as well.  The users demand the artwork to be unique and exciting, so it is evident that the tools that will be used for creating that artwork should be efficient as well. A professional designer is not all about skills and creativity, but there require essential tools to bring unique ideas into digital format. The practical tools allow a solid foundation to execute ideas and make the designers work more simplified. Today we are going to review the best tools for graphic designers.


This high end online photo editing tool has the ability to open .PSD files and can be considered as one of the competitors of Photoshop. It allows quick image adjustments like crop, resize, and integration of text etc. the amazing draw feature makes it easy to create doodles and splendid filters can further enhance your creative artwork.


In the field of graphic design, vector art has a fundamental role as these artworks get high appreciation from the audience.  This software is designed to support multiple operating systems and is capable of importing artwork from other popular tools like Photoshop and illustrator etc. The software is in the continuous development stage, and there are expected to be new features coming on the way.

Coral Paint shop

It’s an ultimate photo editing tool which is loaded with massive features to enhance the worth of images. The tool promises to offer easy ways of applying complex effects on pictures and allows working with high pace. Coral Paintshop is equipped with a variety of brushes, textures and holds dozens of royalty-free amazing backgrounds.

Design Bold

 It’s a powerful design tool that has made the graphic design process more comfortable and simplified.  There are multiple built-in design elements already integrated into the editor. So all you need to do is to simply drag and drop them into your workflow according to your requirements. The designing of the logo is considered as a daunting process as you have to be careful about designing each element. The businesses have to keep the logo for ages so; the design tool is practical and convenient to be used by noobs and professional designers. The Logo design Abu Dhabi industry has excelled in creating logo designs and other graphic elements as they have a huge community of individuals who are expert in graphic designing jobs.


The GIMP is a well-known open-source image editor. Now reshaping images has become easier as this tool can bring life to the dull images. All you need to have is a creative sense and skill to make use of the right tools. The GIMP is widely used to create numerous graphic design components like logo design, brochure designs, and business card designs and other promotional graphic elements. More than that, the UX/UI designers can make use of this tool to create amazing user interfaces aswell.

Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk is long known for developing graphic design and animation tools. The Sketchbook software could prove to be handy and effective for professional artists as its highly functional for creating conceptual sketches. They recently have made the fully-featured version of this software free for everyone else. From drawing sketches to maturing them into a thoroughly blended digital art, this software could be the best assistant of digital artists.


The prototyping process is crucial for web designing. There are a variety of tools that are well equipped to do this job. The Marvel prototyping tool comes with a highly simplified interface and is well equipped with all the essential features to bring your ideas to life. The tool doesn't require much skills to create stunning artworks.

Final words

Graphic designing is a diverse field, and the professionals connected to it have to bring out new innovative ideas to make their mark. We have compiled a list of modern tools being used by graphic designers and other related professionals. These tools are essential to bring ideas into reality, refine their work, convert the artwork in multiple formats, and enhance their significance and much more.
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  • 7 Best Latest Tools for Graphic Designers to Use

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