Modernize Your Classrooms with Best Glass Dry Erase Board Installations


Modernize Your Classrooms with Best Glass Dry Erase Board Installations

Charity Prado
| July 31, 2019 Last Updated 2019-07-31T07:34:16Z
Classrooms of today may look nothing like what they did 30 years ago. Whiteboards, paintings and paper-based wall arts are now replaced with modern glass boards and electronic displays. This modernization is also helping out both students and teachers alike in various aspects.
When looking to make your classrooms more modern, you first need to update all the learning materials. Whiteboards have provided great writing surfaces for so long that they are somehow the most trusted ones for many people. However, a Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Board can provide many more benefits when done right.

Alongside many other design features, these writing-boards must be changed as well. New style of glass boards is much sleeker looking and convincing in their overall appearances. Here are some of the best benefits these glass boards provide when modernizing your classrooms:

Whiteboards Look a Generation Old Now

Although whiteboards have been an industry standard for such a long time, they have started to look old now. These writing surfaces have been in the market for many long generations. Gracing classrooms for all ages of students and all standards, whiteboards or even blackboards have had a good run.

When something gets used in such heavy loads, it becomes old eventually as well. Fixed white and blackboards or even ones on stands have now lost their aesthetic appeal for a lot of people. Where students of the past accepted them perfectly, modern students want something new.
Magnetic glass erase boards that are available in many different colors and sizes are worthy replacements. Their modern aesthetic appeal beats out traditional writing surfaces in a big way indeed.

Glass Boards Are Modern and Sleek

Where whiteboards of the past needed to have quite chunky sheets of hardboard, glass can be in many different styles. This makes glass erase boards look and feel much sleeker than older designs. A modern look is the result of shiny finishes found with glass generally.

When you get colored options for your glass boards, visual aesthetic goes beyond that of white or blackboards. Realistically, you can match their designs and colors with that of your classroom themes. This provides additional aesthetic benefits.

For a modern look and feel, this internally colored aspect comes very useful for glass boards. Contrasting colors of markers and highlighters are available creating a distinguishing look at all times.

Glass Boards Are Easier to Write on and to Clean

Although whiteboards have been pretty easy to write on, they tend to lose their smoothness after a period of time. Wet inks tend to leave behind residue that simply does not go away. However, glass surfaces are dense and very smooth.

You can write on them very smoothly for as long as you don’t break them. A spray of glass cleaner and wipe of clean cloth will have them shining good as new no matter how long they might have been used already. Dry markers can be wiped off almost completely with dry cloth swipes as well.
Especially blackboards have been particularly notorious when it comes to keeping them clean. Whiteboards of the past have also had this problem where they needed replacing every so often. You will be able to use your glass boards for a much longer time while they shine good as new for the while.

Magnetic Glass Erase Boards Organize Your Stationary

Magnetic Glass Dry Erase Boards are all that bit easier to write on and to clean. Additionally, you will also get magnetic properties with them where you can attach stationary on their own selves. If you are a tutor or school organizer, you would have had to deal with lost markets and erasers often.
By having attachments on glass board’s surfaces, you can eliminate this problem from your work lives. Doing this, you will have eraser and marker holders where you can drop them after every use. No storing these on desks or in drawers means no losing them any time soon.

These work by having a magnetic surface attached on their backsides. This allows metallic holders to be attached at any of their parts and sides. Convenience is the name of the game with such implementations and you will have it with magnetic glass boards.

Glass Boards Last Much Longer

Whiteboards have been known to lose their good as new aesthetic appeal pretty soon. In only a few months of usage, you would have them losing their whiteness from the inside. Or, their hardboards will lose their fit and finish when you move them around often.

Especially in humid environments, it becomes potentially impossible to use your whiteboards for long periods. However, since glass boards have no such deficiency, they can last as long as you need them to. Like any window glass, you can clean them whenever you need.

Simply cleaning materials should work almost 100% of the times. Their surfaces will remain good as when they arrived. No matter if you got a colored one or a clear one to be fixed in your walls, they will be usable for much longer than whiteboards.

Potentially No Metal Borders to Worry About

Whiteboards traditionally had aluminum frames and borders that were used to hold them in place. These had to be nailed in and still were prone to losing their visual aesthetic and also grip on the boards. However, glass boards have no such requirement and are usually naked on their edges or sides at all.

This means that your glass boards will look sleek for as long as you need them to. When looking for your glass boards, be sure to check for their quality and thickness grades. Also, have your manufacturer or supplier give you a warranty with the purchase.

Although glass sheets are not prone to much damage, having a guarantee with them will safeguard against any problems. Sometimes you delivered glass boards can have rough edges or other issues. Fab Glass and Mirror is a glass board supplier that provides assurance with their products at all times. 
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  • Modernize Your Classrooms with Best Glass Dry Erase Board Installations

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