Small Scale businesses covers an important position in the world of business. This topic is just a guide on how you can get the best business ideas to start your own small scale business with low investment. It's quite noticed that the greatest challenge faced by many business owners is getting a very good business idea. And here are some basics steps to help you out!

A large number of businesses that we see today started as a small business. Small businesses serve as feeders to large businesses, especially in the area of supply of raw materials.

best business ideas with low investment

Also, for financial and other reasons, most would be entrepreneurs or small business owners who desire to go into a business of their own end up starting a small business. Thus, the importance of small business cannot be overemphasized.

Definition of a Small Scale Business

Small scale business is, therefore, defined as any business that is independently owned and managed in a modify or personalized way, which does not dominate its market. This is also known as medium scale business.

Features or Characteristics of a small scale business (Advantages Of Entrepreneurship)
  1. It operates mainly within its locality.
  2. Most small-scale businesses have limited capital.
  3. Its structure is not clearly defined. All employees report to the owner – managers. 

Disadvantages of Small- Scale Business
  • Financial Problem: One fundamental problem that an entrepreneur or small business owner faces is getting adequate capital to start a business.
  • Problem of Building Goodwill: Goodwill is an asset to a business. 
  •  Location problem: The location where a business is sited is vital to the success of the business. Below is a small business in nigeria with low capital in 2018.
 Examples of Businesses that could be run on a small – scale are as follows:
  1. GSM business 
  2. Soap production 
  3.  Fruit Juice 
  4.  Restaurant 
  5.  Bakery 
  6. Piggery etc.
The above listed business ideas is a mixed  list of manufacturing business ideas and  other lucrative business ideas to start a successful online businesses in 2018.
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