Putlocker Alternatives - 10 Best Sites Like PutLocker To Watch New Release Movies Online Free Without Signing Up


Putlocker Alternatives - 10 Best Sites Like PutLocker To Watch New Release Movies Online Free Without Signing Up

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| September 14, 2020 Last Updated 2021-07-28T15:14:58Z
Read all about Putlockers website and best Putlocker alternatives - Putlocker is a website that allows you to watch movies online free without any payment. The website owners have made it easy for users to use and download movies to their computers, smart phones. "Putlockers" is simply any of several website indexing sites used mainly for streaming media content, specifically movies and television shows, for unlimited viewing. The first website launched in the U.K. as early as 2012, and has since grown to get millions of monthly visitors after the shutdown of MegaUpload.

When the movie is viewed in Putlocker website, the user can choose from a wide variety of genres or subjects that he wants to watch. These choices are all based on user ratings provided by movie watchers and user reviews posted by other viewers. It is an excellent way to search and view movies online because it is easy to navigate and provides a detailed look at what the movie is about. Unlike other video sites, Putlocker does not restrict the genre of movies to certain categories such as action, drama, comedy, horror, or romance.

Best Putlocker Alternatives

Each Putlocker movies has an average rating and the viewer's comments may be displayed in the "add to my queue" section. After the movie is submitted, it is posted on the site for viewing by all users.

The site is so famous that it has pushed several major ISPs to block access to it, preventing many of its longtime fans from having easy access to movies and TV shows.

Now the official Putlocker website is down, here is a list of best Putlocker alternatives for watching HD Movies online when Putlockers website is not accessible.

Some of these free movie streaming sites are better than PutLocker in terms of friendly interface, movie quality, and movie series range and allows users to watch new release movies online free without signing up.

We all know that the internet is filled with websites offering free movies. But when you consider all the websites out there that charge you money, there are only a few good ones. This article will discuss the most popular free movie download sites on the internet and tell you why it makes sense to use them instead of paying full price to see a movie. 123Movies, FreeMovieDB, GoMovie, MeMovie, or 123Movieshub were simply a group of free file sharing sites operating out of Vietnam that allowed members to access free movie files online. With over 1.6 billion web pages on the internet today, this alone can be reason enough to try and get the unlimited free movie downloads that 123Movies offers.

Top 10 Putlocker Alternatives for 2021

1. 123Movies

123movies websites(Putlocker Alternatives)

If you are a fan of Putlocker but missed since it was down and are looking for the best alternative, 123Movies is probably your answer! Not only can you watch your favorite movies and TV shows on 123Movies, but you can also download any movie series you want!

Hence, this is the first Putlockers website alternative on our list. 123Movies is one of the very popular movies Streaming website on the Internet with millions of active users. There are several reasons why 123Movies is considered the best alternative to Putlocker to watch movies online free full movie no sign up.

123Movies's interface is extremely intuitive. The shows are so well divided into different genres and categories like latest, running series, recently updated and so on.

2. Hdpopcorn


If you are a fan of the Putlockers website but unfortunately cannot access it, you should give Hdpopcorn a try as Putlocker alternative. Believe me, it is totally worth checking out as it's one of the best free online movie streaming sites.

The movie Collection on Hdpopcorn is so big that you can spend hours and hours on it. Hdpopcorn includes most popular movie titles such as Attack of the Unknown, Mulan, Cranston Academy Monster Zone, Ip Man 4 The Finale etc.

Hdpopcorn's website design is very attractive. Discovering and playing almost every movie episodes in the HD Popcorn is nothing more than a child's play. The Hdpopcorn is a very popular name in the movie world for obvious reasons.

It is absolutely free to watch and download almost every movie series in the Hdpopcorn.live with as few ads as possible. Besides, the video quality is also a plus of HD popcorn. There is a long list of ongoing movie series that you can watch and download in HD quality.

Moreover, there are always categories such as Action, Adventures, Comedy, Animated, Horror and many more.

3. SolarMovie

sites like solarmovie(Putlocker Alternatives)

SolarMovie is another good alternative to Putlockers on the Internet that uses a streaming video technology called BitTorrent to allow people from all over the world to watch their favorite movies online free.

If you have SolarMovie with you, you really don't have to rely on Putlockers website to watch movie series online. SolarMovie is a legal website for watching thousands of movies and TV shows online for free.

Apart from all the basic features like most Putlocker alternatives, SolarMovie has a unique yet very useful feature that sets it apart from other movie streaming websites.

When you move your cursor over a movie series thumbnail on the home page, it will be flipped to show you information about the show. Like the overall user ratings, the country, and the genres.

4. PrimeWire

new primewire site

Is Putlocker on your side? No problems. You can still watch your favorite movie on PrimeWire.

PrimeWire is considered a true Putlocker alternative for several reasons. First of all, both movie steamers are accessible for free and both offer a great collection of movie stuff including TV shows, movies and videos.

However,  new PrimeWire site's interface is a bit cluttered. When you visit the PrimeWire, you will see advertisements all over the website which makes browsing the website a bit clunky. But otherwise the website is good enough for all types of movie enthusiasts to watch new release movies online free without signing up.

The PrimeWire not only streams the movies online, but also allows downloading movies for later use. The movie series on PrimeWire is both subtitled and dubbed so you don't really have to be a native of a particular language to watch your beloved movies and TV shows.

All in all, there is everything in Primewire that makes it one of the worthy Putlocker alternatives.

5. BMovies

bmovies website

BMovies is yet another source of free movies to watch. BMovies also has a large collection of movies series like Putlockers website. That is why it is considered a good substitute for the same.

The movies uploaded on BMovies are both subbed and dubbed making them suitable for all types of users. BMovies is one of the regularly updated movie websites. It gets updated quite a bit with the new episodes of TV shows every now and then, thanks to the development team!

In addition, BMovies's interface is also very clean. It is not difficult to discover your favorite movies from the categories such as newly added, ongoing series and watch movies online free full movie no sign up, there is a full list of all available TV shows on the website as well.

And the best part is that BMovies is completely free to use. As a whole, we give all the points to this Putlocker alternative for offering a large collection of high quality movies!

6. Cmovies

cmovies hd

Cmovies is undoubtedly one of the biggest illegal online streaming sites today. The online site offers a large collection of popular movies for viewing. This site allows users to access movies from all over the world. Most of these movies are available for free.

Cmovies is another replacement for Putlocker. Cmovies has the NEW RELEASES, popular movies, TV SERIES and a lot list.

Cmovies has the latest movies and newly added movie collection on the homepage. Cmovies HD claims it has the #1 largest movie streaming website. The quality of videos is 480P to 1080P HD.

CMovies site is especially great for watching the latest Hollywood flicks for free without being held liable. It's the only site where you can access films for free for streaming at anytime you want.

Movies are available on this site in almost every genre you could possibly imagine. From action to comedy and everything in between, there are thousands of movies that you can stream for free with no obligation.

You don't need to create an account here to watch your favorite TV shows or movies. Streaming is smooth. It has few ads, but no annoying popups. The website is very well organized, but it seems to be full of advertisements still as that it's the best site to watch movies online free full movie no sign up.

7. LunchFlix

lunchflix website

If you are still looking for alternatives to Putlocker and you are not satisfied with the websites mentioned, LunchFlix is the next movie website I would like to recommend. It is yet another full-fledged free movie website that offers high quality movie streaming! Here you can watch the Breaking Bad Complete Seasons and other top rated movies of the year.

Like all other online streaming sites mentioned on this post, LunchFlix doesn't actually host any content on its servers. Instead, all content is provided by unaffiliated third parties, making LunchFlixat website partially legal.

Moreover, there are always categories such as Action, Adventures, Comedy, Animated, Horror and many more.

8. Watchseries TV

Watchseries TV

Next on our list of good Putlocker alternatives is Watchseries-TV.cc. Watchseries TV is one of the best putlocker alternatives that is fast and has a very pleasant user interface, and featured exclusive collection of movies and TV shows.

Watchseries-TV is a great site for all binge watchers who can never stop after just one episode.

9. Moviewatcher


Moviewatcher.is is inevitably one of the solid Putlocker alternatives that offers all types of movies without actually changing anything. It is loaded with almost everything a movie enthusiast wants on their favorite movie streaming website.

With Moviewatcher, people from all over the world can watch movies and TV series online for free without signing up. Moviewatcher updates its database daily and you can only stream videos in the best HD quality: 720p or 1080p.

The site indexes external video sharing sites for streaming links and provides alternative streaming locations that you can use to watch the movie, such as Openload.co, Vidzi.tv, Vid.to, Vidup.me, Thevideo.me and many others.

10. OpenloadMovies

OpenloadMovie site

Last on the list of our top 10 sites like Putlocker to watch free online latest movies and TV shows is OpenloadMovies. OpenloadMov.com is one of the very popular free movie websites that provides a large library of high quality movie series in HD qualities and are absolutely free.

There are thousands of high quality movies to stream on OpenloadMov without paying or signing up.

The site also let you download a number of movies to your smartphone or laptop, so that you always have something nice to watch offline.

The interface of the OpenloadMovies is not much different from other websites. There are all the similar categories available that most other websites offer such as browsing by genre, alphabetic, latest release and so on.

Wrapping Up

Watching movies online is extremely fun. The craze of quality movies can only be understood by those who love to watch movies online without downloading.

The most popular movie website offering to watch movies online is Putlocker and we do not deny this fact.

However, Putlockers website can be down at times. Scenarios like this make us find more Putlocker alternatives to watch new release movies online free without signing up.
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