The 5 Best Mobile Game Development Engines


The 5 Best Mobile Game Development Engines

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| August 17, 2020 Last Updated 2020-08-17T15:45:59Z
Mobile gaming has advanced in ways that we never imagined. Back in the 2000s, the only popular mobile game was Snake by Nokia. Today, we can play RPG games on our phones, and we can even play online with our friends. But what are the best technologies used to develop game apps?

Today, we will take a look at a few of them—you may even start making games yourself. At the end of this game engine review, you can start thinking about building your own games, even if you do not have any programming knowledge, like free mobile slots online.


Unity is the top game development engine in the world. It is a cross-platform engine where you can launch games not just on Android and iOS, but also in Windows and the Fire OS.

The platform allows you to create your own game, plus you can use either 2D or 3D graphics. You can import your assets from other game development tools like Maya and Blender. If you want, you can also buy the assets from the store itself.  

Also, if it is your first time developing a game, you can use the tutorials and guides on the platform. So far, this is the biggest platform in the world, and it is also the favorite of many devs.

Unreal Engine

This is a great tool for beginners because it does not require programming skills. It allows you to change the game programs, and you can modify the character movement if you want. The interface is easy to understand, and you can even build impressive 3D graphics. 
Apart from iOS and Android, it supports other platforms like Windows and Linux. The tool is free to use for small projects. If you have made a profit of $3,000, you have to pay 5% in royalty fees to the company. This is not bad, considering that you can build games for free with no programming skills.

Corona Labs SDK

If you want 2D games, use this platform. It uses the computer language called Lua, so you can find many plug-ins that allow you to build a game from scratch. The software has clear documentation, and you will be able to do a real-time simulation of your game.  The development engine is compatible with:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Kindle 
  • Windows Phone OS
  • Kindle devices
The great thing about this engine is that it is free to use. At least, the core functionalities are free to use. You will have to pay if you want to use hard-core gaming functionalities. Some examples of games made with this platform are Beets Clicker and I Love Hue.

Sprite Kit

This game development engine is from Apple. Here, you can create 2D games ad then launch them in iOS. The computer language used here is Swift and Objective C. The great thing about this engine is that it has a wide range of features that can make your 2D game perform really well. 

Since the engine is owned by Apple, it is self-sustaining. You no longer need other plug-ins, much less integrate other software. You can also expect that is going to be compatible with all other Apple products and software.

The kit is free, but the downside is that you only release your games on the iOS platform. You cannot make your game work on other devices. 

Marmalade SDK

The last on our list is the Marmalade SDK. It is an engine where you can build native games not just on mobile, but also for desktop.

With this platform, you will use the C++ programming language. It is a coding language that is popular among developers. With this tool, you can build 2D and 3D games. Also, you can import assets from other libraries.

You can even use other tools and teach yourself how to program. Also, the tool has a testing kit, which means you can test the beta version of your game. 


Game development is a new trend in technology today. Even kids can create their own games now, and they can all get started with no need to pay. 

If anything, you should also try or dabble with game development. There are thousands of simple games that you can make—from things like Candy Crush to even complicated ones like Mobile Legends. Most of these tools are free, so the is no need for you to spend money. 

If you have no programming skills, use the Unreal Engine—it is free and you can create games that you can sell with only a 5% royalty fee.

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