Tips for Preparing for Retirement


Tips for Preparing for Retirement

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| June 21, 2020 Last Updated 2020-06-21T20:25:08Z
Living a comfortable lifestyle is the dream of most people. However, many younger adults still don’t understand the importance of controlling their debt and securing funds to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle now and in their retirement. Thankfully, you still have time to create a bright financial future.

Retirement planning

6 Easy Ways to Prepare for Retirement:

Funds for Retirement

Once you officially retire you will be able to apply for your social security benefits. There are several social security office locations within most states where you can go in and fill out the forms. If you prefer, you can also go online and avoid the wait in line. However, social security is not something you will be able to use on its own to enjoy a good quality of life. You need to have other sources of income at your disposal. A 401k, possibly available through your job or a personal Roth IRA, are two of the most common retirement accounts.

Reducing Your Debt

Ultimately, getting control of your debt now will free up monies while you’re employed that you can use to establish savings. If you have several credit cards that are at or close to their credit limit, work towards reducing them to less than half of the available credit line.

Borrow Money Only When Necessary

When you have good credit, it’s too easy to borrow money from a bank. You should make an oath to yourself to only borrow money when absolutely necessary. For instance, buying a home and a car is a time when you’ll need to borrow money. However, when it comes to buying a computer you should shop around ahead of the purchase and then save up for it and pay for it with cash.

Reducing the Cost of Investments

Homes and cars are items most people will buy on credit. However, the more you put down, the less you’ll need to finance, resulting in a lower payment. Before buying a home, get an idea of the pricing in the area and then save up for the 20 percent down payment and avoid paying for PMI insurance. When it comes to buying a car there are several ways to save money. If your commute to work is less than 10 miles, leasing a car is in your best interest. If you have a much longer commute and prefer to buy a car, then look at vehicles fresh off a 2-year lease. They have low mileage, are in excellent condition, and will cost far less than brand new.

Smart Shopping

Before heading out to the grocery store, glance over the flyers of a few of the local supermarkets in your area. You need to do this because not every store has all of the same items on sale at the same time. Make your list of the foods and supplies you need for the week and then use the flyers to identify the best prices. Additionally, using manufacturers' coupons and buying store brands will allow you to save even more money on each outing. With regard to purchasing clothing, wait until the end of the season. Retail stores mark up clothing, sometimes up to 70 percent. Holidays are another great way to pay less for large ticket items such as a sofa or an outdoor grill.

Reeling in Poor Spending Habits

It’s easy to waste money on habits. You buy a latte each morning on the way to the office and order out for lunch. If you add up the cost of these two items, it can add up to two hundred dollars or more in a single month. Bringing your coffee and brown-bagging lunch from home will save you a few thousand dollars a year. You can use that to fund a nice vacation and add a few dollars to your retirement fund.

Living well now and in your retirement is possible if you reduce your debt and become smart with your money.
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