The Most Important Skills in Improving Your SAT


The Most Important Skills in Improving Your SAT

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| June 12, 2020 Last Updated 2020-06-12T15:39:23Z
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The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) requires diligent preparation and some skills that ensure your successful completion of every section. Sure, you should practice the core skills in math, reading, and writing. In this article, however, you will find out about some specific and most essential skills in improving your test result.

Stress-management and positive thinking, time-management, speed reading, creative approach, and essay pro skills are the ones that matter a lot for students. You must understand the importance of the development of each of the skills gradually. Nothing happens in one day; thus, make sure you pay enough attention to each of the skills below.

Stress-management And Positive Thinking

Today, it is not a problem to find some useful tips on practicing stress resistance on such platforms as Magoosh, for instance. What is Magoosh? Well, it’s one of the places where you can find the most different articles on any topic. Surf the Internet to find some blogs or even online courses to find the stress-management technique that suits you the best.

Positive thinking is something that may sound too naive, yet, many people take advantage of it. Besides, nothing wrong will happen to you if you try. If you are fond of yoga, it can make a beautiful combination with positive thinking. Managing stressful situations will be your ace of trumps when the day of the SAT comes.


Time-management is a universal ability that will bring you lots of advantages in life. In the case of the SAT, you have several sections and a time limit. So, the students must be both focused on their questions and keep an eye on the clock. But how can you know if the allotted time is enough for you? The best way to find out is to practice all the tasks aforehand.

You may like an idea of a personal study plan. Planning allows you to distribute your daily studies and the ones you need to prepare for the SAT. First, a student can try to complete all the sections altogether and note the time. Now, think about your desired time and continue practicing. Besides, this exercise will help you to find your blockers.

Practice Speed Reading

Speed Reading is a useful skill that will serve you well in the following years. SAT presupposes several tasks, and some of these require to scan the text fast so that you can catch an idea and write the answer. So, what is the use of speed reading except for the major one - saving time?

The most significant advantage for you as you read fast a bulk of a text is that you learn to get the essence without focusing on each sentence. And the most fun part of this skill is that you can practice it anytime, everywhere.

Creative approach

Creativity in task solutions allows you to look at the question from different perspectives. Therefore, when you receive a math issue or a tricky essay topic, you have more space for thoughts. Besides, this skill may accomplish your logical abilities as well.

Boost your creative thinking with practical techniques. The best way to find something that works for you is to try out every inventive thinking method. For instance, the ‘rule of three ifs’ seems to be the most neutral in case, if you are not a dreamy and creative person in nature.

Become an Essay Pro

Many students find essay writing to be the most troublesome part of the SAT. If you know that you will need to pass this optional part because of the college’s requirements, make sure to prepare well. Alas, the only way to nail it is to write some essays.

On the Internet, you may find handy tips on how to create an excellent text. Learn the structure of different types of an essay and find out what are the common mistakes to prevent these. Also, it is better to enrich your vocabulary as you are preparing for the test. Consider using some apps for this.

With a continuous practicing of the five skills, you have all chances to improve your SAT result. Sure, these are not the cure-alls, and you still need to study the material for your test. Yet, stress-management, time-management, speed reading, creative thinking, and essay skills can contribute a lot to your scores.
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  • The Most Important Skills in Improving Your SAT

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