Use a Heat Map to Visualize Excel Data


Use a Heat Map to Visualize Excel Data

John Smith
| April 27, 2020 Last Updated 2020-04-28T15:18:25Z

You may not know what a heat map is, but you’ve probably been exposed to them. Heat maps are often used for real estate projections, weather forecasts and pandemic information. Whatever your reason for using heat maps is, you can quickly visualize excel data when you use the right software. Let’s take a closer look at what the heat map is and how it can benefit you. Then, we will discuss the perks of mapping your data.

What is a Heat Map?

The heat map is known as a graphical representation that’s able to illustrate data and visualize trends. When you utilize location data, you can even put the information onto a Google map with your Excel files. In addition, it’s simple to customize the heat map with gradient colors, opacity, intensity threshold or radius.
When the data density increases, your heat map will reveal a color that shows this dense data. When the maximum threshold is reached, the darkest or highest gradient color will be shown.

What Can A Heat Map Generator Do?

You can utilize geographic heat maps for multiple purposes. Heat maps help you identify trends that you might not have seen without the illustration. With this information, you can quickly spot saturated areas and locate a new market opportunity. Consider these benefits to using a heat map generator.

Widespread Customization

Customize any heat map to view a specific radius, intensity threshold, opacity or gradient together. If you prefer, you can also display the map with a single color.

See Sales Density

The numbers from spreadsheets come to life when you want to decide where to put a new location. Look at the spots that maintain the highest sales and gain insight into neglected regions. With this information, you will be able to maximize the marketing budget.

Understand Market Availability

It’s vital that you know who your customers are and how they access your products. With your Excel spreadsheet, you can quickly map out the information. Use the gradient colors to show you where people travel from and what stores they visit. If you notice there’s a gap in the data, you can add a new location.

Best Times to Use a Heat Map

You can use a heat map for a multitude of purposes, ensuring that every time is a good time for this data mapping. Obviously, you want to use the heat map to look closer at location data, but what are some other purposes? Let’s take a closer look at the best times to curate a new map.

When a Website is Redesigned

If you are investing in a website redesign, you are spending a good chunk of change to alter your branding. Don’t let this money go to waste. Instead, do some research first. Figure out what design is going to work best for your company. With heat mapping utilization, graphic designers can look at user behavior to determine placement, contrasts and color. This information allows you to produce the highest conversion rates possible.

Plan Out Your Content Marketing

You know how vital content marketing is, but sometimes it’s difficult to execute. Using maps, you can determine what will create the most engagement and work for your brand. Mapping also helps you determine the appropriate length of a post and what information to write about. Furthermore, you will be able to track who clicks on your call-to-action.

Execute A/B Testing

It’s essential that you do A/B testing when deciding what is going to work best. Use the heat map to see what your visitors do as you make each change. You can also use the excel data to map out home page, landing page and blog post activity.
Whenever you go to change something on the site, start with A/B testing to determine what works best. With an advanced heat map, you can visualize conversion behavior and make better decisions.

Carry Out UX Testing

As you watch your customer behavior, you also want to evaluate the usability and customer experience. If you sell products online and they put the items into the cart, but later abandon it, you must figure out what is going on.
With UX testing, you gain the insight you need. Heat maps show you where your customers are clicking and what is causing them to change their minds. It could be something as simple as the checkout button color. Test out various colors and see which one provides the most conversions.

Making a Heat Map With Your Excel Data

Now you understand the value of using a heat map. Let’s talk about the steps you should take with premium mapping software.
1.     Upload data from your Excel spreadsheet.
2.     Choose the style of heat map you desire. Most software platforms allow for Numerical Data and Marker Density options.
3.     Create the markers for each field or the map. Simply choose data from one column or more. It’s up to you how you decide to filter the information.
4.     With premium mapping software, you can view the information immediately.
5.     Once everything is set, you can customize the data by appearance, outlook or color.
As you utilize a map generator, you will find even more ways to use it. Filter by salespeople to find your high-performance locations and more. It’s even possible to compare various salespeople head-to-head. With these insights, you have a better handle on how to use your marketing budget and get ahead of the competition. There’s no stopping you once you have this information.
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  • Use a Heat Map to Visualize Excel Data

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