Six Skills To Become A DevOps Engineer


Six Skills To Become A DevOps Engineer

Charity Prado
| April 22, 2020 Last Updated 2020-05-09T17:46:18Z

DevOps engineers work in the IT department with developers to look for the code releases. These engineers can be developers who get work in the development and also in work operations. 

Many DevOps engineers gain DevOps engineer certification from authentic sources. These engineers must have a passion for scripting, coding and moving into the development side. Thus they could improve the planning of tests and development.

6 Skills To Become A Devops Engineer

All we want is a grip on DevOps engineering. But it requires some basic and important skills that we all should know and avail of. You can get training by DevOps engineer certification from different institutions.

So, here are six skills to be a DevOps engineer.

Technical Skill

This is indeed a basic need for any DevOps engineer. The basic skills of these engineers lie in their technical abilities. Being an engineer we need to create the applications that the business requires. It is of course not possible without technical skills.

So you must have a basic understanding of software development knowledge, IT infrastructure and automation tools. 

Automation Skills

Automation can never come in the area of technical skills. However many say that it is the most important skill that an engineer can process.

If you will keep an eye on the regular setting of working, you will definitely observe that almost all manual tasks are automated. The automation uses scripting language and also automating parts of the process.

As a result, it speeds up the development and deployment process.  Most organizations grow in this way. 

Process Skills

Process skill is important for intelligent automation. Moreover, it creates a faster cycle for developing and developing code. Meanwhile, the key to this is animating parts of the process wherever possible so the business relies less on mutual input.

Remember, process skills are not just for making things quicker. You can also make things better through this skill. You will not get a chance of getting work in the market if it doesn’t perform work as demanded. Else more if it would be full of bugs, or present a horrible interface than the customers or users don’t want to use.

Security Skills

Maintenance is the systems are most important. Hackers are actively looking for their targets. They want access to the valuable data of the organization. Don’t forget that, the fastest development time increases the risk.

Security DevOps is indeed a key skill. It gives the protection of the organization. Furthermore, it reduces the cost if a breach occurs or problems appear that need fixing. It also performs the role that involves anything from code analysis to threat investigation, vulnerability management, and security training.

Customer Skills

Apparently the DevOp does not have to deal with customers or clients directly the way a banker does. But this does not mean that you can easily ignore your customer.  In fact, being an engineer you have to perform quite an important role. You have to balance the needs of the organization's customers. Also, you must satisfy the needs and wants of customers.

An expert engineer understands the basic motivation, which drives the stakeholders of the business. As an engineer, you have to understand the personal objectives, which you want to hit.

Soft Skill

Finally, let’s talk about the important skills that hold everything, that is Soft Skill. Soft skills involve traits such as communication, teamwork, and flexibility. As a DevOps engineer, you have to work with developers, testers, operation teams, and senior business stakeholders. 

A better DevOps engineer works hard for understanding the performance of an individual's working style and way of communication. Moreover, you must be know all about the culture of the organization. 

Additionally, you also have to build a strategy that focuses on the simplification of the operating environment. Also, bring everyone on one platform on the journey in order to facilitate the cultural shift.


Being an engineer, you should be able to understand the wider technology landscape. You should know how to combine data center-based components along with cloud-based infrastructure. Moreover understand the command of adopting new systems, applications for enabling the business to take advantage. However, to fulfill your desire you can enroll yourself for a DevOps engineer certification.

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