How to Create a Fool Proof Digital Marketing Plan?


How to Create a Fool Proof Digital Marketing Plan?

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| April 29, 2020 Last Updated 2020-04-30T05:34:47Z
If you are a modern marketer, you will be engaging in digital marketing, which means you will need to develop a digital marketing strategy and marketing plan to achieve your marketing goal.

Digital marketing

A digital marketing strategy is a master plan that aligns directly with your revenue targets, digital marketing objectives, long-term vision, ethics and business goals of an organization. If you cannot develop this in-house, you can consider engaging a professional digital marketing consultant such as Evolve & Adapt.

Digital marketing tactics are employed to implement a marketing strategy. It includes the groundwork of optimizing a website for SEO, designing and running ads for different ad networks, writing an email marketing campaign and automating it as well as other digital marketing activities that directly support the strategic marketing plan.

You will often hear the term "digital marketing campaign". A campaign does not refer to a strategy but can be best described as a collection of digital marketing tactics designed to achieve a marketing goal based on a strategy.

Your digital marketing strategy will also help you clearly define what digital assets you require and how they should be designed and created that will best support your strategy.

The campaign runs tactics that include choosing the influencers, providing content to them and selecting digital channels to run ads. The design of the ads, bidding strategies and ad formats are also tactical decisions that fall under the campaign.

With this in mind, you can create a digital marketing plan. Here is an example of steps to take to create a digital marketing plan: 

STEP 1: Set & Measure Your KPIs

One of the most significant benefits of digital marketing is the availability of real-time data and analytics that allows you to track, quantify and measure your marketing tactics and campaigns.
Set your digital marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure they are in line with the digital marketing objective and strategy.

STEP 2: Define Your Target Audience

Use paid advertising tools on ad networks like Google and Facebook to define your target audience by location, age, gender, language, interests, and behaviors.

Create a customer profile and identify the customer's pain points as well as the solution your product or service provides. 

STEP 3: Assess Your Digital Marketing Assets & Channels

Review your digital marketing assets like your websites, images, photos, slides, videos, ad copy, lead magnets and social media accounts. Make sure they are up-to-date and optimized to convert customers.

Next, assess your available digital marketing channels and identify the ones that will be used for the campaign(s). Plan your sub-strategy for each channel.

Your digital marketing assets include human resources - your digital marketing team. Ensure you have team members assigned for specific roles and responsibilities. Digital marketing encompasses many different activities that require different skill sets, so your team members must be experienced or trained for their respective roles.

Finally, determine your digital marketing budget and allocate monetary resources for each channel/ campaign.

STEP 4: Create Your Campaign(s) and Determine Digital Marketing Tactics

At this point, you should have everything in order, from your digital marketing strategy, KPIs, defined target audience, digital assets and channels.

It is now time to create your digital marketing campaign(s) and determine the marketing tactics that you will employ. It is essential to go into the fine details of the tactics such as the amount you intend to spend on each tactic, the length of time each tactic runs for, as well as what assets and channels need to be utilized.

STEP 5: Create Your Digital Marketing Calendar

Based on the campaign(s) created, map out a timeline with specific start and end dates of tactics as well as implementation timelines, KPIs, analytic reviews and indicate the team member(s) assigned for different activities. 

Once you have crafted your digital marketing plan, you can start executing it.

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