Five dazzling designer glasses you can’t help but love


Five dazzling designer glasses you can’t help but love

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Designer glasses are the miracle of the eyewear fashion industry that help you break the mould of the boring and the bland. All thanks to the amazing brands behind these glasses. Today we are here to know more about these brands and the fashion ingredients they use while making these designer glasses stylistically appealing with no compromise on quality. Not only that, the brands promise us some jealous glances from people now and then as well.

The feisty five designer glasses brands everyone adores.

Ted Baker 

To cherish some reinvented creations, meet the Ted Baker glasses of this era. Blends that speak of modishness and retro nuances make Ted Baker a dynamic brand that loves changing with the times. Whether you need a formal adornment or casual marvel, the bold designs with the ultimate focus on details make the best pair for you. Certainly, Ted Baker is ‘no ordinary designer label’. Its love for perfection and free-swinging nuances make the brand and its designer glasses a stunner.

Imagine a round frame in Havana tortoiseshell captivating everyone around with its teal temples and the Ted Baker signature on them. The subtle stripes on the temples, the thick nose bridge, and the unique colours make the frame shout out loud the contrasting vibes expressing Ted Baker’s love for bold and details.

With more such designer glasses for men and women, for every occasion, Ted Baker has set its foot deep into people’s hearts. It’s time you let its lightweight design, noble colours, and comforting vibes help you express a calm and pleasing personality.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Want to captivate the crowd with some peculiar looks by your side? Quirky yet subtle, that’s the style Salvatore Ferragamo speaks of with its innovative designs. Thanks to the commitment to Italian craftsmanship, Ferragamo has made its mark in the world as sleek and classy. Portraying designs of the edge of the 90s blended with modern magnificence, the brand and its designer glasses have an unspoken charm that makes people express the enticement with compliments. 

Dream up a pair with flower-shaped metal pins in gold on each side of the frame front. A shimmering black cat-eye with temples that start off at the front with gold, giving acetate the elegance of metal. With a jewellery-like texture now achieved, wear these avant-garde frames on your twinkling eyes. Let the frame sit there forever to collect all showered compliments.

The best part is, such frames exist in reality and you can fulfil the dream. This Salvatore Ferragamo black and gold cat-eye is just one of the many dazzling pairs we have for you as part of the exclusive collection. Don’t worry, with all the minimalistic bells and whistles, Ferragamo never loses focus on other elements of comfort and quality. Maybe that’s what makes its designer glasses so remarkable.

Calvin Klein

If you are up for some British heritage-inspired minimalistic creativity on spectacles, Calvin Klien is the brand that will make you shine. With versatile designer glasses that portray sophistication, maturity and squeaky-clean dynamism in each of its frames, Calvin Klein glasses make you adore them eternally. 

See in your mind’s eye a Havana green coloured pair of Aviators with gold top bar and nose bridge. A contemporary and unisex pair. Only rarely do you find acetate frames ornamented with soft and comfy nose pads and golden pad arms. Plus, you get to see temples studded with fine golden brown screws and the Calvin Klein signature. Each of these elements has only one goal. To make you look out of the world and embrace your elegant charm. 

Similar to this one, there are various other unique and quirky styles for you to don. From one colour splendours to dual-tone designer glasses in wayfarers, aviators, cat-eyes, browlines and more. Calvin Klein has every kind of spectacle for you to admire and cherish.

Marc Fabien

Want to know the big reason why the youth of this day and age loves to don Marc Fabien on their sparkling eyes? Yes. For exactly that little sparkle in the eyes. With young and inspirational designer glasses, Marc Fabien has been impacting the world. It’s the embellishments, the scintillating colours, and the styles that are portrayed in such an iconic way that no man or woman can deny its charm. 

Imagine a ritzy gold cat-eye frame mingled with the retro round style. With a diamond-like bead on each side of the frame front. Plus, two on each of the temples that are designed to stick out a mile. All this only to pamper you and those around you with feminine and iconic styles. What’s more, you get to collect Herculean loads of compliments in your sac. And this is all about just one of Marc Fabien’s incredible assortment. There are various other designs in terrific styles and colours, that you can’t help but love.  


A brand with timeless creations, Hackett makes glasses with made-to-measure styles that help you embrace polished looks with sophistication. The matchless quality, gorgeous hues, high-grade material and avant-garde spirits of all Hackett glasses make the brand prodigious.

Just to give you an idea, think of a completely round frame with thin rims in navy blue colour. With that Hackett brings super sleek temples in metal, with acetate at the tips along with flickers of Havana. Snuggly nose pads, bridge, charming full-rim, and the retro vibes of the round style, make these designer glasses an incredible pair to flaunt whatever the occasion.

What’s awesome is the fact that you’ll find all kinds of styles like wayfarers, rounds, rectangles, and cat-eyes in all forms, full-rimmed, rimless and semi-rimmed, in the amazing gargantuan assortment of Hackett glasses.

Are you impressed with these brands and their magical creations? All such designer glasses are created with love and care for you to flaunt and complement your personality. Do ensure that you make the most of them. Find all these at Specscart, in incredible variety you can’t help but smile at. All styles and all colours available with comfort and utility, ensuring that you get the best possible experience wearing them.

Get going. Choose your favourite designer glasses at Specscart right away!

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  • Five dazzling designer glasses you can’t help but love

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