What Is the Importance of Software Maintenance Services?


What Is the Importance of Software Maintenance Services?

John Smith
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Software maintenance is the process of updating and modifying software applications to deliver improved performance, adapting the product to suit changing environments, and correcting any defects or errors that may arise. The purpose of software maintenance is to ensure that the value of the software is preserved over time by enhancing its capabilities and features, expanding its user base, removing obsolete functions, and incorporating newer technologies so that it remains competitive in the overall software applications ecosystem. In fact, by investing in offshore software development in India, you effectively are able to better maintain and update your software so that its performance is improved, and its operational capacities are enhanced.

What Are the Different Types of Software Maintenance Available?

Software maintenance can be broadly categorized into 4 types, which will be touched upon briefly below.

Preventative Maintenance

This type of maintenance helps with protecting the system from any upcoming vulnerabilities or unforeseen threats to ensure that all losses are prevented.

Adaptive Maintenance
This maintenance involves modifying the software components so that the system remains compatible with rapidly changing environments and stays relevant in its software ecosystem.

Corrective Maintenance
This type of maintenance is important for detecting errors and other bugs in the existing system and fixing them promptly so that the software continues to work efficiently.

Perfective Maintenance
This type of maintenance helps fine tune all the functionalities, elements, and features of the system so that system performance is enhanced and adequately optimized.

Why Is Software Maintenance Necessary?

The main aim of software maintenance is to update and modify the software application after delivery to fix bugs and improve the overall performance of the system itself. It is important to invest heavily in maintenance and outsource software development to India or any other country that is known for high-quality software development and maintenance. This is because your solution needs to be kept healthy, so that it can easily adapt to changing business and technical environments. Usually, as much as 60% of the software maintenance costs are used for enhancing the solution that is developed. Software application optimization involves meticulously identifying, isolating, and addressing errors, eliminating obsolete functionalities, and applying cutting-edge development.

Why Is Software Maintenance Difficult to Handle?

Software maintenance can be difficult to address as it is costly. Other reasons why maintenance is difficult include:
1.      The processes and stages of the development of the original software cannot be easily traced.
2.      All the changes made along the way have not been adequately documented.
3.     Every change that is incorporated into the software produces ripple effects on its other functionalities, many of which can not be known until the users’ flag them.
4.      Post-delivery programs and activities have not been designed keeping software maintenance in mind at the outset of its development.

Why Is Software Maintenance Important?

When you decide to invest in offshore software development in India, you can benefit from enhanced system performance and reduced errors and bugs. You can also modify the environments that your software runs in to stay competitive or duly incorporate any updates or changes that are requested to better meet your users’ needs.

So why is software maintenance important? Because without it, your system will never evolve over time and will continue to be riddled with all the defects, bugs, and inefficiencies it suffered from when it was first deployed. It is important to remember that software never “wears out”. However, it does become less useful as it ages, and issues will arise within the software itself, making it impossible to use more than a few months down the line. Software maintenance costs will usually make up anywhere from 50% - 75% of the total cost of ownership (TCO), which means that most of the software will only perform according to the requirements outlined at the beginning after the deployment stage. This is because as it is continually developed and optimized for greater efficiency, it begins running better in all environments.

Why Invest in Offshore Software Development in India?

Software maintenance is an on-going activity that can take anywhere from 15 – 20 years, while software development itself can take only 1 – 2 years to build. If you decide to invest in offshore software development in India, you are effectively investing in enhancing your application’s capabilities, optimizing its many processes and features, deleting unnecessary functionalities, and continually correcting errors and bugs as they are discovered. Change is inevitable, so mechanisms need to be developed to evaluate, control, improve, and modify your software application if you are looking to stay in business long term.

The purpose of software maintenance will always be to preserve the value of your software application over time. Its value can be enhanced in many ways from meeting additional requirements, and becoming more efficient, to becoming easier to use, growing your customer base, and incorporating newer technology to enhance its existing performance.

Choose to invest in offshore software development in India if you are looking to truly shake up your users’ world and keep your software application vibrant and healthy for the foreseeable future.
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