Get Ultimate Guide for ROAS


Get Ultimate Guide for ROAS

John Smith
| March 28, 2020 Last Updated 2020-03-28T14:21:52Z

Are you finding the best solution for improving pay-per-click ad campaigns? If yes, then you must track first the effectiveness of your campaigns. If you are getting clicks, then you have won only half battle. One thing you should understand that if you are not making a good profit from your ads, then they are absolutely useless. To measure effectiveness of the ads, there are lots of metrics you can follow. ROAS is the most accurate way to determine whether your ads are really worth or not.
If you are new to PPC advertising, then you may be unfamiliar about the concept of ROAS. You might have a question like what is ROAS. What is the idea of ROAS Calculation? To get information regarding all these questions, you should read this complete blog. We have prepared this ultimate guide for you to deliver the right information relevant to the same.

Do you know what ROAS is?

ROAS is the return on ad spend, is a process of making the profit from the investing amount on any particular PPC ad or campaign to the amount of revenue that's generated from that campaign. In other words, you can see how much you get out of a battle when you put X amount of dollars into it.
It is one type of metric used by marketers to determine how much profit or dollars made by them for each dollar spent on advertising. In other words, it helps you to understand about your advertisement campaign about how much it is useful. So, you may know whether or not your advertising budget is being utilized most effectively. 

How to Calculate the Answer to What is ROAS

From the above definition, we hope that you have understood the concept of ROAS. Now, let's discuss how to calculate it for your ad campaigns. First of all, you have to track the conversions and sales information for your ad campaigns. Fortunately, many paid platforms follow a simple process.
For instance, if you want to track the ROAS of Google Ads campaigns, then you will attain the information you require on the Ad Groups of the main dashboard. After getting the conversion and sale data from Google Ads, you can plug it into the ROAS formula to calculate return on ad spend.

What's The Reason Behind The Usage Of ROAS And How To Use It?

Now, you are well aware of the concept of ROAS and how to measure it. But you still don't know why it is so important and how you can use if you want to improve your online advertising campaigns. If you are curious to know about it, then read below.

  • Return on Ad Spend is crucial because it helps you to know how a particular ad campaign is contributing to your brand's bottom line.

  • But if you aren't using ROAS, then you can only guess whether the ad is generating more revenue than cost or not.

When you come to know how to use ROAS, then the metrics of ROAS allow you great insight into many different sections of online marketing such as strategy, marketing direction, and budget.

You can help this by taking an example. If you have noted about a particular campaign has a high ROAS. Then, you are entirely allow to start investigate related to it. In your investigation, you can search for why this campaign generates more revenue than others. The inside research will teach you different aspects of your campaigns moving forward. With the help of it, you will become able to maximize return on your future ads.
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  • Get Ultimate Guide for ROAS

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