How to Select Jewelry for Any Occasion


How to Select Jewelry for Any Occasion

John Smith
| February 24, 2020 Last Updated 2020-02-24T12:47:45Z

Whether you are attending a wedding, dinner, or brunch, jewelry can transform your clothes into outfits. You can wear jewelry for special occasions or personal reasons. It is necessary to find jewelry that makes you feel great and reflects the theme of the occasion.

For most individuals, wearing jewelry is a normal activity that has no meaning. To some, wearing earrings, necklaces, and rings is a daily routine, and they never pause to ask why they do it. People have been wearing jewelry for a long time to signify different aspects of life. For instance, in ancient times, emperors, pharaohs, and kings wore jewelry as a symbol of status. Today, people wear jewelry to adorn themselves for special occasions or to compliment their outfits. There are many places to get high-quality jewelry in the UAE, for instance, the malls, and geld souqs.

Caring for Your Jewelry

Don’t you hate it when you want to wear those beautiful earrings for that special occasion but you can’t because they are ruined? Most of the times, our jewelry doesn’t last because of the way we store it. Although you might think you know everything about caring for your jewelry, you can always learn more.

Although some people insist on using fancy cleaners and solvents for cleaning their jewelry, your jewelry might last longer and look better if you use warm soapy water. Wash with a soft-bristled brush.

One thing you should always remember is to never sleep in jewelry. This can harm you or the jewelry. You can bend a prong, which might lead to the loss of a stone or even bend a chain. You also need to store the pieces separately. This prevents friction and wearing out.

Selecting Jewelry for Every Occasion

It can be challenging to choose the right jewelry, especially if you’re not a fashionista. Choosing the right accessories enhances your look, and the wrong one destroys it.
Here is how to accessorize for different occasions.

Everyday Jewelry

You can wear some jewelry pieces every day, which are readily available in jewelry shops in Dubai. Acceptable everyday jewelry can be worn all the time, like wedding rings. You can wear a wristwatch or a keepsake necklace every day.

Office Jewelry

O0ffice jewelry should be simple and not distracting. You can always wear your diamond stud earrings but ensure that they complement your outfit. You can also wear small hoops that don’t make noise as you move. Avoid rhinestones and noisy bracelets.

Although some formal offices allow larger earrings, keep it simple to not annoy your coworkers will the noise and jiggling. When in doubt, wear fewer pieces to avoid overdressing and looking like a clown.

Party Jewelry

When going to a party, you can wear almost anything. This provides the ideal occasion to show off your statement pieces. You can wear your diamond rings in Dubai parties. You can even wear a bold cocktail ring. If your jewelry is bright and unique, this is the perfect place to wear it.

Formal Events

A formal event gives you the opportunity to show off your elegant side, which means it is time to display your best pieces. You can wear your engagement rings Dubai designs or a single jewelry piece to show off your best feature. A statement necklace can also make your outfit stand out.

Jewelry is an accessory, not the whole outfit; this means you should not overdo it. Pearls, precious stones, and diamonds are the best to wear to formal occasions. Also, avoid wearing more than one oversized piece, this makes you look confused and like you had not dressed for the right occasion. One statement piece is enough and avoid being too matchy with your set.

Choose Jewelry According to Your Skin Tone

When choosing the right jewelry, you should not only focus on your outfit, but also your skin tone. The secret to looking awesome is to wear jewelry that complements your skin. Silver goes well with most skin tones, so when you don’t know what to wear, consider this color. Gold jewelry goes well with dark hair and matte skin. Blue, red, and purple jewelry complement cooler skin tones. Warmer skin tones, on the other hand, look good in yellow, orange, or green gemstones.

When you want to highlight your face, consider wearing statement earrings. If you don’t want your eyes to stand out, wear flashy earrings. Choose statement earrings according to the shape of your face and go for the pieces that show your unique features. For instance, if you have an oval face, choose studs and triangular earrings.

People have worn jewelry for many years and for different purposes. Today, we wear jewelry to complement our outfits on different occasions or to show our individuality. Choosing the right jewelry for an occasion is necessary to suit the event.

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  • How to Select Jewelry for Any Occasion

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