How store locator option can complement your Magento eCommerce store?


How store locator option can complement your Magento eCommerce store?

| February 03, 2020 Last Updated 2020-02-07T05:40:50Z

You might be busy expanding your business in a city, country or across the globe, but the target customers may not be getting any idea about your existence in their locality.
Business often starts with a simple and meager setup, which eventually expands to multiple towns and cities. In pursuit of serving more and more people, the owners open sub-office or encourage partners, affiliates, franchises, etc.

It is a great challenge for any business to effectively communicate its presence in different localities and make the customers explore them. The users always have the perception that the main branch or head office has the optimum quality standards, and that the rest are not the official stores.
With a store locator option, you can make them find more of the physical locations of your business that are nearest to their home or workspace, and provide the same products or services. This compliments your Magento eCommerce store in many ways. Let us look at how it can grow your online business.

1. Maximize your store revenues

Your Magento-powered eCommerce website may be acquiring a continuous increase in sales if your customers stay ignorant about your business operations on multiple locations. With a store locator, you can spread the word about your branches, franchises, outlets, affiliations, partnerships, or associates that are located in different towns, localities and cities.
With this, the customers would like to interact with your business for products or services available nearest to their home or workplace. Magento 2 store locator is one of the useful tools in acquiring such functionality in your online store. Let the customers locate the nearest store.

2. Make your store locations searchable

Step ahead of displaying your multiple store locations. Make a dedicated page for each store location, provide its complete address and product available to make it easily searchable by your store users. Let the customers find a store in their town to know either their required products are available in a nearby location or not.
With any of the Magento 2 store locator extensions, you can assign tags, products, working hours, holidays, and addresses to facilitate the users in grabbing products from a store closest in distance.

3. Increase traffic to your Magento Store

You can increase traffic to your Magento store by creating a dedicated page for each location and configuring the SEO Meta tags. This will push each page in search engine result pages, thus bringing you more organic and relevant traffic straight to your eCommerce website.

4. Improve your store locations’ visibility

With a quick configuration of store locations on Google map, you can magnify the presence, reach, and visibility of your store.
Your store locations start showing in map results against local keyword searches and bring you the relevant audience. Gain the benefit of local SEO with the help of Magento 2 store locatoris it ensures bringing all of your business offices into the limelight.

5. Gain Trust and Reliability

Your loyal customers who are used to shop from the main branch may not dare to visit another recently opened store you are not endorsing it on your eCommerce website. Showing your multiple business locations on your store testifies that these are your official shops and that visiting them is as equal to the main branch. The more locations you add, the more you gain trust and reliability.

6. Save consumers’ valuable time

The customers may find it difficult to reach a physical location if you simply provide an address with any visual assistance. Guide your customers or clients to multiple store locations on the map.
They can find the exact location on the map, with distance and time it takes to reach. This saves your consumers’ time as they may plan and reach the right location rather than asking people and remembering any nearest.

7. Help your customers save money

A store location can compliment a Magento-based online store in many ways. One of the rewarding ways is to facilitate customers with the nearest shops.
The customers, who are required to travel far and wide for a specific product or service, would like to get them from one of your nearest business centers.Locate all your business places for the ease of customers to save on traveling or shipping expenses if they choose to order for home delivery. The nearer the place, the higher they will save.

8. Increase Sales of All Locations

You might be getting most of your business from the main branch or head office, whereas the rest of your locations may be under performing in sales and customer service. Why not evenly distribute revenue generation among your multiple store locations by referring customers to the nearest location?
The Magento 2 store locator extension helps you expose all your business sites to encourage customers to explore them and be served at the earliest and nearest. Help your customers to reach one of your locations near them rather than visiting the main branch or outlet. 

Final words

Adding multiple business locations improves user experience, search engine visibility, and trust and reliability of your Magento-powered online store. It ultimately increases your revenues and exposure. Get the option to facilitate your target customers and grow beyond.

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  • How store locator option can complement your Magento eCommerce store?

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