Five Ways A Custom Cable Assembly Can Change Your Business


Five Ways A Custom Cable Assembly Can Change Your Business

Harris Melvin
| February 23, 2020 Last Updated 2020-02-23T19:21:55Z

When you are ordering custom cable assemblies, you need to learn what they can do to change your business. A custom cable assembly is something that you can use to complete your projects, power your facility, and create new products. Plus, your custom cable assemblies can be used to create better performance for your company.

1. You Can Order Anything

A company like Meridian Cable Assemblies can create precisely what you want. You can order anything that you need, and you can ask the installer to create the cables that match your needs. You can add special wires to your cable assembly, and you can ask for a special cable sleeve.

2. Specialty Cables Fit Your Projects

Specialty cables can fit into the projects that you are working on. You do not need to buy standard cables when you can order something that fits into each new assembly you need to build. You can order very thin cables that will help you create a delicate new device. You can order thicker cables that will survive underwater, or you could get cables that are coiled because they need to retract.

3. Your Cable Engineer Is Your Business Partner

Your cable engineer becomes a partner in your business. You are working with someone who has a vested interest in your success. This means that they are giving you their best effort every day. You can order cables that are made quickly if you have an emergency, or you can order cables that are very long because you have a big project to complete.

The engineer gets to know your business with every new project that they complete, and they can work with you on big projects that are new to your business. You are getting expert advice from your installer that you cannot get if you buy standard cables or each job.

4. You Can Improve Performance

If you use specialty cables in your new products, your customers get the best performance possible. You can market your cables on your website, and your cable engineer will get some free advertising. You can use special cables in your facility because you need a stronger Internet connection or voice connection. You should work with your engineer to figure out how fast your cables can be. You can get a better power transfer from a quality cable, or you can get a clear voice signal using better cables.

5. You Can Spend Less Money Over Time

If you order cables from a specialty engineering company, they can make your cables for a low price once they have created the cable design. You will spend the same amount of money every time you buy standard cables online, but your builder can sell you the cables for better prices when you buy longer spools of each cable.

Also, you need to find a cable construction company that will cut back on design fees. You can work with the company on a basic design that is not too expensive. Additionally, you can use the cables for years because you are helping keep your cable engineer in the business.


You should look at the custom cable assemblies that you can order for your business when you have new projects to complete. You should use these assemblies to make your business flourish, and you can use these assemblies to provide a better experience for your customers. Plus, you will save money on your cables because you are working with a company that can produce bulk spools of your cables, deliver at a low price, and will continue to deliver at a low price.

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  • Five Ways A Custom Cable Assembly Can Change Your Business

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