Best Cities To Live Where It’s Summer All Year Long


Best Cities To Live Where It’s Summer All Year Long

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| February 13, 2020 Last Updated 2020-02-14T14:11:11Z

Finding Your Endless Summer

The movie Endless Summer is a tale about erstwhile surfers cruising the globe for the best waves throughout the year. They start summer, and it just goes on as long as they do. It’s a wonderful film with a fine concept: if you’re smart about it, you can travel the globe in the same season perpetually.

However, you don’t necessarily have to expend all the energy and intrigues necessary to follow the summer season through the planet’s yearly rotation around the sun. You might just look into communities where “endless summer” essentially defines the climate.

In America, there are several cities like this. San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Jacksonville, Savannah, Myrtle Beach—all are excellent locales where, though the season changes, it’s never bitterly cold. For a few weeks, you might have to wear a jacket. However, if you want to really find a fine summer-long city, you’ve got to check out California.

California is also one of the best places in America to experience authentic wine country as known for centuries in the Mediterranean. The climate of these vine-bearing ecological areas is very similar to that of the Mediterranean Sea, in that it’s temperate year-round, only occasionally getting very hot, it’s comfortably humid, and there’s desert inland.

Summer Outside, And Summer Within

Some of this climate even carries over into the décor of local living arrangements. Expect a Greco-Italian design motif to predominate among many properties in South California. San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Bay Area tend to exhibit some décor similarities, and to one degree or another, all these areas represent perpetual summertime regions.

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It will get colder in the bay area during winter than many of the other cities in California, but it’s generally not going to drop below freezing, and the days are delightfully brisk. In the summertime, it won’t get too hot, either—that can be the problem with California’s more southern cities. If you’re considering this region of California, check out The Asher apartments in Bay area.

If you’re looking for more heat, you’ll want to look at Los Angeles. Riverside and the Inland Empire are about thirty miles east from the coast, and it very seldom gets cold in these regions. They’re desert, and if you keep going east inland, you’ll eventually encounter Death Valley. However, Los Angeles is more temperate and seldom gets cold.

Additionally, there’s a new trend in living arrangements which favours those seeking unique living options. Especially if you’re creative, and you’re in that hip stage of life where you’re looking to make your own idiosyncratic mark on the world, it could be worth your while to check out Los Angeles retail space in Cumulus District.

Beyond L.A.

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South of L.A. is Orange County, and one of the finest cities in Orange County for year-round summer is called Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach is a decent community with a fine downtown area full of nightlife, and one of the world’s most famous beaches. It is both a destination for tourists and a calm home for many laid back residents who love summer.
If you keep going south, there are many luxurious little towns between Huntington Beach and San Diego. Some are larger than others, all experience year-round temperate vibes that are comfortable and relaxed. Finally, at the bottom of the state is San Diego, where there’s fine dining, high-class entertainment, top-tier shopping, a military base, and the San Diego Zoo.
San Diego is one of the cleanest cities on the West Coast in comparison to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and much of L.A. Certainly San Diego has its own problem districts, but generally, the area is breezy, simple, temperate, and laid back. There is traffic, but it’s not nearly as bad as any of the cities explored here so far.

Finding Your Endless Summer 

There are many places to live in California. If you’re looking for endless summer, you’ll probably want to start no further north than the bay area and work your way down. Look at multiple areas, and do a little explorative reconnaissance beforehand. Very soon you’ll find the perfect perpetual summertime residence to call home.
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