How To Use An Electric Razor For Legs?


How To Use An Electric Razor For Legs?

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| January 07, 2020 Last Updated 2020-01-08T07:24:35Z
We often get tired of shaving our legs with conventional razors. Well, that is why the idea of an electric razor popped up. Electric razor has lessened the daily hassle out of shaving. It has made the shaving experience better and quick.

If you have just started using an electric razor and do not know much about it, this article might be helpful to you. You may have found many articles on how to use an electric razor on facial hair. In this article, I will illustrate how to use an electric razor for legs.

The first question on your mind will be which razor will be best. You will find the best electric ladies razors for legs and the best electric men razors on the internet. So I will not waste your time writing those reviews. Let's jump to the main topic.
We can use an electric razor on legs for two kinds of shaving.
  • Dry Shave
  • Wet Shave

Use Electric Razor on Legs For Dry Shaving

Dry shaving does not represent the conventional way of shaving. Dry shaving refers to shaving without water, shaving cream, or any other liquid. As we do not use water in dry shaving, it can cause irritation and itching. According to a study, leg hairs grow about 0.4 millimeters per day, which somehow drives us towards dry shaving. Well, with the proper use of an electric razor, you can avoid the issues of dry shaving. You can follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, clean your legs using warm water and soap. Rinse the lather thoroughly with water. It is an essential step for dry shaving because it softens the leg hairs. It also polishes the legs and makes the shaving experience smoother.
  • Now dry your legs. Drying it will make the skin softer. It will also help you to avoid any sort of discomfort during shaving.
  • Now your legs are ready for shaving. Before switching the electric razor on, make sure it is fully charged.
  • For shaving, move the electric razor in the upward direction. I would suggest shaving from the ankle area to the thigh area. Do not force the electric razor on your skin. Move it naturally to get a smooth shaving. 
  • After shaving, you can use some moisturizing cream. It will make the legs shiny and beautiful.

Use An Electric Razor For Wet Shaving

Most of the time, people prefer wet shaving because it is more comfortable than dry shaving. It also does not cause any irritation after shaving. Wet shaving refers to the shaving we do during shower, or when we use liquid during shaving. To make your wet shaving method more comfortable with an electric razor, follow the steps mentioned below:
  • As it is wet shaving, you can apply water or any moisturizer on your legs while shaving. It will soften the leg hairs.
  • Now apply shaving cream, foam, or gel on your legs. It will work as a lubricate and will make it easier to shave.
  • Now your legs are ready for shaving.
  • Do not force the electric razor on your skin. Smoothly move the razor in the upward direction. Moisturizer will make the shaving quicker and more pleasant.
  • After the removal of leg hair, clean your legs with warm water. Rinse the shaving cream or gel properly with water.
  • Now dry your legs. Use a soft towel.
  • You can apply lotion or any other moisturizer after wet shaving. As you have used moisturizer before, it is not a must. Also, wet shaving does not include the risk of irritation and itching.

Which one is better for legs? Dry Shaving Razors or Wet Shaving Razors?

There is no difference between a dry shave electric razor and a wet shave electric razor. The main difference lies in the preparation before shaving. ( Using an electric razor during bath is not recommended)

When you are using a regular razor with blades, you may notice some differences between a dry shave or wet shave. But with an electric razor,  you won't find anything disappointing. Electric razor provides a close shaving, which reduces the skin irritation after a dry shaving. And if you buy a genuine electric razor, you will feel the same experience in both shaves.

Tips for getting a close shave on your legs with an electric razor:

A close shave indeed depends on how you are using the electric razor on your legs. Here are some steps you can follow to get a close shave on legs with an electric razor.
  1. First, you have to come up with a shaving routine for your legs. Many people avoid leg shaving during winter. Well. If you do not shave your legs regularly, it may cause skin irritation afterward.
  2. Buy an electric razor that provides high-grade service.
  3. Use shaving cream, foam, or gel for wet shaving. Shaving cream and gel offers more moisture than foam.
  4. Apply pre-shaving lotion on your legs. Most of the people avoid that.
  5. Charge your razor fully. If the battery goes down during the shaving, it will be weird for you.
  6. After shaving, clean the lubricate on the razor head. You can use de-lubricant for this.
  7. Replace the blades if needed.
  8. Apply after shaving lotion on your legs.
Now to get a hygienic shave, it is a must to keep your electric razor clean. How will you do that?
  1. After each shaving, remove the hairs from the razor head. Do not hit the head with force, or you will end up with a broken electric razor head. Gently tap the razor head at the edge of the sink.
  2. Pour a few drops of water and liquid soap on the razor head. 
  3. Now turn on the razor. It will produce soap lather.
  4. Rinse the razor head with running warm water. Do not submerge the razor in any water source.
  5. Turn off the electric razor. Remove the razor head again and pour water on it.
  6. Now clean the electric razor with a dry cloth, and leave it until it is completely dry.
If you do not want to go through these troubles, you can buy the electric razors with an auto cleaning mode.

I think these tips will help you to get a pleasant leg shaving experience with an electric razor.
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