Know It All About Veteran Scholarships


Know It All About Veteran Scholarships

Charity Prado
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Are you someone who has spent all his life serving the country on the borders? Are you someone who had to sacrifice his studies for the sake of the nation? Well, it’s never too late when it comes to your unfinished education. If you’re looking to re-engage yourself into studies, veteran scholarship is your way to go.

Veteran scholarships provide facilities to many students, especially army officials, to pursue their career in any field. GI bill, the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, is not a new phenomenon for the veterans. They know the program is in place to help the retired military personnel to complete their unfulfilled educational goals. However, the ones who don’t know much about this Bill may be at loss when it comes to the financial offers and scholarships for the veteran education. Therefore, it is imperative to educate them about the Bill and the available veteran scholarships under the program.
These scholarship programs depend on a multitude of factors, including your college degree, length of your army service, and the school you attended.

Let’s Go Back To School!

The veteran program gives the best opportunities and sources for educational programs to the veterans. These scholarships benefit the careers of people who want to rejoin the school's degree after finishing their stint at the armed forces.

Funding Resources For Veteran Education

The government earmarks a huge amount of money annually to assist military people with their education after conclusion of their services.
  1. The US government has spent over 34 million U.S. dollars through the GI Bill in the last nine years to help the retired armed forces personnel resume their school. 
  2. Under the GI Bill, over 650,000 veterans received funds in the Year 2017.
  3. The US military veterans received education in different American universities at the cost of around 5 million U.S. dollars.

Veterans Can Avail Scholarships

The retired American military personnel don’t only have to rely on the GI Bill to receive education funding. They can also receive loans and scholarships at the state level. Different states have unique set of benefits offered to such students.

Vocational Degrees For Veterans

If the military veterans look to pursue their non-degree or vocational courses, they can do that under the GI Bill. They can avail these scholarships on the basis of length of their military service, their military category, the nature of the vocational training or course, and many other eligibility criteria.

Scholarships And Grants For Disabled Veterans

The scholarships under the GI Bill are also applicable to the disabled military officials retiring from the service. These funds are used not only for their treatment but also for their education.

Graduation For Veterans

The government provides financial resources to the veterans not only for their undergraduate studies or professional courses. They can also get veteran scholarships to continue degrees and vocational programs. Moreover, the option of getting education from the foreign schools or the private schools is also available to the retired military officials.

Veteran students can also receive the household allowances depending upon their school attendance. The students, who are enrolled in online degree programs, are also eligible for the monthly house stipend fund.

Loan Repayment Program:

The world is full of options for the veterans, especially in the US. If you have used up all your GI Bill benefits as well as other scholarships, you can still get funding through options. The veterans can also get benefited through loan repayment and forgiveness programs. The US Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program has the mandate to forgive the outstanding amount on a veteran student’s loan. However, veterans can be eligible for such a relief only under a qualifying repayment plan. They can avail the option by making the 120 qualifying monthly payments while doing job as a full-time with a qualifying employer.
You may get benefited from National Defense Student Loan Discharge program, if you’re: 
  1. A military man, who is performing his duties in danger zone, can get half of his or her loan waived.
  2. The loan can be completely forgiven for a year of active military service by the loan program.

Veteran Family Dependents Scholarships

Spouses of ex-military men can receive scholarships and grants. The veterans, who were disabled due to the injuries caused by the services in the military, can get the fees for the schools and colleges waived off for their children and spouses in the state of California. They also get tuition assistance under the program.

Scholarships Available For Kids/Family Members Of Veterans

Veteran scholarships are available to the family members, especially children, of a retired military official. When the veterans are not using it, their kids and family members can avail the benefits.

However the military procedure is different. The veterans will have to send applications to transfer the benefits to their spouses, children and other family members. The request will be reviewed by the Department of Defense. The GI Bill programs provide facilities for all needy people and many students complete their studies with the help of veteran scholarships.


Completing your education is not a tough task for a veteran any longer. They can avail different options to get back to the school to achieve the educational excellence.
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