Tech That Improves Your Health and Helps You Sleep


Tech That Improves Your Health and Helps You Sleep

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| October 05, 2019 Last Updated 2019-10-05T16:58:08Z

Blue light from your favorite techy gadgets could be at the heart of your tossing and turning at night. But technology isn’t bad for sleep when it’s used appropriately. Take a look at where you could improve your health, and we’re sure you’ll find a device that targets your weakness to make it a strength.

1. Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers exploded on the market several years ago, but they continue to improve in their offerings and accuracy. Pedometers, GPS tracking, and heart rate monitors are now common fare. A few new models worth wearing include:
  • FitBit Charge 3: Good battery life, a big screen, a more accurate heart rate monitor, and an additional oxygen saturation sensor make it a great all-around option.
  • Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music: Take this model on your run and you can listen to music via Bluetooth. It tracks how long you sleep too.
  • Apple Watch Series 5: It might be pricey, but this watch is accurate, easy to read, and capable of far more than other trackers. The downside, it doesn’t include a sleep tracker.

2. Clean the Air

Allergens and dust can contribute to breathing and health issues. Air purifiers pull air through a filter made of paper, mesh, or fiber, removing allergens and dust before pushing air back into the room. They’re not designed to remove biotoxins, but if allergies or plague you, an air filter could help you rest easy. Fresh air can even deepen your sleep so you feel more rested in the morning.

3. White Noise Machine

Whether it’s passing cars or loud neighbors, noise can startle you out of sleep at any time. White noise is a rhythmic sound that plays on the same frequency like that of a fan or radio static. The consistency reduces the differences between the background noise and the noise level in your bedroom, dulling the startling effects of sound.

4. Bright Light Therapy Lamp

Sunlight gets absorbed by the eyes, which then syncs the sleep cycle with the Earth’s day/night schedule. However, if you're not getting enough sunshine or if poor eyesight limits how much light your eyes absorb, it could be throwing off your sleep cycle. Bright light therapy lamps give you a quick dose of light to stabilize the circadian rhythms. Make sure to look for models that keep UV exposure to a minimum.

5. Smart Pillows

You can find almost everything in a smart version, and pillows are no exception. Smart pillows can monitor your sleep, sleep position, and even play white noise. Some models simply give you an in-depth look at your sleep cycle from your heart rate to your breathing. Others dive deep, adjusting your sleep position to reduce snoring.

6. Smart Mattresses

Yes, there’s more smart technology. Smart mattresses like the Sleep Number 360 sense your body position and make adjustments to optimize your sleep quality. They can also adjust the temperature to prevent wakefulness (getting too warm can start the wakeup process).


Sleep may be a natural function of your body, but it doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes the right solution comes in the form of modern technology. Use it to your advantage and get the full seven to nine hours of sleep you need.
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  • Tech That Improves Your Health and Helps You Sleep

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