Finding the Right Corporate Legal Strategy


Finding the Right Corporate Legal Strategy

Harris Melvin
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Some of the leading companies don’t just comply with the law. They use it to their advantage to stay ahead of their competition. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand certain laws such as those linked to starting and managing a business. Focusing on effective and organized legal strategies are some of the important factors to consider when trying to be successful in the corporate world.

Most companies in the UAE hire legal firms to act as their internal legal strategists. These companies stay ahead of their competition. When you use the law to your advantage, it can be rewarding.

Why You Need Corporate Legal Strategy

State laws, such as UAE labor laws govern corporations because they are legal entities. Corporate creation, management, and dissolution laws vary from state to state. However, every state acknowledges a corporation as a separate legal entity from the owners. This means a corporation can sue and be sued by others, open bank accounts, enter contracts, apply for loans, and conduct other relevant businesses. Your company needs a corporate lawyer Dubai specialist who can help to manage internal legal affairs.

The Right Corporate Legal Strategy

Finding the right corporate legal strategy is crucial for your business. Below are several legal pathways you can take to shape your policies:


Sometimes, business leaders turn a blind eye to the legal consequences that they could face because of their company’s actions. Some executives think that the law acts as an obstacle to them achieving their business goals.
Managers who use this strategy believe that seeking legal expertise would provide little value to their corporations; that is why they make no effort to acquire it. This strategy might be productive when a company wants to conduct certain activities in another jurisdiction. However, this might fail.


Those who use this strategy view the law as an unwelcome idea, but they know that it is mandatory in running their business. In these companies, the leaders believe that compliance is a cost that ought to be minimized. This attitude allows them to gain some legal knowledge, but that only allows them to operate within their bounds.
Companies who use this approach view the Dubai labor law as inflexible externally impossible laws that cannot be adapted to suit a certain corporate technique. This way, managers believe that they cannot use the law to further their business goals.


In this strategy, managers believe that the law can be used to reach their goals. Unlike the first 2 strategies, this calls for a proactive rather than a reactive approach towards the law. Executives hire legal counsel to help them understand Dubai labor law and how it can benefit their business.

Legal counsels work hand-in-hand with managers to help them achieve their management goals. Corporate lawyers also change their view on legal data. They begin to understand the significance of assessing and quantifying legal data and issues as an effort to support a business-oriented pathway.

Using Dubai labor law, companies can use the preventive approach to benefit themselves. For instance, patent fencing, which prevents competitors from obtaining a patent and to maintain their freedom to operate in the market.


Companies who follow the value strategy use the UAE labor law to their advantage by using it to develop tangible and identifiable value. To do this, executives ought to have an in-depth understanding of the legal system and how they can use it for the success of their business. The legal department acts as a significant stakeholder, which helps the business to maximize its return on investment.
Managers work with legal counsels and consider them partners who are engaged in decision making and consultations. Legal counsels take on an entrepreneurial law and have in-depth knowledge about businesses to discuss issues with managers. Executives work together with legal counsels to devise strategies to improve their businesses. The legal department can work directly with external stakeholders and come up with ways to minimize costs. They can also devise ways to increase and generate revenue.


In this approach, the company uses the corporate legal strategy into its business. Although achieving this integration is difficult, it is attainable. Companies that achieve this strategy have a powerful legal counsel that offers competitive advice that would be challenging for competitors to imitate. A significant factor of transformative strategy is that it is not only incorporated in the business’ value-chain activities, but it is also integrated into the value-chain of key external partners.

When you think about legal strategies, you will realize that there is no one-size-fits-all technique. Choosing and adopting a legal strategy is a lengthy process, and it requires careful consideration of internal and external aspects. You ought to assess important variables such as personnel and company culture to come up with an effective plan. To identify the best legal strategy, managers should involve a legal counsel who understands how businesses operate.
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  • Finding the Right Corporate Legal Strategy

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