Tools/Apps to Market Your Content Effectively


Tools/Apps to Market Your Content Effectively

| September 12, 2019 Last Updated 2019-09-12T09:51:13Z

Brands are producing copious amounts of content every day. While some of it manages to strike an everlasting impression, most of it doesn’t even make a tiny little dent. Very often, good quality content goes unnoticed simply because it is not marketed well. So folks, while you burn the midnight oil producing content for your brand, remember that it is the marketing of your content that will give you the real bang for the buck.

Marketing activities involve posting your content on social media sites, keeping your audience updated via emails, using paid ads to hunt the hard-to-reach audience, and creating quick-read and shareable presentations. Do you have the tools required to carry out the above-mentioned activities? If not, then the read on, because the tools I am about to share will amaze you.

Here are 5 apps that you need to have if you wish to (and there’s no reason you shouldn’t) market your content effectively.


Want to update your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts regularly but are too busy or lazy for that? Use Buffer to set up an updating schedule for each of the accounts you want to manage. You then simply need to edit your posts and choose the accounts you wish to send the posts on. And Buffer will update your accounts as per your schedule! It has lots of apps and extras to help you tweak it to your advantage.


If you want your content to enjoy maximum visibility, and want to reach out to an incredibly large number of people, Facebook is your best bet. You can not only post your content widely on Facebook but also embolden its visibility by paying for posts. This will ensure that you are quite the Newsfeed Favourite.


With the promise of connecting you with your target audience, this app does a great job of boosting the number of your followers on social networking sites and increasing the visibility of your content to them. You just need to select a few terms through which you wish to target the audience, and the app shall automatically ‘favorite’ tweets of people who use the terms chosen by you. This is what you want if you are looking for a way to network with target audiences or potential collaborators on the web.


Want your campaign to gain some popularity? Start with your mailing list and use MailChimp to market the content among those in your mailing list. With this app, managing your lists and making them grow will just be a cakewalk.

Secondly, you don't want to just blast your audience with email updates and hope that they will open it. You want them to become your regular customers and this will only happen with an increased click-through rate.

Emails that you send with MailChimp are optimized for all devices. No matter what device your audience uses to browse the internet, with the MailChimp app, you can send a 100 percent responsive web page that arranges itself according to the device screen size.

Plus, you can also add social sharing buttons in your templates. These are the key features that will increase your conversion rate.


Slideshare will give you the platform to share all your content ranging from documents, videos, images, presentations, conferences and more, with a tremendously large community. Not just this, you can keep a tab on the circulation of your content and the people accessing it.

So, do not let the sparks of creativity go unnoticed. Market your content. And market it quick, smart and easy.

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  • Tools/Apps to Market Your Content Effectively

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