Flashing Software: Top 5 Best Flash Tool For Android - Updated


Flashing Software: Top 5 Best Flash Tool For Android - Updated

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| July 24, 2020 Last Updated 2021-04-06T07:27:16Z
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Technically, some Android users may decide to flash their smartphone due to one of the following reasons:
  • Flashing stock firmware when phone is bricked or stuck.
  • Flashing custom firmware.
  • Flash stock recovery.
  • Flash custom recovery.
  • Flash kernel from one version to other.
  • To gain root access by flashing root packages.

As far as there are several things which makes every individual wants to flash their phone, all needed to get that solved is using the best flashing software for Android. Note that there are lots of smart phone flash tool for Android but below is a list of Best Mobile Flash Tools that works on most Android operating systems right now.

Best Android Flashing Tools

These tools are basically the gatekeeper of root access on your phone. If you want to change the way your Android's CPU behaves or alter the system UI by flashing a custom ROM, check out our top picks for best smartphone flashing tools below.

Without further ado, here are 5 awesome mobile flash tools for flash Stock ROM, Custom recovery, and unbrick bricked Android device easily:

#1. Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies flash tool
Samsung Kies is an easy-to-use and one of the best flashing tool that support almost any Samsung smartphone. This multi-purpose flashing software was developed by the official Samsung group to be used as a means of communication between windows, mac and other operating systems but due to technology advancement the Samsung Kies now serves as one of the best flashing tools that can be used to flash stock ROMS, TWRP recovery, unbrick any bricked Samsung smartphone or solve other mobile technical issues on Samsung devices.

Samsung Kies Download Link for Mac and Windows

To download Samsung Kies mini smart phone flash tool use the links below to download base on your operating system:

Click here to download Samsung Kies  for Windows.

To download Samsung Kies for Mac click here.

#2. SP Flash Tool - Best Android Flashing Tool for PC

Smart phone flashing software

SP Flash Tool is another great Android flashing tool available for Windows and Linux operating systems. There are many smartphone flashing software for computers but what works for Mr. A may not work for Mr. B. Hence you have the option to choose the ones that best suit your device model. However, in my search for Android flashing tools for PC, I found out that SP Flash Tool is a powerful software with the ability to flash any stock ROM, custom firmware, custom recovery on any Android phone easily and fast. Just like other flashing software, SP Flash Tool helps you to easily unbrick bricked Android device. If you are looking for the best Flash software for MediaTek Android smartphones I suggest you should go here for SP Flash Tool download for windows or download Smart Phone Flash for Linux from here. It works perfectly fall Mediatek based phones.

#3. Odin - Smart Phone Flash Tool

Odin flash tool download latest

I know what came to your mind when you first saw “Odin” here, you thought I was referring to Odin god right? Am not referring to Odin god nor Odin's ravens because we are not in the literature class. Odin is a PC software which provides a number of fast and easy options for flashing stock ROMS and unbrick bricked Samsung Android device. If you are looking to download all mobile flash tool on Android free, then Odin flash tool is yet another good flash tool you can use to flash custom ROM, unbrick any bricked Samsung smartphone and some certain Android devices. Your download Odin official version from this link.

#4. Emma Sony Flash Tool - Best Smart Phone Flash Tool

Emma mobile flashing software

Emma is a freemium flash tool for Sony Android phones. The software was officially developed by Sony group for Windows operating systems. If you wish to flash any of your favorite or compatible firmware, Custom ROMs to any Sony Experia devices then Sony mobile Emma is one of the official Sony's Experia flash tool that supports almost all Sony Android phones. To all Sony Experia users, Emma is one of the best Android flash tools which can install custom ROMs, update Experia firmware and revert any customization easily and fast. You can download Sony Mobile Emma from here.

#5. LG Flash Smart Phone Flash Tool

LG flash tool for Android

LG Flash Tool is a user-friendly flashing software for PC suitable for all LG smartphones. LG flash tool allows you to Flash any stock ROM and installs firmware of any LG Android phone easily and fast. If you own LG phone, chances are you can use LG flash tool to restore bricked LG phones by simply installing KDZ or TOT stock ROM firmware. Download the latest version of LG Flash Tool from the official website here.

If any of the above flashing tools doesn't work for your phone you may need to try other smartphone flash tool like Mi Flash Tool, SPD Flash Tool, Miracle Box, or FlashTool and if the problem persists then it means your phone might have gone beyond a soft bricked and need a mobile technician to help you fix it.

Now that you got to know the best flash tools for Android, it's left for you to choose your favorite and bring your dead (bricked) Android phones back to life.
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  • Flashing Software: Top 5 Best Flash Tool For Android - Updated

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