Top 12 Countries With High Google Adsense CPC In 2019 {Updated}

High Paying Adsense Countries

Do you own a blog/website looking for Countries With High Google Adsense CPC? Or are you satisfied with the present Adsense CPC, traffic location in terms of huge google earnings? Is your blog traffic coming from the highest CPC paying countries? If your answer is NO! You should have to follow this article, it will help you to identify the best Countries With High Adsense CPC to increase your Google earnings fast.

We are all aware that earning on Adsense is basically depends on the right CPC, traffic location, High CPC Adsense Keywords, Traffic sources, click through rates (CTR), and Pageviews. And that's why you need to target the right audience from highest CPC Countries in your articles or post. Without further ado, below are some of the top Countries With High Adsense CPC in 2019.

For those searching for African countries that have high AdSense CPC, undoubtedly, South Africa is one of the African countries with high Adsense CPC you should target your audience from. Check out our carefully currated list of high paying adsense countries of the year.

Top 12 Highest Google Adsense CPC Countries 2019

Here is a list of Highest Paying Adsense Countries 2019 that can really improve your earnings fast in all blog niches:

• New Zealand
• United States
• Canada.
• Netherlands.
• Guyana.
• United Kingdom.
• Australia.
• Norway.
• Australia.
• Germany.
• Sweden.
• South Africa.

There you have it, the highest paying Adsense CPC country in 2019. Target audience from any of these countries and start earning huge on Google Adsense. I believe you will no longer ask which are the high paying Adsense countries in 2019.