Instagram Video Downloader: How To Download Videos From Instagram Easily And Fast


Instagram Video Downloader: How To Download Videos From Instagram Easily And Fast

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| August 15, 2018 Last Updated 2018-12-29T23:27:19Z
Instagram Video Downloader is a mobile application that allow us to download videos from Instagram fast and easily.

In this post, we will focus on the implementation of IG video downloader, and will explain step by step of how to use it effectively.

There are many other methods to download a video from instagram for later playback, but we make the ig video downloader app an excellent alternative to download Instagram photos and videos, share your favorite with your friends without having issues.

Below are the very 5 simple and latest methods to download Instagram videos fast on Android using ig video downloader without stress.

How To Download Instagram Videos Fast

If you were having difficulty to download videos from Instagram before, now the Instagram video downloader (Android App) can safe you of all the hassles.

Below we have come up with a few simple steps. Follow these simple steps to download Instagram videos on Android.

But before we start with these simple steps, you need to have installed the best Instagram downloader app. Where to download this smart video downloader? Kindly click on the highlighted text to get ➡ Instagram video downloader app Apk then proceed to the steps below. 👇

Best Apps to download videos from Instagram 2018

How To Download Videos From Instagram On Android or PC

Step 1. Visit, login to your account and go to the which contains Instagram video.

Step 2. Search for the Instagram video or photo that you want to download.

Step 3. After you might have found your favorite video which you want to download, tap on the video while it's playing at the right side corner, click on the 3 vertical lines and click on the “copy link” option then the video will be automatically saved/ downloaded to your device storage.

Step 4. If it does not download automatically, open the video Downloader for Instagram, paste the video link/URL in the input URL box and tap on “Check URL” to download your video.

How to download instagram videos on Android

The app used in this process is one of the most popular is Video Downloader for Instagram. It lets you download or repost videos or from both Instagram and Vine with just a single click. It's called “Video Downloader for Instagram and Vine. Click this link to download the Instagram videos Downloader for Android.

Instagram (IG) Video Downloader Specification

App Name: Video Downloader - for Instagram.

Version: 1.1.56.

Size: 3.55MB.

Developer: InShort Inc.

Disclaimer: Re-uploading image and/or video is NOT encouraged, please seek owner permission.

You should also know that Comfortskillz Blog is not anyway affiliated with the developer of Instagram videos downloader.

Any unauthorized downloading or re-uploading of contents and/or violations of Intellectual property rights are the sole responsibility of the user.

I believe you wouldn't be asking for How to download a video from Instagram anymore. Enjoy your day !
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  • Instagram Video Downloader: How To Download Videos From Instagram Easily And Fast

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