Best Streaming sites Like Filmpalast: Alternatives to Filmpalast to


Best Streaming sites Like Filmpalast: Alternatives to Filmpalast to

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| December 30, 2021 Last Updated 2021-12-30T18:01:46Z
Large streaming services like Amazon and Netflix generate billions in sales. But that does not mean that the illegal platforms are becoming less important.

Because these are actually still very present and are regularly accessed by users all over the world. Filmpalast is the provider that most Germans are probably familiar with.

But there are other sites that allow illegal streaming of films, series, and documentaries. Read here which providers can compete with Filmpalast. We also take a look at the legal situation, which should not be ignored here.

Filmpalast to legality

Most people don't enjoy spending money. Everywhere on the Internet we look for the cheapest offers - or try to get products for free.
Filmpalast to

This thought doesn't stop at watching films and series either. But: Free streaming offers are illegal. The European Court of Justice has also stipulated this.

In the past only the operators of such sites were penalized. In the meantime, however, users of such offers are also being asked to pay more and more often. On top of that, streaming is not only illegal, but also morally questionable: actors and directors also deserve appropriate remuneration.

Those who stream big blockbusters can assume that those involved earn enough.

But it looks different with independent films. Large and small cinemas are also suffering from ever lower visitor numbers. So anyone who at least now and then decides to go to a cinema or to buy films legally is acting in the interests of society and supporting the idea of artistic solidarity.

Best Alternatives to Filmpalast to

In the following, however, we will take a look at the providers that work in a similar way to Filmpalast to. The portals are structured differently and work with different streaming services.

But they have one thing in common: You can illegally watch films, series or documentaries there. The offer ranges from the latest blockbusters to old black and white films. We would also like to point out again that these are illegal portals. Accordingly, you are acting illegally if you stream there.

So the best alternatives are services that you have to pay for. Here Netflix, Amazon, Maxdome or Joyn have the edge. With the latter provider, you can even use many offers free of charge. Media libraries from various television stations also make their repertoire available free of charge. However, if you should be on the lookout for sites like Filmpalast, we will now introduce you to similar portals.

Watch free series and films uploaded to the portal. But both you and the operator of the portal are liable to prosecution if you actually watch the films. The same applies as with the other providers: As long as you only research, you are not committing a crime. But if you watch and stream, you can be prosecuted.

If you want to download films or series, this is also not legal on the portal. Nevertheless, the site is still there, so theoretically you can watch many films and series are completely free of charge.

On this portal you also have a large selection of current offers as well as older films or series. This is not surprising, as the name is directly reminiscent of sites similar to Filmpalast to. If you want to see films there for free, you will find them. There are also blockbusters, some of which are of very good quality.

Another advantage: the portal can not only be accessed via a laptop. The site also runs flawlessly on a tablet or mobile phone; this also applies to the other portals in our list.

If you just browse the site, you are not doing anything illegal. But as soon as you decide to click and actually watch a movie, you run into trouble. Because, just like with Filmpalast, it is illegal to watch copyrighted films or series on MyKino.

And of course, that's the case with every third-party provider you use. MyKino works together with or Streamcloud, for example. You can also find these services at Filmpalast and other illegal streaming providers.

Here you will find TV series, documentaries and lots of movies. And all for free. You can even download movies there. In addition to, this portal is the most popular contact point for Germans who want to watch films like demon slayer movie, and series for free. There are some Internet providers who prevent access.

From this it can be concluded: With this portal, too, you are dealing with an illegal streaming service. Because the films and series there are protected by copyright. You can therefore also be punished as a user.

One is certainly interested in taking the portal completely off the market in the long term. So far the site is still working. The operators take various measures to be able to offer their offers covertly. Users themselves also like to use VPN servers to access the site.


Lots of free streaming services, but they harbor dangers, or the classic Film palast to allow you to access a huge selection of films and series free of charge. In fact, the offers are not legal. As soon as you start a film or even download it, you can watch it completely free of charge, but unfortunately also legally.

Those who do not commit a criminal offense may therefore prefer better sites that work similarly to - but are not illegal.

A subscription to a streaming service doesn't have to be expensive. You can also easily buy some films and series individually and do not have to take out a subscription at all.

The most popular portals in Germany include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Joyn, Sky and Maxdome. This gives you excellent alternatives to Filmpalast to, but you don't have to worry about an ad coming into your home.
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  • Best Streaming sites Like Filmpalast: Alternatives to Filmpalast to

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