Review of the Top 10 Websites Like Filmapik [2021 Updated]


Review of the Top 10 Websites Like Filmapik [2021 Updated]

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| October 31, 2021 Last Updated 2021-10-31T15:39:30Z
Young people choose online movie streaming services like Filmapik, Gudangfilm, and NagaXXI since the movies are free and comprehensive. I will present a list of 10 best Filmapik alternatives for streaming and download substitute films in the following sections.

Many people today choose film as a form of entertainment since it is a product of popular culture. Almost every month, a variety of film titles are launched in order to provide the public with an entertaining sight.
Websites Like Filmapik
People no longer need to go to the movies to see popular films, as they did earlier. The reason for this is that individuals can now watch movies in their hands as well as on a laptop or computer screen by simply sitting comfortably.

The growing number of streaming services and movie downloads adds to the convenience of watching movies. Various sites, ranging from illicit ones like Filmapik, Ganool, Duniafilm21, MovieGan, NagaXXI, LK21, Indomovie, and others to legitimate ones like Netflix and their pals, are now available.

Furthermore, as a result of the pandemic, people who were previously accustomed to going to the cinemas are gradually adapting to watching streaming movies at home.

Despite this, many people continue to watch and download movies illegally. The mainstays are illegal sites like Filmapik, Duniafilm21, and MovieGan, as noted above. This, of course, harms the work's creators as well as everyone else engaged in its creation.

Of certainly, the culture of illegally streaming and downloading movies must come to an end. On various existing sites and platforms like Filmapik, the public is strongly urged to legally watch or download movies.

Here I will now offer ten legal movie streaming and download sites as a replacement for unlawful sites like Filmapik, Duniafilm21, MovieGan, and others. What are any legal websites that could serve as a replacement? Take a look at the testimonials below.

Filmapik is the replacement site for Filmapik, Filmapik eu.


Netflix is, without a doubt, the most popular movie streaming and download service available today. Netflix is popular since it always shows the most recent and popular movies or episodes, in addition to having a large collection.

Netflix also provides documentaries, stand-up comedy, and anime in addition to movies and dramas. In addition, Netflix has exclusive content that is not available on any other streaming service. For those of you who wish to go to Netflix, here is a link.


Viu is the next option, where you can download or watch movies and dramas. More Korean dramas, as well as films from other Asian nations, are available on Viu.

The platform, which is the same hue as the yellow, is just as complete and up-to-date in terms of its collection. Viu also offers Viu Original material that is solely available on the platform. You can watch or download movies on Viu by going to this URL.

Hotstar Disney+

Then there's Diseny+ Hotstar, which is equally popular with movie buffs. There are a lot of interesting collections here. Famous Hollywood films such as Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Pixar, and National Geographic are available on Disney+ Hotstar. Click here for a direct access to the Disney+ Hotstar collection, which you may view or download.


There's also WeTV, which can be used as a substitute. The audience is offered with a selection of information on WeTV that is no less interesting. There are numerous compilations of Indonesian films here. Surprisingly, there is a lot of free content available here that you may enjoy without having to subscribe. Because it's free, you'll have to put up with advertising before you can watch the movie. Simply click this link to be taken to the WeTV website.


Then there's iQIYI, which has been dubbed the "Netflix of China." The collection at iQIYI is focused on Asian filmmakers. Many films and dramas from Asian countries such as Korea and Japan, as well as popular animation, are available.

Some of the content is also available for free. However, because it is free, you must be patient with the site's advertisements. Those who prefer to go straight to iQIYI can do so by clicking here.


Vidio is another digital streaming service that can be used as a replacement for Filmapik. Vidio offers a wide range of entertainment options, including news programs, celebrities, sports, soap operas, and selected FTV.

In addition, Vidio may be used to watch Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese dramas. The genre library is likewise quite extensive. Come on, those who want to go straight to the video site can do so by clicking this link.


The next website is iflix, which can be utilized to replace unlawful sites like Filmapik. Users may view TV shows, movies, and other fascinating stuff on iflix. iflix is also incredibly simple to use and can be accessed via laptops, tablets, smartphones, and televisions. If you want to go to iflix, simply click on this link.


Users can also use Genflix instead of Filmapik. Various films from various countries, ranging from Mongolia, Thailand, and Indonesia to Western cinema, can be found here. Genflix also provides anime and other intriguing stuff in addition to movies and shows. To go directly to the Genflix website, click here.


This software allows you to watch movies, TV shows, children's movies, and Catchplay unique content in a variety of categories.

Catchplay is a website that offers a wide range of popular movies and television shows. Catchplay offers a diverse selection of well-known films, ranging from Asian to Hollywood. You won't miss out on anything because the film library is constantly updated.

Not only that, but the quality supplied by Catchplay is excellent, comparable to playback on a large screen. You can access a number of collections on Catchplay for free if you register. Those of you who want to visit the Catchplay website can do so by clicking here.


Viki is up next. Viki's film and drama library concentrates on Asia's top works, including films and dramas from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and other Asian countries.

Viki is a Rakuten subsidiary that also shows music videos from K-Pop groups, so you can watch your favorite stars as well as movies. You may be aware that some collections are available for free viewing. For those who want to visit the Viki website, go here.

For watching movies, those are the 10 best alternatives sites for Filmapik. Those of you who are still watching movies illegally should stop now and move to legitimately watching and downloading movies. So, for those of you who are already using a legal site to stream or download movies, keep doing what you're doing!
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  • Review of the Top 10 Websites Like Filmapik [2021 Updated]

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